How to replace the belt on the washing machine Samsung

Replacing the belt in a Samsung washing machine( Samsung) is a medium-difficulty repair that can be done by advanced beginners. If you do not want to pay for the replacement of the master, you can save up to 1000 rubles.

For enthusiasts, we have prepared a review with practical tips on how to put a belt on a Samsung washing machine.

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  • 1 The reasons for replacing the drive belt in a Samsung car
  • 2 Preparing for replacement
  • 3 replacing a belt in a Samsung
  • 4 machine Assembly work

The reasons for replacing the drive belt in a Samsung

machine owners By replacing parts of washing machine owners

, they were replacing the drive belt in the Samsung

machine.when washing.

  • When viewed, the surface of the part is rough( similar to dirt), when friction it rolls into balls.
  • You have been using the machine for more than 6 years - usually this is the life of the part.
  • If at least one of the above reasons is confirmed, you need to conduct a technical inspection of the machine - you may need to replace the part.

    Next, we will look at how to change the belt on a Samsung washing machine.

    Important! In the model range of this brand is not removed the back panel, so the repair is somewhat complicated.

    Preparing for

    Replacement Before replacing the drive belt, prepare an arsenal of tools and parts:

    • Buy an original part. Rewrite the label( printed on the product itself) or take the old gum with you to the store.
    • Take a regular electrical tape - you will need no more than 15 cm.
    • Pick a wire with a diameter of 0.5 to 0.8 mm, 50 cm long.
    • Take a flashlight, wire cutters, a "minus" and "plus" screwdriver.

    Replacing the belt in a typewriter Samsung

    To replace the drive belt, proceed as follows:

    1. Remove the back panel by unscrewing the fasteners.
    2. In models that do not have a removable rear panel, you need to remove the front part. Works in this case are conducted from above.

    To remove the front panel:

    • Unscrew the cover.
    • Remove the powder dispenser( there is a small button inside for easy removal).
    • Remove the control panel and lay on top so as not to interfere.
    • Unscrew the bottom panel.
    • Unscrew all screws that secure the front cover and pull it towards you.
    1. Arm yourself with a slotted screwdriver - gently hooking the edge of the belt while gently wielding it.
    2. Remove the belt from the grooves on the pulley, sliding it to the side.
    3. Scroll the pulley while holding the strap with your hand. After that, the belt should easily get off the pulley, and it can be safely removed from the case.

    Important! If there is a "beard", and she wound up on the engine, be sure to unravel everything and remove.

    Installation Works

    Important! Buy an item with 5 streams( Megaden production will do).Buyers speak positively about it, praising the quality and especially - silicone inserts that extend the service life.

    Not sure how to stretch the belt in a Samsung washing machine? All the hardest is over - you just have the final chords. Just a few actions separate you from using the updated typewriter:

    • Put a new part on the pulley, so that the grooves lay down as provided by the manufacturer.
    • If you work on top of the SM, then help yourself with a strong thread or a piece of a used belt. Tie the belt with an improvised "fishing rod" and lower it into the body. Hold with one hand and put the other on the engine.
    • Now take a stretch and place the part on the side grooves on the pulley.
    • Continuing to create tension, roll the pulley to the right, and everything will fall into place.

    If you have a Samsung S1021, S803J or S803J model, now you know how the disassembly and assembly of the drive belt occurs. For other CM models, the replacement process is similar.

    We hope that the installation will go smoothly and successfully. Good results in your repair!

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