4 Deco ideas and 8 economy solutions for birthday table setting

  • A little about the preparation and organizational issues
  • 4 design ideas
  • 8 solutions for budget serving

The success of a party with friends or a family birthday meeting depends on the table setting. We prepared a selection of 85 inspirational photos of holiday meals for those who are organizing a holiday on their own or arranging a surprise for a loved one, made 4 table decorations and 8 tips on how beautiful and inexpensive to set and decorate a table for a birthday.

A little about the preparation and organizational issues

  • Having set the date and time of the holiday, having decided on the guest list, menu and budget, you should start the audit of the service and your decor. Make sure that the dishes, appliances, treats and napkins are in the right quality and quantity.
  • Especially pay attention to the presence of dishes for desserts: coasters for cakes, shelves and dishes for fruits and sweets, dessert plates and spoons, as well as candles and straws for drinks.
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  • If you are not familiar with the rules of serving - it does not matter, the modern design of the table at home does not require strict adherence to the rules, but still some principles should be learned. An approximate arrangement of appliances and utensils can be seen in the following diagram.
  • It is also worthwhile in advance to think over the table decoration. And this will help you to our selection of photos and tips.

4 Design Ideas

Idea 1. Table decoration, designed in an unusual style and colors

Any table setting, designed in a single concept and color, will be beautiful. But in order to make the holiday table look especially original, you should choose some unusual style, color scheme or motif.

Here are some fresh ideas for decorating a birthday table:

  • A la rus-style table setting - this look has not yet become fashionable and has not had time to pall. A table with nesting dolls, a samovar, cockerels on sticks and donuts will surely be remembered by the guests and create a soulful atmosphere.

  • Rustic style - has long been popular in wedding decor, but has not yet had time to enter into the design of home holidays. Rustik deserves attention not only because of its “trendiness”, but also due to the fact that it makes it possible to decorate the table with your own hands literally from improvised means and natural materials.

  • Another trend in the decor is a black-white-pink-gold range with prints: stripes, zigzags and peas.
  • Flower motifs on the dishes - an eternal classic, experiencing a second birth. In the trend there are flowers not only in vases and in porcelain, but also in table textiles.

Idea 2. Themed table decoration

A birthday with a binding to any subject is doomed to success and beautiful photos.

There are a lot of topics for both children’s and adults ’holidays, and for each you need to choose your own accessories.

What elements of table setting can be stylized?

  1. Napkin Decor;
  2. Serving a sweet menu, including cake;
  3. Bottled Beverage;
  4. Table decorations: vases, candlesticks and other accessories;
  5. Tablecloth;
  6. Nameplates and menus.


  • As a rule, theme parties do not require expensive decor, you can easily decorate a basic set of accessories and do a lot with your own hands. So, on a classic white tablecloth, you can lay the tracks from the fabric in the desired colors.
  • Try to stick not only to a given theme, but also to a certain color scheme in everything - from decorating dishes to decorating bottles.

Here are some examples of table for thematic birthday( adult):

Tableware in Hawaiian style

Tableware in the style of the Italian mafia

table Serving for the birthday of Mexican-style

Tableware and candy-bars in film style Great Gatsby

Themeserving in the style of Gotem city

Idea 3. Seasonal orientation and seasonal decor

If themed birthdays are more suitable for parties with friends or a children's party, then the party is in a circleemi or a gala reception is better to spend more traditional and elegant. Think about arranging the table according to the season of the year in which you or the birthday boy were born. This design option has a big plus - you can decorate the table not only beautifully, but also relatively inexpensively, using seasonal natural materials: flowers, fruits, leaves, cones and branches.

Summer serving can be decorated with garden or wild flowers in small narrow vases, as well as fruits as shown in the photo below( scroll).

Autumn holiday table can be decorated with yellowed leaves, acorns, cones, rowan branches, wooden coasters, seasonal vegetables, such as pumpkin. The color scheme, of course, consists of autumn colors: orange, gold, yellow, burgundy, brown, etc.

Cones and dry branches of trees, for example, mountain ash, are suitable for a winter birthday, but they have never eaten pine trees either. The color gamut here should be composed of cold colors and contrasting combinations: blue + white, blue + white, silver + white, etc. But the New Year colors( red and green), as well as Christmas-tree decorations should be avoided. Snowflakes, stars and owls are suitable as decorations.

  • In order to completely eliminate the associations of winter decorations with New Year's, you need to put vases with flowers on the table, for example, white roses as in the photo below.

Spring birthday is decorated in delicate colors, the table is decorated with fresh flowers, such as tulips and hyacinths, as well as willows, sakura branches. Enhance the spring mood can decorative butterflies.

8 solutions for budget serving

It is not necessary to buy new accessories for serving for a birthday party for serving, because most of the parts can be easily and inexpensively made from scrap and natural materials.

  1. Vases can be made from bottles, cans and glass jars, decorated with lace, burlap, paint, ribbons, jute, etc. Photo-examples of this decor are presented below.

  1. Balloons filled with helium are suitable for decorating the table. Here are some ideas suitable for serving the table for the birthday of a child and even an adult. It is better to choose the balls in accordance with the overall color scheme of the table.

  1. Napkins can be decorated:
  • Rings of beads and beads that can be made with your own hands in advance;
  • Ribbons or twine( for rustic style of serving).

  1. What can be used instead of expensive colors for serving the table and napkins? If the birthday is celebrated in the summer, then there are no problems with the flowers - you just need to gather in advance( in a clean place) and compose compositions from field camomiles, clover, ivan tea, or even porridge. This design will be very gentle and elegant.

In autumn and winter, branches and cones will be suitable, which you can paint with your own hands, for example, in gold paint like in the next photo on the right.

In spring, and at any time of the year, instead of flowers in the decoration of napkins, you can use greens, such as rosemary or thyme( photo below), and you can put willow branches in a vase.

  1. For decorating, for example, snack plates and name cards, you can use almost anything: fruits, vegetables, sweets, pastries, the same buds, leaves, acorns, twigs, corks from wine and much more.

  1. Paper can be used for table decor: silence, foil, colored cardboard, corrugated.

  1. Above, we have already said that the usual white tablecloth, which is in every house, can be easily modified or completely replaced by runners, which are easily and quickly sewn. In the photo below, one track is sewn of burlap and lace, and the second runner is sewn of white cotton fabric, decorated with special fabric paint.

You can also make a festive tablecloth with your own hands from paper, such as kraft paper or from stapled book pages.

  1. And finally, you can save time on washing dishes and money using beautiful disposable tableware, which you need to choose in color.

Well, that's all. We hope that you have already gathered some ideas and are ready to start organizing the holiday. We wish you that the efforts were pleasant, and the birthday was fun and soulful!

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