Detailed description and description of Uladar potato varieties

Potato variety Uladar belongs to the early crop. Bred by Belarusian breeders, and in 2008 included in the state register. The variety is young, well zoned for growing in the middle lane. He has not yet received mass distribution among gardeners, but every year more and more people give him preference.


  • Description potato varieties Uladar
  • Feature
  • story of the Belarusian selection
  • Yields
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features of cultivation
    • Agrotechnics
    • Rules cultivation
    • Landing: when and how to plant
    • Rules care
    • When the digging and how to store

Description potato varieties Uladar

Uladar is considered one of the earliest varieties: according to the description from germination to technical maturity, passes just 75 days .Bushes are small, almost erect. The leaves have a bright green color and small size.

The flowers of the Oladar have a red-violet color. Mature tubers are predominantly round oval, their surface is smooth. The skin is yellow and the flesh is yellowish. Tuber can reach a mass in

130 grams .

Oladara tubers can reach a weight of 130 grams


The maximum starch content in Uladar potato varieties reaches 12.5%, and the dry matter is 19.5%.

As for sugars, their share is approximately equal to 0.42%.This ensures good taste characteristics. On a ten-point scale, this grade scored 7 points .

Uladar shrubs are quite compact, not sprawling. This greatly facilitates the processing and further care after planting.

The history of the appearance in the Belarusian selection

A number of scientists have been working on the selection of a variety, among them:

  • I. Kolyadka;
  • L. Vologdina;
  • V. Makhanko;
  • G. Piskun.
Belarusian scientists worked on the selection of the Uladar variety

They were assigned authorship. It should be noted that Uladar is a rather young variety, because only in 2008 it was included in the State Register and recommended for cultivation in the Central region. During this time, he managed to conquer the hearts of not only Belarusians, but also to get far beyond the borders of the republic.


The shrub of this variety can produce a crop of 8-13 tubers weighing 90-160 grams .These are very good indicators, which most experienced gardeners pay attention to.

With industrial cultivation from one hectare can be collected up to 600 centners potatoes, however, the first digging gives, as a rule, a much smaller crop: about 350 centners .

The record for the yield of the Uladar variety is fixed at the rate of 71 tons of potatoes from one hectare of land.

Advantages and disadvantages

If a potato has managed in a short time to attract the attention of not only the residents of his country, but also to get far beyond its limits, then it should have a number of advantages over its competitors.

These include the following:

  • short ripening and the possibility of obtaining a very early harvest;
  • high yield ;
  • smooth shape and smooth surface of the tuber;
  • excellent product specifications;
  • wonderful taste ;
  • is excellently stored;
  • good resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to pathogens;
  • high yield of commercial tubers.
One of the merits of Oladar is that it is excellently kept

Naturally, Uladar is not deprived of certain shortcomings, which must also be considered. The first is that in some areas this variety is highly susceptible to the Colorado potato beetle .Plants must be protected and processed with modern drugs designed to combat this pest.

Cultivation features of


Uladar does not require particularly complex agronomic techniques, it can grow on almost any type of soil. Nevertheless, the plant is demanding on the amount of nitrogen contained in the soil, as well as to the phosphorus .Also, the soil should not be deficient in potassium .

Landing in sandy and sandy sand is made earlier than in loamy. With a lack of nutrients and trace elements, the quantity and quality of the crop will be reduced.

Cultivation rules for

If planting is carried out on a site where moisture is constantly present, then should not be very deep in tubers( 5-6 centimeters are enough).

In a wet area, planting is carried out to a depth of 5-6 cm.

The combing method of landing is used mainly in areas where pre-alignment has been performed. In this case, the depth of landing is kept at the level of 7-8 centimeters. But if the area is quite dry, then the prepared tubers are planted to a depth of 12-13 centimeters.

During the season, weeds are removed, the beds are weeded. During the season, spend about two interrow treatments. It is not necessary to plant bushes very close to each other, air and light should be supported to the soil. As a rule, standard landing patterns are used for this.

Planting: when and how to plant

Planting in sandy and sandy loam soil occurs in the same period as the sowing of early grain crops. But in the loamy soil germinated and previously prepared tubers are planted a week later.

Shortly before planting, care is taken to plant the seed. If the storage area of ​​the tubers is cool, then you will need to transfer them to a warm room.

Immediately before planting, it is recommended to process the tubers with preparations for the control of pests and fungal diseases .This measure is not mandatory, but subsequently the crop will be less affected by negative factors and will be protected.

Before planting, the Oladar tubers need to be germinated and treated against pests.


Care Rules. During the growth process, potatoes need to be watered periodically. Terms and volumes depend on the type and condition of the soil. 3-4 irrigation of is standard for the season, but this number is adjusted depending on the specific weather and climatic conditions. Should be guided by the general condition of the bush and soil.

During the season, conducts at least two treatments against pests( primarily from the Colorado potato beetle).After sprouting, they carefully inspect the plantings, and when mass accumulations of these insects are detected, the bushes are treated with special preparations. The proportions and area of ​​processing are indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

Potato Uladar is very picky about the nitrogen content in the soil, therefore it is necessary to feed the plants with phosphorus and nitrogen containing fertilizers after germination. In the second half of the growing season, is added to potassium .Organic fertilizing will not be superfluous, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

With an excess of nitrogen fertilizers, potatoes can begin to grow abundantly in green ground mass, and the harvest of tubers will be very poor. Accurately observe the proportions indicated by the manufacturer on the package.
Weeding must be performed at least 2 times per season.

Planting should be kept clean, eliminating weeds. The first weeding is done when the height of seedlings reaches 7-10 centimeters, and then as needed.

During the season, the beds weed at least two times .In addition, hilling is carried out at least once( when the plants exceed 10 centimeters in height).This favors air penetration to the tubers. The soil is kept loose until harvest.

When digging and how to store

Digging potatoes should be after the tops will wither, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off, but the stems are still green. At this time, the tubers have excellent product characteristics and keeping quality.

In the middle lane, as a rule, the harvest falls on the August-early September .These dates are not accurate and are adjusted depending on weather and climatic conditions. For harvesting is better to choose sunny and dry weather.

Potato Uladar is well stored and does not require the additional hassle of

. Before sending the tubers for storage, they should be dried and ventilated by in the open air of .Then, sorting and selection of damaged or defective tubers are performed, and only after that the harvest is put into boxes and baskets.

Potato Uladar perfectly stored, does not require additional hassle in the process of growing. When cooking culinary dishes has great reviews hostesses. It is suitable for both frying and baking, and for cooking. Tubers do not boil soft, retain flavor and have excellent taste. Regarding cultivation: with a favorable climate for the year they get two harvests of this variety, which is beneficial for gardeners.

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