Crickets in the garden - how to get rid of, by what methods, means?

If you notice the pickled stems of the seedlings, the eaten leaves, it means that you have got crickets in the garden. How to get rid of them - consider in detail.

Around the beginning of April, at the dacha, as soon as the evening comes, the night musicians, crickets, start their trills. The chirping of crickets is directly associated with the summer, but all the romance ends here, since, in addition to the “chants,” they cause considerable damage to garden plantings. These insects have a good appetite, eat with pleasure all vegetable, cereal crops.

  • Fighting Pests - Preparations and MethodsSpraying the garden with chemicals is not always advisable, as the berries or vegetables will subsequently be eaten. If you follow certain rules, you can still use chemicals, but today they have a decent bio-alternative.

    What do crickets eat in the garden? The answer is everyone! In addition to the vegetable diet, these insects do not disdain their relatives, their larvae, worms, dead animals. Even own laying of eggs, as well as young members of their own species can become a “lunch” for adult crickets.

    The adult individual reaches a length of 1.5-2 cm, has a black colored body. The black cricket( field) is the most common species of the cricket family.

    Field( black) cricket
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    Fight against the pest - preparations and methods

    To protect the gardens from this insect, they take complex measures - agrotechnical and chemical. Loosening the soil, digging it thoroughly in the fall slightly reduces the number of pests.

    Also, to reduce the number of insects, the area is treated with Nemabakt or Antonem-F.These are biological products, they are considered safe for humans, domestic animals, birds, plants. These funds give a good result and are very effective.

    The results of the tests showed that 4% after the treatment, 78% of the crickets perish, and after 30 days, 100%.Before you deal with crickets in the garden, the drug is diluted with warm water 1: 100, in terms of temperature, it should be similar to the soil in the area. Irrigate directly the soil, preferably in the rain, in the late afternoon. The container with the composition should be periodically shaken, and after treatment, additionally pour the entire area( to facilitate the penetration of the drug into the soil).These drugs can be sprayed the ground even during the growing season of plants.

    I did not see these drugs in the open sale, but they can be ordered from online stores that, in addition to Nemabakt or Anthon-F drugs, offer “Protection” soil containing a predatory nematode that successfully fights soil pests, including crickets.

    If you opt for chemicals, carefully read the instructions before poisoning crickets in the garden. It is always necessary to withstand the prescribed period so that the drug is completely “released” from the plant before eating the fruit. For such purposes, the most commonly used is karbofos( 8-10 ml per 10 l of water) or Decis( 3 ml per 10 l of water).

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    Other methods against crickets

    Birds are our disinterested assistants in the fight against crickets. To attract their attention, install birdhouses and all sorts of feeders on the site. Tits and starlings are the most active cricket fighters. As practice has shown, the birds perfectly cope with the "task", the main thing - do not forget to regularly replenish the feeders so that they feel at home on the site.

    If there are snakes at your dacha, it is very good for you and bad for crickets. Fighting black crickets in the garden will be even more productive if snakes help the birds.

    Harmless, but very useful for fighting crickets already in the

    dacha pool. When you harvest the crop, make sure that there are no extra items left between the beds, building materials, shelter films and other things. During the autumn digging of the garden, leave it clean, remove all unnecessary - crickets love to spend the winter in wooden fragments and under layers of film.

    Good results show box baits for insects( helium, granulated), for example - “Delicia”.They can be decomposed between the beds, as well as in places where pests congestion.

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    Folk remedies for crickets

    If you are haunted by crickets in the garden, folk remedies can also help.

    Wormwood - good against crickets in the form of a strong broth for tillage, as well as simply laid out between the beds and plants. To do this, take a metal bucket, tightly wormwood grass, filled with water, put on the fire. It is necessary to wait for the water to boil, remove the bucket from the heat, dilute the resulting broth with water 1 to 4. The resulting liquid must be used to treat all the soil in the area, especially where there are minks of crickets.

    Cricket and its mink

    After a couple of days we loosen the ground and work the soil again - this method is not a panacea, but is harmless, it significantly reduces the number of pests. The larvae of these insects also die from wormwood.

    Sprinkling soil near the stem with red hot pepper powder scares off the pest. Sometimes the pepper is mixed with tobacco dust( sold to gardeners) and the land is cultivated between the beds. For these purposes also neutralized litter of domestic birds helps.

    An oddity may be, oddly enough, plastic film, it is especially good to use it in spring or in cool weather. Crickets are heat-loving insects, if you spread the crumpled pieces of film over the area, then at nightfall they will climb inside the folds. In the morning you can start “hunting”, the main thing is to show dexterity, since crickets are distinguished by jumping ability and are afraid of bright lighting.

    If you talk with summer residents on this topic, you can learn a lot of different ways to get crickets out of the garden.

    For example, a draft beer poured on the bottom of a three-liter can( about a quarter of the capacity) is an effective bait for insects. To do this, bury the bottle at the very neck. Attracted by the grain smell of beer crickets fall into a trap and drown.

    A cricket moves away from the chase

    At first, crickets can be destroyed mechanically, but keep in mind that they are prolific and actively reproduce with the onset of warm weather. If you have got crickets in the garden, you have already decided how to get rid of them, and even purchased chemical products, remember that the multiplicity of irrigation is a maximum of 2 times! From the moment of the last treatment, at least 30 days should pass, only then you can start harvesting.

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