How to grow a good potato crop

The yield of potatoes is directly dependent on the soil and the selected variety. However, it is not enough just to fertilize the land. There are various modern technologies that help to significantly increase the yield, improve the taste of potatoes, protect against disease. Consider how to grow a good harvest crop.


  • potato cultivation for good crop
    • When plant potatoes
    • Selection planting material
    • Disinfection planting material
    • Bathing in
    • nutrient solution Stimulating incision
    • How to prepare the seed
  • How to prepare the land for planting
    • correct watering
    • Hilling potato
    • Feeding
    • Harvestingand storage
    • How to deal with pests
  • Principles of planting
    • potatoes How to plant potatoes in the country
      • Under the tranche
      • under the holes
      • Under the crests
    • The secret of planting to get a good large crop
    • How potatoes grow in the ground
    • Tips: how to grow more in a small arealoved by all. So when the question arises, how many potatoes will grow in the country, I want this figure to tripled. There are several secrets how to increase yields.
      A rich crop of potatoes in a small area - the desire of many growers

      To get a rich harvest, you need to follow certain instructions : prepare the tubers for planting, plant properly and care for the crop. Given all the nuances you can get a big crop of root vegetables.

      When planting potatoes

      When planting vegetables depends on the selected variety.

      The best time to plant potatoes is the beginning or middle of May. However, it is recommended to focus on weather conditions. If the air temperature is above 10 ° C and the soil has warmed up, then this is the most favorable time for planting potatoes.

      Before the end of April, does not make sense to plant the culture of .It simply does not germinate in the cold earth. In the northern part of Russia, the landing is better to wait until the middle and end of May.

      Selection of planting material

      Selection of seeds is carried out according to the following rules:

      • potatoes should not be rotten or cracked;
      • should choose the roots are smooth, firm, without growths and defects;
      • for planting choose potatoes of different ripening terms. Early varieties are left for summer food; late varieties are left for storage in winter.

      Disinfection of planting material

      Processing potatoes before planting will significantly increase the yield and protect the crop from pests. It is recommended to carry out the decontamination procedure. It is done a few hours before landing.

      You can prepare solution for home disinfection :

      • to prepare a solution of potassium permanganate 1g, water 10 liters, copper vitriol 1 matchbox;
      • sprouted tubers should be filled with the prepared solution for half an hour;
      • then carefully remove it so as not to damage the sprouts and leave to dry in the sun.

      Potato ready to germinate.

      Swimming in a nutrient solution

      You can use growth stimulants for your planting material. Before planting, take sprouted tubers for a few days and process them with one of the preparations:

      • Protein - 1 ampoule per 1 liter of water;
      • Micon;
      • Appin.

      . Stimulating notch.

      . In order to make a transverse incision, it is necessary to incise the tuber perpendicular to its axis. Only a small part remains uncut so that the tuber does not fall apart. With the help of the incision, the nutrients are evenly distributed over the eyes, and a strong shrub yields a high yield.

      An annular incision is made to a depth of 1 cm. so as to surround the tuber with a notch. In this case, the supply of nutrients comes from the top.

      How to prepare seed

      In order to grow a high-quality crop, you need to sort out the seed material and remove all rotten, infected with diseases, frostbitten, cracked, soft tubers. For planting, it is better to choose medium-sized potatoes 50-70 gr.

      There are also the following methods for preparing seed potatoes before planting:

      • warming up the tubers in the oven or in the sun;
      • germination in the light before germination;
      • disinfection from diseases with the help of potassium permanganate;
      • wetting of tubers in fertilizer solution.

      How to prepare a site for planting

      Before you grow potatoes in the garden, you need to prepare.

      Preparation of soil for planting crops begins with its disinfection from fungal infections. You can achieve disinfection solutions, which are sold in specialized stores or just pour boiling water on the ground. You should also mulch the ground.

      Proper watering

      Potatoes are moody for irrigation. Lack or excess of moisture can affect the yield. When seed material gets into moist soil, is not recommended to water the vegetable garden for 2 weeks. In the future, water in the heat under a bush of 2 liters once a week.

      Potatoes do not like cold water. Therefore, watering should be slightly warm water.

      Water should be watered more actively during the appearance of the formation of tubers.

      When watering there is a direct danger of overflow, because the planting material does not like active irrigation

      Hilling of potatoes

      It is advisable to hilling potatoes twice at 10-day intervals. The first hilling is carried out after planting, when the potato shrub has reached a height of 20 cm. Repeated hold after a short period of ten days. It is forbidden for to conduct hilling in arid weather .

      Top dressing

      To get a rich harvest, you need to make top dressings in the fall, feeding the earth with organic and chemical additives. However, organic matter can not be used if before the earth was strongly attacked by insects or diseases. Bring additive from humus, superphosphate, potassium sulfate .

      Also an important procedure is liming. It should be carried out immediately after harvest. To do this, add dolomite flour or ash to the soil.

      When planting the tubers in the hole, you must add humus 25kg, ash 2kg, superphosphate 1kg, ammonium nitrate 0.5kg per hundred.

      Harvesting and Storage

      Harvest time depends on the type of potato and its ripening time. Harvest should be properly maintained. The most important thing is that the vegetable does not begin to germinate. Therefore, the following spaces are chosen for storage:

      • cellar .An important role is played by airing the room to remove excess moisture;
      • on the balcony or in the pantry. The main thing that t storage was not higher than + 10C.

      It is recommended to store fruits in wooden boxes. Before storage, you need to sort the potatoes and throw away all the damaged and sick fruit. It is also important that direct sunlight does not fall into the storage room.

      How to control pests

      Pests that most often attack a plant: Colorado potato beetle, wireworm, bugs. Insect control is carried out with the help of chemical solutions that can be bought in the Garden / Kitchen Garden stores.

      Principles of planting

      potatoes The most important principle is to create favorable conditions for the growth and nutrition of planting material and save it from diseases and pests. Also, the vegetable needs: sun, air, moisture, fertilizer. In addition, there are several secrets of how to grow a rich harvest on their own.

      How to plant potatoes in the country

      In order to get a rich harvest in a small area, you need to thoroughly approach the choice of potato varieties. One of the productive varieties intended for a small territory is considered to be the “Effect” variety.

      It is also important to observe the landing rules. The following methods are suitable for a small area.

      Under the trench

      The method is good for a site where the sand is and is prone to drying out. In autumn, trenches should be dug 30 cm deep at a distance of 1 meter. In the trench should lay out a layer of hay 15 cm, sprinkle with manure on top, add a little ash.

      An example of a trench for potatoes

      During the period of frost, the layer is compacted. In spring, planting material is laid in a trench and lightly sprinkled with soil.

      Advantages : A trench saves potatoes from frost, retains moisture well, gives a high yield.

      Under the wells

      For growing under the wells, it is recommended to prepare a plot in the fall : apply fertilizer, mulch the soil. In spring, the tubers are planted by digging holes. With the help of a peg and cords create beds at a distance of 80 cm.

      Germinated tubers are placed in the hole to a depth of 8-10 cm sprouts up. It is recommended to top with compost and ash.

      Advantage : The most popular and proven method.

      Planting in the holes

      Under the ridges

      If the soil in the garden is clay or earthy, then fit under the ridges. The height of the ridges is small - 20 cm, distance 80cm. Combs can be done with the help of agrotechnology .Planting material is planted in the hollows located on the top of the ridges.

      Benefits : Ability to use professional equipment and save time and effort.

      Planting in the ridges
    • better planted several varieties of potatoes;
    • breeding to produce sprouts ;
    • plant in warm soil, pouring it with heated water.

    How potatoes grow in the ground

    A sprouted tuber is planted upward. After this, the sprout actively begins to grow and come to the surface. In the soil, the root system continues to develop. At the roots of the roots begins to tie.

    To supply starch to tubers, flowers appear on the bushes. Root crops begin to grow in the soil, and when the green part of the plant begins to dry out and wither, can dig potatoes.

    Tips: how to grow more in a small areaIt is useful to plant a vegetable after legumes.

Increase the yield of regular weeding vegetables. But you can not start weeding, if the potatoes have not yet risen! There is a risk of damaging the sprouts.

Separate methods of planting potatoes for a large crop

In addition to the main methods of planting potatoes, the following exist:

  • Mitlider method. It lies in the fact that the tubers are planted less often 45 cm wide at a distance of 1 meter. Tubers are planted in a checkerboard pattern;
  • Dutch technology .Tubers are planted in high beds 45cm wide at a distance of 80cm. Fertilizers are also placed in the wells. In the process of leaving the soil is constantly mulched, watered and fed;
  • method of Gulich .The plot is divided into squares meter per meter. In the center of the squares, the ground is mulched and fertilized with compost. Then planted tuber sprout down, lightly sprinkled with soil.

After germination, the earth is plentifully covered and this procedure is repeated four times. A hill should appear from the soil. The method affects the development of the root system.

If you follow all the above recommendations, you can significantly increase the yield. You have a rich harvest!

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