Review of the 20 best varieties of eggplant for open ground

Choosing the best for your garden, you automatically choose not only the quality of vegetables, excellent characteristics and taste, but also give yourself the opportunity to use a minimum of labor costs. Eggplant is a vegetable among varieties of which any gourmet can find itself, and no matter what size, color, or yield you prefer, there is something to choose from. Consider the best of them.


  • Early varieties of eggplant
    • King North
    • Bibo
    • Black handsome
  • middle-grade
    • Albatross
    • Diamond
    • Marzipan
  • varieties of eggplant greenhouses
    • Robin Hood
    • policeman
    • Sophia
  • outdoor varieties
    • Vakula
    • Bullish heart
    • Alexis
  • Top multicoloredvarieties
    • Swan
    • Icicle
    • Flamingo
    • Lilac fog
    • Yoga
    • Emerald
    • Chinese lantern
  • The best purple varieties
    • Orolo north
    • Violet miracle
    • Diamond
  • best varieties for the suburbs

Early varieties of eggplant

Early aubergines are good not only anticipated the rapid maturation of vegetables, but also an opportunity to get a good crop in the northern regions.

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If you do not have the opportunity to plant eggplants in the ground in May, and night frosts are possible in June, you should choose early varieties for your garden. Choose for your garden hybrids, proven among farmers and gardeners.

King of the North

Hybrid with high resistance to frost, subject to hardening of young shoots. Ripeness comes on 90 - 100 day, but many note that in 70 - 80 day terms, the fruits can already be fully formed.

From one plant it is possible to remove from 3 to 4 kg of smooth purple cylinders.

The taste is quite tender, a small amount of voids, even at maximum aging. Stored at a temperature of 12 - 15 degrees for up to two months, ideal for the preparation of blanks.


This is a white-skinned eggplant with super early aging. After 60 - 70 days you will remove from one bush to 15 smooth and smooth white vegetables weighing up to 500g. Unpretentious, and perfectly pollinated and matured both in the greenhouse and in the soil.

Handsome Black

The handsome black man is distinguished by a perfect dark shade, fruits are small, up to 200g, but up to 3 kg can be removed from one root. After 70 - 80 days gives a friendly harvest, but it is worth protecting from the first frost, requires additional shelter.

Mid-season varieties

These eggplants are best used for regions where there are no unexpected frosts, or grown in a greenhouse. In connection with a longer period of ripening than the early maturity, it is worthwhile to closely monitor the temperature in the greenhouse. The more stable the temperature and humidity, the richer the harvest will be.


If you like drop-shaped eggplants, round, fleshy, without voids, then this is your option. Variety for fresh consumption, conservation and long-term storage. It is easy to transport, has high keeping quality, it was the main reason for choosing among farmers.


One of the most favorite eggplant gardeners in the middle lane. It is considered a dwarf bush, but very branched, formed in the form of a ball. Decorative. Aging period up to 80 days. With one bush you can get up to 8 kg. Fruit weight up to 180g. The formation of flowers occurs in from June to August, and fruiting in connection with this, long.


Connoisseurs of tender and tasty pulp of this eggplant are not only for this reason prefer it. Ripens in 110 - 120 days, has a beautiful pear-shaped, deep purple hue.

Eggplant varieties for greenhouses

In greenhouses, high-yielding varieties grow well, they require care, but respond to it with friendly and good fruiting. Stable temperature and humidity allow you to choose high plants - from each such bush can be removed from 5 to 12 kg of vegetables.

Robin Hood

Mid-season hybrid, requires the formation of a bush, but has a small height of 60 cm. The plant has thorns. Pear-shaped roundish fruits with low bitterness, ripening for 90 days. Average keeping quality, for all types of canning and cooking.

Grade Description Robin Hood


High, up to 240 - 260 cm, matures up to 120 days from the time of planting. Fruits in size from 20 to 35 cm., Yield - up to 9 kg. It requires the formation of a bush, it is enough to leave 2 stems on which up to 15 fruits ripen simultaneously.
Excellent taste for use as a fresh or salted.

Fresh is stored for up to 2.5 months, loses its presentation for some, dries out, but the taste qualities remain.


Late-ripening variety, distinguished by large fruits. Mature fruits reach 30 cm and weigh up to 900g. Shrub up to 150 cm high, is formed by itself, but pinching is required. Up to 17 kg can be removed from a single plant.very dense purple fruits. It is perfectly stored and transported, the keeping time is the highest among all varieties with such a capacity - up to 3 months.

Eggplant Sophia

Outdoor varieties

If you plan to grow eggplants outdoors, you need suitable frost-resistant varieties. In the middle lane, even the most patient for temperature fluctuations vegetable requires shelter for the period of night frosts. For the greenhouse only zoned hybrids are ideal.


Enough patient to temperature changes, you can plant seedlings in late May. Height is up to 120 cm, has a strong and dense stalk. Pinching is not required, the bush forms itself. Up to 8 kg of eggplants can be removed from one bush.

Bullish heart

Does not tolerate spring frosts, therefore, planted in open ground after their termination. Rounded fruits weighing up to 300g., Shrub up to 80cm., Yield about 8 - 12 kg. Unpretentious in agricultural technology, but does not tolerate modulations.


One of the best for the street. The height of the bush is up to 70 cm, it is very branchy, the fruits are up to 150g., But in one season it is really possible to collect up to 9-10 kg. Garter is obligatory, as the bush is very brittle.

The best multi-colored varieties

White-skinned varieties were bred to get rid of the bitterness that is contained in the coloring enzyme. Eggplant of different colors turned out when crossed.


One of the best white eggplants. He has not only white skin, but also flesh. Can be grown both in the soil and in the greenhouse. The height of the bush is up to 70 cm., The weight of the fruit is up to 250 g. The yield of one plant is up to 6 kg.


Unusual due to its shape, and this is attractive. Bush up to 80cm. Fruits up to 300g. From one bush can be removed up to 5 kg.


The name speaks for itself - beautiful pink, curved fruits weighing up to 40xg. Rush for 130 days. Bush up to 180cm., Sprawling and high-yielding. Up to 16 kg can be collected from one plant.

Lilac mist

Dark pink fruits weighing up to 180 g, ripen, on average, for 120 - 130 days. Bush up to 150 cm., Branched. Fears of frost, in the greenhouse with one plant can be removed up to 5 kg.


Unusually green fruits, resembling curled corn. Each weighing up to 250g., Length up to 20cm. Bush up to 80 cm., Semi-sprawling, does not require formation. Pulp and rind do not have bitterness.


Bright green fruit weighing up to 300g., Ripen on average up to 100 days. The plant withstands temperature drops, easy drought. With one root in 120 days you can get up to 5 kg of vegetables.

Chinese lantern

80 - 110 days after sowing, 70cm., The extraordinary eggplants begin to blush on the bush. An unusual bright color, and the shape makes them look like decoration. Weight up to 180g, yield up to 3 kg per plant.

The best purple varieties

Even the fact that new bright colors of vegetables with low bitterness did not distract from the standard purple pets. Among them are leading such varieties as:

King of the North

Resistant to frost, technical ripeness for 90 - 100 days, but can be removed at 70 - 80 day terms. Up to 4 kg of even, very beautiful fruits are removed from the bush.

Purple Miracle

Hybrid. He tolerates drought patiently, but one time it is necessary to use a lot of water. Shrub up to 90 cm. Beautiful long fruits, weighing up to 250g. Ripening at 90 - 115 days. Up to 8 kg of eggplants can be obtained from a single plant.

Purple Miracle


Dwarf variety. Height up to 50 cm, but the bush is very branched. It looks very decorative, in the form of a ball, does not require formation. Ripeness on the 80th day. Fruits up to 180 - 200g.

For a season you can get up to 8 kg of beautiful bright purple fruits.

The best varieties for the Moscow region

The middle zone is a fairly mild climatic zone, but late summer and early autumn do not allow late-ripening varieties to fully mature. Greenhouses help in this, but still it is worth choosing early and mid-season varieties.

These varieties will give excellent yield, and bring the least trouble:

  • King of the North. Will give a great harvest in the absence of frosts in early summer. It showed itself perfectly both in greenhouses and in the ground;
  • Black Prince. It should be chosen not only because of the decoration. The rich purple color hides the tender flesh without bitterness, and from one bush it is possible to get fruits up to 8 kg.;
  • Sophia. Even when landing in the ground, and covering up in the first week, you will receive up to 15–17 kg of large, up to 900g, in a season. Eggplant.
  • Albatross. Mid-season, but the maturation is quite early. On day 90 you can take the first fruits. Beautiful cylindrical shape and delicate taste. Drought tolerant;

If you are dreaming of a friendly and high yield, minimum labor costs and eye-catching vegetables, you should choose seeds that have been zoned for your area, provide proper care, and do it with pleasure.

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