The drug commander for processing potato tubers


Almost every year farmers are faced with such a problem as the Colorado beetle. This pest has densely accustomed to our territories, and feels comfortable, destroying whole crops of potato plantations, as well as other plants. There are many ways to combat the Colorado beetle, from folk remedies to chemical poisoning. One of the most effective is the treatment of potato tubers Commander. It can infect a harmful beetle, but at the same time, without harming the plant or the human body.


Table of contents

  • General description of the drug Commander
  • Principle of operation of the facility
  • Active substance and form of release
  • Instructions for processing potato tubers
  • Precautionary measures
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Storage Rules
  • Compatibility of the Commander with other drugs and analogues
  • Commander Plus
  • Reviews

General description of the drug Commander

The Commander is an intestinal insecticide that can hit not only the Colorado beetle, but also other pests, for example, rodents, wireworms, aphids, butterflies, bears, and many others. Commander effectively fights

both with mature individuals, and with the larvae deposited by them.

It is designed for external processing of potato tubers.

Principle of operation of the facility

After applying the drug byspraying or watering on a plant, it quickly penetrates into the roots, stems and leaves. After contact with the treated plant, it does not matter whether it's eating or just touching, the insect gets a dose of active ingredients in its body.

Apply the product by spraying or watering the plant

The poison starts to act on the nervous system of the parasite, paralyzing all its movements and preventing it from receiving food, which leads to its further death. Such a protective field is able to protect the plant from beetlesfor 35-50 days.


Active substance and form of release

Active substance in the composition of the product, which is responsible for the process of pest destruction, is imidoclapride in a content of 200 g per 1 liter.

Produced in the form of a special soluble concentrate, intended for dilution in water. Can be pre-packagedin bottlesvolumes 4, 10, 100 ml, and also be issuedin ampoules1 ml each.

Commander is available in bottles or ampoules

Instructions for processing potato tubers

For a more positive effect, it is better to treat plants in the morning or evening in dry weather and in the absence of wind.

It is better to study the weather forecast beforehand, whether rain is promised in the near future, otherwise all of it will wash away all the poison from the plant before it is absorbed. Watering the crop is also not recommended on this day.

First of all, in a separate container you need to prepare a solution, for 10 liters of water you need to take 2 ml of the drug. For convenience, you can dilute 2 ml of the drug in 1 liter of water, mix thoroughly and gradually pour the remaining 9 liters of water. After the solution is poured into the nebulizer or watering can.

Potato tubers should betreat with poison, spraying it carefully from all sides, on all the stems and leaves. Also, the solution can be applied to the potato tubers sprouted outside the beds, for this each plant is separately processed and laid out in one row on any surface until it dries completely.

Processed potatoes can beloosely covered with a film, and after soaking in the usual way to land in the ground.

Treatment of potato tubers before planting

If the processing by the Commander was already subject to an adult potato crop, it should be remembered thatuse it for 20 days is not recommended.


Precautionary measures

The Commander's remedy does not pose a serious threat to human health.

But, as with any chemical poisoning, you should follow certain precautions:

  • All manipulations with the product must be madein impermeable gloves. Also, clothes should be old and unnecessary, designed to work in the garden. If possible, carry out treatment better by wearing a respirator;
  • During the process, in no eventyou can not eat or drink. You can do this only after removing all clothing and taking a shower. If at the moment there is no possibility to completely wash, you can limit yourself to thorough washing of hands and face. Smoking during the treatment of plants is also not recommended, it is better to suffer a certain amount of time than to have the risk of getting into the body through a cigarette of dangerous particles;
  • If there is still a breeze while spraying the Commander, it is always necessary to get up in his direction. If you stand against the wind, the product will fall on the plant in small quantities, but it can get into the eyes and the skin;
  • Always need to be carefulstudy instruction, indicated on the packaging specifically for this drug. You can not take instructions from other means or act at random.
  • At the time of spraying the poison, it is best to remove all pets and close their access to the treated area for about a day.
Instructions for the use of the Commander

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any chemical, the Commander has a number of advantages and disadvantages.



  • Commander is an affordable tool, you can purchase it in any specialized store at reasonable prices;
  • Has enoughlasting effect, does not require frequent treatments;
  • Is able to protect the crop not only from Colorado beetles, but also from many other pest species;
  • A drugis resistant to hot sunshine, and to torrential rains, since after absorbing its substances are not only on the surface, but also inside the plant. This makes it possible to apply it in areas with any climate;
  • One of the main advantages is that the insect hasdid not develop immunity, unlike many others, which makes it effective at all times.


  • Incorrect use of the product or negligence can lead to harm to health;
  • Since the Commander is a poison for insects, using it near apiaries can result in the poisoning of bees.
One of the main advantages of the Commander - the pests have not yet developed immunity to it

Storage Rules

This preparation should be stored in a place protected from the sun.

It should be isolated from contact with food or contact with children and animals. If the finished solution remains a ready solution, it does not make sense to store it, since the shelf life of the solution is very small, it must be poured into a pit dug far away from the garden and buried with earth.

The undiluted drug has a shelf lifeup to 36 months. Before buying the Commander you need to familiarize yourself with the storage times indicated on the package.

Compatibility of the Commander with other drugs and analogues

Commander can be used in conjunction with other drugs, but before that you need to carefully examine whether they give an alkaline reaction. If so, then such a combination can harm plants.

Well the Commander is combined with such means that promote the growth of the crop and are included in the category of insecticides and fungicides, for example,Ribav Extra, Zircon, Epin.

Analogues of the Commander can serve as such drugs asConfidor Extra, Proticolador or Bombardier Aqua.

Confidor Extra can serve as an analogue of the Commander

Commander Plus

Since the potato tubers can also be processed before planting, a special modified version of the drug called Commander Plus was invented.

It is intendedfor not much stronger, pre-germinated tubers. Commander Plus is paired with the preparation of Energene AQUA, which improves yield and alleviates stress in plants obtained from chemical treatment.

In general, we can say that the Commander Plushas no strong differencesfrom the Commander. The goals and the method of application are the same, just the first is a more sparing and useful option.

Commander Plus is designed to handle sprouted tubers


Pavel Valeryevich.

Overall I was pleased with the Commander. The number of Colorado beetles decreased by several times, I found many dead insects on the ground, which indicates that the drug really works.


I learned about this poison in the second half of the summer season, so the potato was processed once. But that was enough for me to make sure that the Commander was able to help. We were always overwhelmed by a huge number of worms of wireworms and Colorado beetles, but their attacks stopped immediately after the application of this remedy.

Based on customer feedback, we can conclude that the tool really works and it is worth trying.

The condition of the garden as a whole, for the most part depends on its owner, if it invests the soul, a lot works and protects its crops from pest attacks, the rich harvest will not take long to wait. But you always need to choose quality and proven means to avoid causing damage to plants and, first of all, yourself.

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