Repair engine LG washing machine do it yourself

Engine breakdown results in a complete stopping of the washer, so it needs to be repaired or replaced. Here the user has two options: contact the workshop, or try to fix the problem yourself.

In this article, you will learn everything about replacing and repairing the engine in the LG washing machine with your own hands.

material Contents:

  • 1 Reasons for failure
    • 1.1 How to recognize the problem with the motor
  • 2 Preparation for
  • 3 repair Stepping works
    • 3.1 Replacement brushes
    • 3.2 Repair
    • 3.3 winding Repair slats with their hands

Reasons for failure

Modern inverter engines rarely go outbuilding. If the machine is equipped with a collector motor, the following failures may occur:

  • Worn electric brushes. They can quickly wear out due to drum overload during washing or due to constant spinning at high speeds. Also the cause of the breakage can serve as a short circuit winding.
  • Problems with stator and rotor windings. As a result of a short circuit, the winding may break, the engine will lose its speed or stop altogether. A problem winding can cause overheating of the motor housing. For protection, the thermal sensor is triggered and the engine is stopped.
  • Lamels erased by electric brushes wiped off. Lots of lamellae could peel off, which also led to a breakdown.

How to recognize a problem with the motor

How to understand that repair of the motor of the washing machine is necessary: ​​

  • Starting the CM knocks out the switch in the distribution board.
  • There is a lot of noise at work.
  • Does not work or does not start at high or low speed.
  • The engine is constantly disconnected from overheating. CMA operation stops.
  • The machine does not start at all.

So, you found out that the cause of the problem in the engine. Next you need to figure out how to remove the engine from the washing machine LG.

Preparing for repair

Before you begin to repair, prepare a washing machine. Unplug it and shut off the water supply.

To access the motor, you will need to remove the back wall, so unscrew the filler hose. Next, drain water from it.

Now go to the front panel. Below the hatch is a drain filter. Unscrew the filter and drain the remaining water into the container. It remains to move the car away from the wall to access the back panel.

Step-by-step execution of work

Take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the bolts of the rear wall CM.They are located on the perimeter. Below the tank you will see the engine. Now proceed as follows:

  • Remove the drive belt. To do this, pull it towards you with one hand and twist the drum pulley with the other. Set the belt aside.
  • Before removing the motor from the washing machine, take a picture of the location of the wires so that you can connect everything correctly.
  • Now disconnect all wires and terminals leading to the motor.
  • It remains to unscrew the bolts, which fix the motor. Armed with a head of 12 mm, unscrew the bolts and remove the engine from the bushings, slightly moving forward.

The first stage is completed. You have successfully removed the item - now is the time to examine it. We already wrote above that can break in the engine. Therefore, proceed to the inspection and repair.

Replacing brushes

You can buy new brushes right away. Having gone to the store, name the brand and model of the washering machine EL, the seller will give you new details. Or immediately remove the old electrical brushes and take them as an example to the store.

This is an easy repair of the motor, which can be done by hand. Brushes are located on the sides of the motor housing.

  1. Disconnect the wire from the brush terminal.
  2. Push down on the contact and pull the brush out over the spring.

Inspect the item for wear. If replacement is necessary, take a new brush and install it into the seat. From above, lower the contact, connect the terminal.

The first time after replacing the motor can work quite noisy, but it will pass when the brushes are rubbed.

Repair winding

Winding problems can result in extraneous noise and a burning smell. In this case the motor does not work at full strength, its body heats up. You can check the winding status with a multimeter.

Before disassembling the engine from the washing machine, prepare the tester, set it to the resistance measurement mode.

Conduct the test as follows:

  • Connect one test lead probe to the lamella, the other to the winding. The discrepancy in resistance should be no more than 0.5 ohms. Otherwise, it is an interturn closure.
  • Now connect the multimeter probe to the body and lamella. With proper windings, the tester will show resistance equal to hundreds of megaohm.

In the event of a fault, it is not recommended to repair the winding yourself. Since it is impossible to make it at home. You will have to completely replace the electric motor.

DIY repair of the slats

After you get the rotor out of the engine, you need to inspect the collector. In the event of a malfunction, you will find peeling and roughness on the lamellae.

To grind the lamella gaps, use a lathe. After grooving, clean the lamella from chips. The gaps should be perfectly flat, without burrs.

In case of severe damage to the lamella, it is impossible to repair the electric motor yourself. It will take a complete replacement of the engine.

You have learned the principles of disassembly of the electric motor of the washing machine LG.Now you can decide whether to repair it or simply replace it completely.

Video on the topic will help you in repair:

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