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Not everyone knows, but there are many varieties of daffodils. Plants differ in the type of flower, the method of cultivation, the duration and duration of flowering. Consider the most popular and beautiful varieties of daffodils, their photos and the correct name.

Poetic daffodil

Flower brought from the mountain edges. In nature, poetic daffodil lives on higher ground, near ponds and springs. Initially, the species was bred near the Mediterranean Sea and not far from Italy. The plant grows quickly and blooms among chestnut trees. For the full development of the flower requires moderate moisture and direct sunlight. The flower grows up to 50 centimeters in height. Propagated by bulbs that are in the shape of a ball or a chicken egg, with a pointed end. One shrub of poetic daffodil produces up to five flat, long sheets. They have a bright green color. Flowers bloom on a single branch, white, heads look down. Inside there is a crown of bright yellow color.

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The species was first bred in 1538.Italians liked the narcissus for its strong fragrance. The size of the blooming flower reaches six centimeters. Flowering stem grows longer than the leaves and can reach fifty centimeters. The plant is shown from the ground in early spring, actively gaining growth and begins to bloom in May. Flowering period up to 12 days.

When the temperature in winter falls below 10 degrees, the flower requires shelter.

After reviewing a photo with a narcissus and a description of the variety, you can choose the plant of poetic narcissus you like and breed it in your own area.

Yellow Daffodil

A representative of this variety has a second name - false narcissus. The flower was brought from France, Germany and southern Italy. Grows well on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. Yellow daffodil grows short. Adult plant reaches 30 centimeters. Propagated by bulbs whose diameter does not exceed 5 centimeters. They are round, less oval. On the flower stem, one flower blooms, which reaches a diameter of 4 cm. The flower in the process of active growth produces thin, dark-green leaves, which are located 10 centimeters below the flower.

Inside the blooming flower there is a crown, bright yellow in color with a corrugated uneven edge. The flowering period of yellow daffodil begins in mid-May. It lasts no more than 15 days. The flower is bred and introduced into garden culture since 1500.

Thanks to this variety, many forms of the plant have been bred by crossing.

Gardeners use yellow daffodil for refining around house plots and stony gardens, planting them next to tulips, the royal crown, in mixed plantings and compositions with juniper.

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White daffodil

Flower brought from the Iberian Islands. It thrives well on mountain slopes, enriched with picturesque vegetation, including abundant grass. White daffodil can be seen on acidified soil or in pine forests. Adult flower reaches 35 centimeters. It propagates and spreads out with the help of bulbs. They are no larger than 4 cm and have a spherical shape. The flower has thin, multiple green leaves. Flowering stem does not exceed 23 centimeters. The flower is white, as is the inner crown.

The White Daffodil has been introduced to the culture since 1579.Begins to grow actively from mid-spring. By the end of May, the flower dissolves flowers that smell no more than 10 days.

When grown in low temperature conditions, daffodils should be covered during the cold season.

Pink Daffodil

The flower was brought in 1520 from western Italy. At about the same time, the variety was introduced to the crop in the south of France. Pink daffodil differs from other plant species in its relatively high size. The flower reaches 45 centimeters. The leaves are dark green and wider than in other species by 0.5 cm. Differs in color of the flower itself. During the flowering period, there is 1 bud on the pedicel. The flower has a white color with a soft pink crown, quite unusual for this group of plants.

Multiply pink daffodil with bulbs. In an adult plant, they can reach 5 centimeters. The daffodil blooms in early May. In order to preserve the flower, it is better to dig out the bulb for a period of rest and keep it in a dark place until spring comes. Pink daffodil can not only ennoble the garden area, but also surprise the guests. The plant will draw attention to the flowerbed in any design.

Narcissus Tet-a-Tet

The flower belongs to the cyclamen group. Narcissus Tet-a-Tet cultivated since 1584.Brought from the mountains of the Caucasus and Germany. The plant reaches low growth. Most often the daffodil does not exceed 25 centimeters in height. On the pedicel is one inflorescence. Bud has a drooping appearance, strongly lowered to the ground. The flower is bright yellow with unusual petals, raised up.

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Narcissus Tet-a-Tet has been blooming since early May. It has a pleasant aroma. Does not tolerate drought. Plants are planted along the curbs and low fences. Grows well and produces new bulbs of spherical shape. When wintering, the flower is dug out and stored in a dark, cool place until spring comes.

In ancient Rome, daffodils were considered flowers symbolizing victory. After the battle, the winner was hung around the neck with a garland of this plant. Some heroes of fights brought live bouquets to the audience.

Terry daffodils

Most terry daffodil varieties are brought from South America. The plant likes a humid climate and does not tolerate prolonged drought. This group includes several types of daffodils, varieties with photos, name and description are presented below.

Gay Challenger

Low-growing plant with dark green sheets 0.5 centimeters wide. On each pedicel there is 1 extraordinary beauty flower. Terry daffodil in the period of flowering has a yellow flower with a bright orange crown, of uneven size. Bud size may exceed 7 centimeters. Flowers are decorated with bouquets, it has no equal when cut. Begins to bloom in late May.

Variety Texas

Refers to a group of terry daffodils. The flower is large in size, has a terry crown. The color is white - yellow or pale pink. Narcissus unpretentious in growing. Loves enriched and moist soil. Brought from Germany and Italy. The flower has been introduced into culture since 1565.Texas has proven itself in the group landing. Suitable for registration of flower arrangements, can not fade for a long time without water when cutting.

Terry daffodil varieties Texas fragrant fragrant during the flowering period from mid-May. When cold wintering is better to cover.

Narcissus Ice King

Plant bred in Italy and planted by gardeners since 1850.Narcissus Ice King multiplies vegetatively. Bulb of an adult plant does not exceed 5 centimeters. What does a daffodil look like?

The photo shows the flower family. The plant has wide leaves, located below and at the level of the bud. Each pedicle has one white flower with a light yellow crown. Narcissus Ice King is distinguished by large flowers, the size of which reaches 11 centimeters.

Grows in richly moistened soil. Does not tolerate prolonged drought.

Flower ennoble garden plots, it is used in flower arrangements. Narcissus Ice King begins to bloom from the beginning of May. Will delight the gardener with beautiful flowers until the end of the month.

How does the daffodil Tahiti

The plant has large double flowers reaching the size of 10 centimeters. The color of the main petals is light yellow. Inside there is a red - orange crown. Narcissus Tahiti in the period of active growth grows to 35 centimeters. It has narrow dark green leaves that are located below the buds. Each flower on a separate pedicel.

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The plant multiplies by vegetative means, grows around house areas. It tolerates direct sunlight, loves wet soil. It grows well in groups. Gaining active growth since mid-May. By the end of flowering dims, but does not lose its pleasant aroma.

Narcissus Replit

The plant is propagated by vegetative means. It tolerates sunlight and can grow in the shade of trees. The plant has wide leaves of dark - green color, located at the level and below inflorescences. There can be several buds on one pedicel. Flowers of large size with petals of light pink color. Crown is terry, with a peach shade. The plant reaches a height of 50 centimeters. Narcissus Replit used in gardening gardens.

The flower loves richly enriched, moist and loose soil. Used in flower arrangements.

Narcissus Rip Vann Winkl

The flower can be located and blossom, being in open areas and in the shade of trees. Low-growing plant, reaching a maximum of 30 centimeters in length. It has broad leaves that do not grow to flowers. Daffodil Rip Vann Winkle grows in moist and enriched soil, does not tolerate drought. Terry flowers and crowns, bright yellow. On each peduncle single bud. The plant is dug up after flowering and planted in open ground at the end of winter.

Narcissus Obdam

The plant belongs to the terry group. Narcissus Obdam smells delicate and exquisite aroma. Flowers are located on a separate pedicel. Have a delicate beige shade. Large buds. When disclosing may exceed 10 centimeters. The plant grows large. At the end of active growth may exceed 50 centimeters.

Plant the bulbs in fertilized soil at the end of summer. In early spring, narcissus Obdam begins to sprout from the ground. In mid-May, the plant pleases with its appearance around. The flowering period lasts no more than 12 days. By the end of this period, the flowers fade to a white hue, but do not lose their delicate aroma. Gardeners are recommended to plant tubers in open sunny areas or in the shade of trees.

The tubers of the plant are quite large, up to 6 centimeters. Narcissus Obdam planted in gardens in groups.

Interesting about the types and varieties of narcissus - video

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