Description of a cucumber of a grade the Boy with a finger of F1

Cucumber Palchik - a relatively new variety, launched at the Volgograd Experimental Station. Vavilova. This variety is good because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Table of contents

  • Description and characteristics of the boy with a finger F1
  • Pros and cons of
  • Soil requirements and rules for sowing seeds
    • Planting seeds for seedlings
  • Caring for cucumbers
    • Errors
  • Diseases and ate ate ate therapists for aterage for youfinger F1

    The finger belongs to the bee-pollinated and early-ripening cucumber varieties. Technical ripeness of the fruits comes at 40-50 days after the appearance of the first shoots.

    The plant is disease resistant and is not afraid of minor frost in spring or early autumn. Cucumber Boy with a finger belongs to tall, climbing and srednevetvistymi varieties.

    According to the description, the variety has small, elongated green cylindrical greens. The surface of the fruit is covered with rare and large tuberosity.

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    The flesh is tender and juicy with a pronounced aroma and crunch. The average length of the fetus is 11 cm , and weight - 117 grams .

    The average length of the cucumber fruit Boy with a finger - 11 cm

    Pros and cons

    The advantages include:

    • Early maturity
    • High yield, with square.meters you can collect up to 7 kg of fruits
    • Excellent taste
    • Duration of fruiting
    • The variety is resistant to dangerous disease - powdery mildew

    Cucumber Palchik is almost devoid of flaws.

    Soil Requirements and Seed Sowing Rules

    • Finger cucumbers can be grown in a seedling manner or directly into the soil.
    • Planted cucumbers to a permanent place, only after the soil is heated. Before planting seeds, they must be heated and soaked for a while in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
    • The soil for cucumbers should be fertilized with organic fertilizers without stagnant moisture phenomena.
    • Prepared seeds are buried to a depth of 2-3 cm , when the soil is heated by 15 degrees.
    • Finger cucumbers prefer air- and moisture-proof soil.
    • The optimal landing pattern is 50x30 cm .
    Seedlings are planted in the ground when it reaches a length of 25 cm.
    Seedlings are planted in a permanent place when it reaches a length of 25 cm and has five true sheets.

    The beds for cucumbers must be prepared in autumn. To do this, make manure into the soil, at the rate of 1 bucket per square meter.meter or mineral fertilizers( potassium, superphosphate, wood ash).In the spring before planting, the ground should be carefully loosened.

    Planting of seeds for seedling

    The method of planting seeds of the Finger variety is no different from planting other varieties:

    1. The seed is planted in nutrient soil to a depth of 1 cm .
    2. The spout of the seed should be directed straight up at a 45 degree angle of .
    3. For quick germination, the seeds need to create a comfortable environment, for this you can make a micro-pit or cover the ground with a damp newspaper( the paper should not dry out).
    4. Maintain temperature control - 20-25 degrees.
    5. After the emergence of a greenhouse or newspaper clean
    6. Care for seedlings is not difficult. It consists in timely watering, good lighting and observance of air humidity.
    7. As soon as the spring frosts have ended, and the earth has warmed up, the seedlings can be planted in a permanent place.
    8. The best time for central Russia is considered to be the last days of May is .
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    Cucumber Care

    As the variety is considered to be tall, strong-scrappy and medium-heel, caring for it is a bit complicated:

    • For the cucumbers, you must install vertical trellis .When reaching the height of the tapestry, it is necessary to pinch the main cucumber lash.
    • The optimum temperature for good fruiting is 23-25 ​​degrees .
    • Watering plants produce warm water. The most intensive watering is carried out in hot weather, with flowering and the formation of greens.
    • In order for the moisture not to evaporate quickly, the roots need to be mulched with mowed grass or straw, this will keep the soil moist and will not allow the weeds to grow.
    • Permanent loosening the soil and removing weeds .
    • In the first 14 days after sprouting or transplanting seedlings, the plant needs to be fed with nitrogenous fertilizers. In the period of rapid flowering cucumbers need phosphate bait.
    • Foliar top dressings provide high efficiency, especially when weather changes occur.
    • With poor fruit formation, the plant must be fertilized with mullein, urea or humus.
    necessarily necessary to regularly remove weeds and to conduct loosening


    1. Improper winding beds
    2. excess watering or lack of moisture
    3. Improper shaping bush
    4. landing grown seedlings
    5. permanent planting cucumbers into place
    6. unprepared scanty soil
    7. Delayed feeding
    8. Failure landing circuit

    Diseasesand prevention of

    Finger cucumbers are immune to various diseases.

    But, like any variety, Palchik is not immune from the attack of pests and from the defeat of many diseases. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to observe preventive measures:

    • In order to grow a strong and healthy plant, you should plant disinfected and prepared seeds.
    • The seedlings are planted in warm soil. The temperature at a depth of 10 cm should be at least 15 degrees.
    • It is necessary to carry out timely weeding of plants, since weeds are carriers of infections.
    • Do not forget about crop rotation .Annual landing at the same place can cause a number of serious diseases.
    • An important rule is the correct application of fertilizers and timely disinfection of the soil.
    Proper fertilization is one of the points of disease prevention

    Timely preventive maintenance will significantly save time and money on the treatment of the plant.

    Harvesting and storing the crop.

    1. . Finger cucumber harvesting, it is necessary to carry out when the fruits reach 11 cm .During mass fruiting, cucumbers are harvested at least two days later. With frequent harvesting, more and more new fruits will appear.
    2. Collect cucumbers better in the morning or evening hours .Fruits remove carefully, leaving the stalk on the scourge.
    3. Picked cucumbers cleaned in the shade or in a cool place.
    4. You can save the crunch, aroma and taste of cucumbers, as canned cucumbers, since fresh cucumbers are stored for a long time.
    Picked cucumbers A little boy needs to be removed in a shade and a cool place.

    Freshness of cucumbers can be saved in several ways:

    • Wrap in polyethylene - save for 5 days
    • Lubricate the fruits with egg white and let them dry.water needs to be changed every second day.

    How nice it is to eat crispy cucumbers on a cold winter day, open a jar for the New Year or for a family holiday. Carrying out all the recommendations for care, and observing all the rules of cultivation - it will be available even to the novice gardener.

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