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Aktara - is an insecticide of the group of fast-broad-spectrum neonicotinoids. Excellent cope with many pests. After treatment of plants, pests stop "dining" with them in half an hour. And even after a day and do not go back home at all. Moreover, the agent is effective not only for soil application, but also for spraying. Soaking through the roots, the insecticide gets into the leaves, and then no weather conditions can wash it. The drug is effective for 5-7 weeks.

The active substance of Aktara is thiamethoxam. A chemical is produced in the form of water-dispersible granules packed in 4 grams, 250 ml slurry concentrate in liquid form in 1 liter canisters and 9 ml vials.

Insecticide is used to kill aphids on currant bushes, Colorado beetle on potato, aphids, scabbards, thrips, false scythes and whiteflies in flower plants.

Aktara instruction manual

Work on the destruction of pests should begin immediately, once noticed at least one insect. To prepare a working liquid it is necessary only in the street, to exclude inhalation of a preparation.

As a rule, the mother liquor is initially prepared by dissolving the entire contents of the chemical pack in a liter of water in a container of somewhat larger volume.

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But for the preparation of the working solution should take a certain amount of mother liquor (150-200 / 250/600 ml for potatoes, currants and houseplants, respectively), dilute in 5 l of water and then fill sprayer.

Serviceability of the unit is checked before spraying. The treatment of plants is carried out exclusively in the windless good weather in the morning or in the evening, when the sun sets, making sure that the drug does not fall on neighboring cultures. If the weather forecast is bad and within an hour it can rain, spraying is left until better times.

Instructions for use of the insecticide actin: the rate of application

Consider the rate of consumption of two concentrations of the drug.

Instructions for the use of the EDC actin for indoor plants and vegetables (with a thiamethoxam concentration of 250 g / kg)

When using the drug in this form and concentration, the duration of protection during spraying is 14-28 days, and for soil treatment, -2 months.

The actar for indoor plants helps from soil flies and fungal mosquitoes. You should simply treat the plants with soil irrigation, making a solution of 1 g / 10 liters of water.

To eliminate aphids, falsities, thrips, scutes, whiteflies, the plants are treated repeatedly under the root, m, with a solution concentration of 8 g / 10 l of water. Similarly, a spray is diluted.


To get rid of the potato from the Colorado beetle, it is required, g chemical reagent for 10 liters of water. In this case, both single treatment and spraying during vegetation are carried out. Until pests disappear completely, 14 days will be required.

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For the rescue of currant bushes from aphids, double the processing of bushes, diluting 2 grams per 10 liters of water. And the first time - before the blossoming buds, the second - when harvest is harvested.

As for decorative flower crops, when aphids and scabs appear, spray an insecticide, diluting it in the proportion of 8 g for every 10 liters of water. Similarly, they come in the fight against the whitefly, thrips, or masthead.

Instructions for the use of liquid act (with a concentration of 240 g / l. thiamethoxam)

Unlike the granular form of the drug, this protects plants from pests about 7-28 days. Duration depends on weather, pest and method of use.

Protection of potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle is achieved by spraying the bushes with a solution prepared at the rate of ml / 100 m2. Wait for the full action of the drug will have 3 weeks.

Eliminate aphids on currant bushes can be treated by bushes twice: spraying until blossoming buds solution, prepared in ratio of 2 ml / 10 liters of water (wait for the result will be two months) and spraying after harvesting berries, using a solution of a similar concentration.

To eliminate pests (such as soil flies, fungal mosquitoes) on potted plants, it is necessary to water the flowers under the root, preparing the solution in a ratio of 1 ml / 10 l of water. Destroy whitefly, shchitovku, aphids, falsities, thrips can be similarly.


Aktara has a lot of advantages:

  • has great biological activity;
  • is resistant to various weather conditions;
  • a sufficiently small dose;
  • The actar is also used for orchids;
  • There is no addiction, which allows using the drug unlimited number of times;
  • acts very quickly, so it can be used in emergency cases;
  • with the root application of the drug lasts about 2 months;
  • has a wide range of action;
  • effective against many pests;
  • can be applied directly to the soil;
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The toxicity of the drug

According to clinical trials, the researchers found that the drug Aktara spreads in plants exclusively through the stem and foliage. The presence of a chemical agent in the fruits was not revealed, which indicates a high hygienic safety during drip irrigation of vegetable crops.

At the same time, the drug is toxic when ingested, so it is important to exclude the insecticide from entering the stomach or the respiratory tract. When poisoning symptoms such as a decrease in motor activity and the occurrence of seizures are observed.

The drug is very toxic to bees. For feathered, fish, earthworms and various aquatic microorganisms, the toxicity of the drug is of medium magnitude.


The drug Aktara can be used simultaneously with many other insecticides, growth regulators, fungicides, pesticides.

It is impossible to mix the means of Aktar with the means of alkaline reaction.

To protect yourself from unforeseen situations, you should check the compatibility of chemicals in advance.

According to the instruction, it is possible to store the chemical preparation for 4 years from the moment of manufacturing in a place inaccessible to moisture, to solar beams at a temperature of -10С - + 35 ° С.

How to Breed Actaru for Watering - video

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