Proper cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse from planting to harvest

Cucumber is a very popular and demanded garden crop. To enjoy juicy crispy cucumbers everyone loves: both adults and children. Especially these vegetables come to taste after the long winter cold, when the body needs fresh vegetables to fill in the deficiencies of vitamins after the spring of beriberi. In order to harvest ripe cucumbers as early as possible, you can successfully grow them in a greenhouse.

If the conditions for proper planting are met, difficulties will not arise in the Krasnodar Territory, the Kuban, or in the Urals. In the northern regions, you can arrange a greenhouse system or planted under the film. You can grow high-yielding varieties without any secrets.


  • Features of cucumbers grown in greenhouses
  • Basic requirements for the cultivation of cucumber in the greenhouse polycarbonate
  • Proper culture planting time in the greenhouse
  • Step by step care instructions first shoots
    • Lighting
    • Watering
    • Feeding
  • Caring for the grown cucumbers
    • Garter
    • Prischip
    • Possibledifficulties
    • Reviews

Features of growing cucumbers in greenhouses

Growing this crop in a greenhouse does not give you much trouble. After all, it is completely unpretentious plants .Subject to compliance with all requirements in growing and caring in the greenhouse, you can get fruits of excellent quality and excellent taste, the yield of which even exceeds the yield of cucumbers in open ground .

If conditions are met, cucumber yield in a greenhouse will exceed yield in open ground.

Basic requirements for growing cucumber in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate. This is a prerequisite. The plant needs sufficient access of oxygen, but it should be placed holes so that there are no drafts.
  • The temperature in the greenhouse should not fall below 13 degrees and rise above 25 degrees .
  • If it is possible, then cover the greenhouse better with glass; glass coating will provide sufficient amount of sunlight access to the plants.
  • The correct time for planting a crop in a greenhouse

    You can plant cucumbers in a greenhouse in two ways: seed and seedling.

    Seedlings are planted in a greenhouse when the seedlings already have 4-5 true leaflets and have passed the necessary hardening.

    Seedlings are planted in a greenhouse after the appearance of 4-5 true

    leaflets. usually do this in early April, .But it all depends on the region of cultivation. Of course, the landing dates in Krasnodar and in Siberia will differ significantly.

    Regardless of the growing region, plants are planted in a greenhouse only under the condition that the soil is already warm enough and the temperature in the greenhouse is not less than 15-18 degrees , otherwise it will be difficult to reanimate.

    In cold regions of our country, this temperature can be achieved by heating greenhouses. Seed plants are planted in a greenhouse in the second half of April.

    Step by Step Instructions for the Care of the First Shoots of

    The first shoots appear 5-7 days after planting
    The first shoots usually appear already after 5-7 days.

    Immediately after they appear, they need to provide decent care:

    1. . should be strictly monitored by the temperature of the soil .It should not be below 12 degrees, otherwise tender and vulnerable shoots can turn black and gulf.
    2. Very painful young plants react to temperature changes. It is necessary to regularly maintain a stable air temperature; in a greenhouse: at least 18 degrees.
    3. The absence of drafts is also a prerequisite for the active growth of young shoots.


    Adequate lighting is a necessary condition for growing cucumbers. The culture needs good coverage of the .

    Depending on the region and seasonality of growing cucumbers, in case of insufficient sunshine, you should use the additional artificial lighting of the greenhouse .

    If there is a shortage of sun, it is necessary to use artificial lighting

    For this purpose, light relays are perfectly suitable, which themselves react to a decrease in the intensity of natural lighting and turn on automatically. But if it is not possible to use automation, you can use any lighting devices.

    Cucumbers need continuous good lighting for at least 12 hours. But they also need total darkness. In the dark plants should be kept daily for 6-8 hours.


    Cucumbers are 90% water and are very keen on .Watering plants should be timely. Before flowering, water the seedlings with a frequency of every 5 days. At the same time the soil must be constantly loosened.

    During the flowering period, watering should be increased and carried out by at least 2 times a week, , and on hot days, and every other day. According to the norm, it is worth watering with separated water at room temperature. It is necessary to water the soil, but not the stems and leaves.

    Cucumbers are very fond of moisture and need to be watered once every 5 days.

    Top dressing

    This vegetable crop is very fond of all sorts of fertilizers. Feed cucumbers need for the entire growing season. For these purposes, suitable rotted organic matter, ash, and mineral fertilizers.

    It is possible to fertilize a plant once a week , throughout the growing season. Only before the flowering period, a small amount of fertilizer is used, during the flowering period it is slightly increased, and the largest doses of fertilizer are applied during the period of active fruiting.

    Use mineral fertilizers to strictly adhere to the instructions for use.

    Care for grown-up cucumbers

    Garter Cucumbers in a greenhouse grow very quickly, and they need to be tied up with every week .For this, the upper processes of the cucumber lash are tied up with a twine. The lower shoots are best cut, leaving only 2-3 sinuses for pollination.

    Tying cucumbers in a greenhouse is necessary every week.


    Pinching a crop or pruning is necessary to increase yields and improve the taste of fruits. During the flowering period on cucumber lashes, both male and female types of inflorescences are formed.

    Male inflorescences - barren flowers, you must remove , and female - pinch .Thus, you will increase the yield and extend the period of fruiting crops, if properly care.

    Possible difficulties

    Difficulties in growing cucumbers in a greenhouse may arise in the event of insufficient lighting and temperature changes.

    If you are growing varieties that require pollination, it is imperative that ensure that bees have access to the greenhouse. But if you follow all the rules and recommendations, then no difficulties will threaten you and the plant will thank you for an excellent harvest.

    If pollinated varieties are grown - it is necessary to provide access for the bees to the greenhouse.


    reviews: novice vegetable grower. I first tried to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse. I was worried that I could not cope, but everything turned out perfectly, strictly adhered to the recommendations and now for the second week we have been collecting an excellent crop of crispy cucumbers.

    Lyubov Pavlovna: retired. I have been in the garden for a long time, since I retired. Grown cucumbers in the open field. But this year, for the first time, my son built a greenhouse for me. I decided to plant cucumbers in it. I did everything as it should and now I preserve delicious cucumbers for the winter.

    Vasily: entrepreneur. I have been growing cucumbers in a greenhouse for more than a year. The yield and taste of greenhouse fruits are excellent, the presentation also sell their products on the market, has its regular customers. I am pleased with everyone.

    Belief: housewife. The first year tried to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse. My hopes for a high yield were not justified, the harvest was meager. I tried to find out the reason for myself and found it: the variety required pollination, but I did not provide access to the bees.

    Nikolay: pensioner. We grow greenhouse cucumbers with our spouse. We provide children and themselves with an excellent harvest. In the greenhouse yield is higher than in the open field.

    Adhering to all the rules and recommendations, you will get an excellent harvest of excellent cucumbers grown in the greenhouse.

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