One of the ways to combat the bruise - the larva of the May beetle

Someone at the site of the worst enemies - Medvedka or wireworm. And someone has a Maybot larvae - crunches. Fighting an Inseptic - can it be effective? I also met with this pest. Alas, I ran across when digging the garden, fished out a few, digging potatoes. Khrushcha bites into the potato, eats almost all of it. Sometimes this pest came across to me during the spring digging of the near-stem circles of fruit trees.

fighting hruscheySomehow they asked me, they say, they heard that grubs - the larva of the May beetle - can be destroyed with the help of ammonia, tell us how best to use it. Tired of fighting - spoils the roots of raspberries and garden strawberries.

I honestly do not know about this method. I heard that Khrushka does not tolerate excess nitrogen. But I am not sure that the introduction of ammonia into the soil or an increased dose of ammonium nitrate will benefit the soil and garden crops.

And recently I learned that there is an equally effective way to combat this pest. Perhaps it will not suit everyone. Well, here everyone decides for himself!

Sow white clover in between rows and tree trunks of tree circles - crunches do not like it very much! By the way, for the garden it is a double benefit. Firstly, sodded circles around the tree make it possible to get rid of a dangerous pest - the larvae of the May beetle. Secondly, white clover improves the taste of fruits and their external qualities, and even supplies the tree with nitrogen and displaces all weeds. You can sow white clover lawn. And he will grow for ten years to your joy.

For reference. White clover is a low-growing strong-growing plant of the legume family, has beautiful leaves and white flowers. The cultivated variety Milo (short, up to 8 cm) is used as a lawn and ornamental plant in clean sowing. At the roots of clover live nodule bacteria that are able to absorb nitrogen from the surrounding air and synthesize proteins, contributing to the accumulation of nitrogen in the soil. Sowing in monoculture 15-20 g / m2.

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