Compatibility of trees and shrubs in the garden

Many people know that some vegetable plants can not get along with each other. Planting them close, you can lose a significant part of the crop. But not so long ago, I learned that the compatibility of trees and shrubs in the garden turns out to be followed too. Without knowing some features of the coexistence of plants, you can accidentally damage your garden. If the mistake of planting a row of not friendly vegetables can be corrected next spring, it will be much more difficult to do this with fruit trees or berry bushes.

  • Compatibility of the apple tree - what can be planted next to them

What are the reasons for the incompatibility of the growth of trees and shrubs nearby? First, some plants have roots that are located at the same depth. In this case, they will interfere with each other. Secondly, there are plants that release certain substances into the soil, inhibiting the development of others. There are other reasons.

Tip one: before planting a sapling, check the compatibility information of the plants as neighbors in the garden.

To note

  • You can not plant a black cherry in the garden - glass windows will flock to it from all around, which will then move to other fruit and berry plants.
  • Hawthorn lures apple pests to the site.
  • Krushin is a hotbed of rust glass.
  • No plant tolerates the neighborhood of fennel and hyssop, so they should be planted in the farthest corner of the garden.
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Compatibility of apple trees - what can be planted next to them

These fruit trees can get along with almost any kind of garden crops. There is not much space for an apple tree, and under the canopy of trees there is still enough space for arranging the beds. To the area was less voids, on pristvolnyh circles, you can break a flower garden, as well as plant healthy herbs. For example, dill and calendula will feel very good next to an apple tree. In addition to the beneficial natural properties of these plants, they do an excellent job with an important task - they deter pests.

On the other side of the garden, where the sun warms the earth quite well, you can grow tomatoes under an apple tree, the smell of which foliage will scare the butterfly moths. Such a neighborhood is not only useful, but saves space.

An interesting and mutually beneficial neighborhood can be obtained by planting one or two coniferous or deciduous trees in an apple orchard. In such a neighborhood, fruit trees develop rapidly and abundantly bear fruit.

But it’s not worth planting a mountain ash next to an apple tree. This culture, as scientists found out at the beginning of the 20th century, has no place in a fruit garden. Because of this neighborhood, the crop becomes worm-borne. The cause is the caterpillars of the rowan moth, which damage the apples.

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Currant compatibility - the best neighbors in the garden

Near the currant bushes, both black and red, you can safely plant onions. It is better to do this before winter, since in the spring it will protect berry bushes from a kidney tick, a dangerous pest.

Honeysuckle will be a great neighbor for blackcurrant.

As for the closest relative - red currant, then you need to be careful. Red and black currants do not get along well with each other. An example is a snapshot at the beginning of the article. I was not able to take a photo so that it could be seen that black currants are growing behind the neighbor's fence. But I assure you, before this, my red currant was literally covered with berries. But the neighbor in the dacha planted a black one along the fence - as a result, he has a miserable harvest and I, too. We both did not know about the incompatibility of these plants. ..

Six months passed, as I published this article. In winter, it was not clear what we would see in the spring in the garden. Now I can already say that in practice both of us and our neighbor in the cottage have lost currants. After spring, he did not “wake up” a single( !) Black currant bush, and I had only one red out of three bushes.

The same applies to raspberries. Its root system is very freedom-loving, it requires new territories. Currants from such a free neighbor begins to wither, the yield drops.

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Compatibility of the gooseberry

For this crop, a useful neighborhood next to the red currant will work - the compatibility of these shrubs is good.

But with black, on the contrary, the gooseberry is not friendly. They have a common external enemy pest - gooseberry fire.

And raspberries for the same reason it is better to plant away from the gooseberry.

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Compatibility of raspberry

Delicious berry crop - raspberry - doesn’t like anyone’s nearest neighborhood at all. The shrub grows heavily and begins to oppress other cultures, taking all the moisture for themselves. So the question of compatibility of raspberries with other trees, shrubs should not bother you.

Low-growing vegetation( for example, vegetables) will wither in the dense vegetation of raspberries.

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Compatibility of grapes - with which it is more comfortable

They like this crop, carefully care for it, monitor its development, and the quality of fruiting. Planting radishes and oilseed radishes will be good neighbors for grapes.

Parsley has a beneficial effect on the vine - the benefits of this compatibility are evident. She heals grapes affected by phylloxera.

Cucumber and cabbage will be unfavorable neighbors for grapes. At the same time, vegetables will suffer, as the climbing vine is able to inhibit low-growing plants.

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Compatibility of sea buckthorn

This is one of the most useful plants.

Next to sea buckthorn( under its barbed crown), you can plant various medicinal plants, for example, oregano or chamomile. In addition, it is very convenient - everything for a delicious fragrant tea is nearby. It remains only to collect the leaves, flowers, berries and brew.

Next to the sea buckthorn should not be planted raspberries, black currants and strawberries( garden strawberries).The root systems of these plants in the soil are approximately at the same level, they will take away from each other moisture, nutrition.

Tomatoes, potatoes should not be planted next to the sea buckthorn - it does not like solanaceous crops.

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Compatibility strawberries( garden strawberries) - how to increase the mutual benefit

Another of the favorite berry plants in the garden is strawberries. This culture is capable of capturing large areas, for which whole strawberry plantations are created. The plant behaves on the site rather selfishly, however, it feels great next to some cultivated plants. For example, near marigolds, lettuce, bush beans, garlic, onions, chive, spinach. Such a neighborhood brings mutual benefits, in addition saves the landing area, so with these cultures you can correctly plan the site.

Planting strawberries successfully combined with sage, borage, parsley, which will scare away slugs.

Refuse to plant potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers next to strawberries - they have a common pest - a nematode.

Also, do not plant strawberries next to raspberries. Harm from such a neighborhood is also associated with a common pest - strawberry weevil.

By the way

Between trees in the garden it is useful to sow spicy plants: anise, basil, coriander, lemon balm, parsley, thyme, tarragon. Their odorous substances scare away many pests and inhibit the spread of disease.

Amended 10.06.2016.

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