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In Africa and South America this plant is the second bread, but it is also loved on our continent and is widely used in the food industry. Sweetcorn is a very profitable crop, because the demand for it is high at any time of the year. The value of a vegetable greatly increases the ease of breeding and care. Which varieties are more suitable for our climatic conditions? How to plant a vegetable right?

Sweet corn hit Russia in the early twentieth century. Until this time, in our area, only fodder varieties, which were widely used to feed domestic cattle, were familiar. Barely corn, having a sugar taste, appeared on the tables, instantly fell in love and began to eat it in boiled, baked, and later - in ice cream and canned species.

Culture is an annual subtropical herb about 3 meters high. The stem is average, although some varieties are 8 cm thick in diameter. Female flowers are collected on the cob, while men are fluffy panicles. Grains are different - from pale yellow to rich golden. It all depends on the sort of sweet corn. What varieties are well established in Russia and delight in high yields?

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The best varieties of

The most popular varieties that are perfectly adapted in central Russia and southern regions, are pleased with high yields, include:

  1. Early Gold 401.
  2. Ice Frost Nectarum
  3. Dobrynya
  4. Gourmand.
  5. Sandex.
  6. Volcano
  7. Spirit.

A brief description of each variety:

  1. Early Gold 401 is a short growing variety with a growing period of 90 days. It is highly resistant to the disease, a grain of rich golden color, juicy and sweet. One ear can weigh up to 200 grams.
  2. Ice Nectar is one of the sweetest varieties. He belongs to the late varieties, but yields high. Another distinctive feature is long - up to 23 cm - the cob.
  3. Dobrynya is a hybrid that matures quite early - 2, 5 months after planting. Juicy, large fruits are perfectly stored frozen, do not lose their taste properties during preservation. It is also characterized by high resilience to diseases and the ability to grow on almost any soil.
  4. Gourmet 121 is renowned for its resistance to pests and diseases. It ripens in 70-75 days after planting, and the length of the bush reaches one and a half meters. The variety is especially tasty in the phase of milky ripeness, when it is usually boiled, frozen and preserved.
  5. Sundance is distinguished by its slightly elongated grain shape. On each bush ripen on the cob, which is very tasty, even fresh. Ripening time - from 70 days to 90.
  6. Volcano is drought tolerant, unpretentious to maintain and gives high yields. Especially good grade feels in regions with forests and steppes. The grains are very tasty toasted.
  7. Spirit is a very delicate variety, but at the same time sweet. Its main advantage is the rich content of polysaccharides. You can plant a variety with seedlings at the end of May, and after 2 months to harvest.

And you know that there is an unusual variety, when almost all the colors of the rainbow are found on one cob: yellow, blue, pink and even purple hues. The variety is called the Glass Pearl or Glass Gem, and it was born thanks to the American farmer, the breeder Karl Barnes.

How to grow


Sweetcorn has its own characteristics when grown. Seeds begin to germinate only at a temperature of 9-14 degrees - the plant is very thermophilic and loves the heated soil. It is especially good to plant a crop in areas where tomatoes, cabbage or beans were previously grown, so it is better to cook the land immediately after harvesting the “ally”.

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Follow the sequence:

  1. Add humus( 3 kg), potassium superphosphate( 30 g), potassium salt( 10 g) to the ground. If you have acidified the soil, it is better to add it to the soillime, at the rate of 500 g per 1 square.
  2. Take the largest seeds, usually they are in the middle of the cob. Preheat them well in advance during the week, maintaining a temperature of 35 degrees.
  3. The optimum sowing depth is 5-7 cm, and the distance between the seeds is 35 cm.
  4. With dry soil, spill each well, and then throw the seeds.
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By following these simple instructions, you can try to grow a crop even in your summer cottage, and - you can be sure - at the end of summer eat corn with sugar grains.

In central Russia, an experiment can be conducted and the plot is sown with seeds in different phases: dry, swollen, germinated. Some of them will surely ascend. There is one more trick: maintain several stages of sowing with an interval of 2 weeks, then young corn will delight you almost until late autumn.

Corn has good immunity to pests and diseases. But still look at your plantings and remove damaged plant parts in time. Timely watering, weeding, attention, be sure to return to you with strong shoots, and then a rich harvest.

Video about super sweet corn Dobrynya

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