What is useful celery, as it helps to preserve health

How is celery useful? How to cook it properly? How to store, so as not to lose the harvest? Let's learn more about this truly unique vegetable. First of all, let's answer the question, what is celery? This spicy plant is the closest relative of parsley. It can be of different types - leaf, stalked, root.

  • Useful properties of celery
  • How to choose celery
  • How to store celery
  • How to cook celery

This is a Mediterranean plant - one of the few that has spread throughout Europe worldwide. Celery known to our ancestors has long been. The Greeks, for example, used it as a medicinal plant, and also as an ornament - they wove wreaths from its tops, decorated heads of victors and victors with them. Celery is not only a vegetable, very tasty, but also a healing product.

Root celery was, until recently, more familiar to Europeans than to us Russians. But now he began to gradually appear in our gardens, in our stores. Naturally, I want to know how to eat it, what benefit or harm from it.

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Useful properties of celery

From a medical point of view, it has the following good qualities:

  • has a lot of fiber;
  • has essential oils that give it a special taste and aroma, stimulate the appetite;
  • is vitamin A, beta carotene, responsible for the elasticity of our skin;
  • is vitamin C, which is responsible for the permeability of our blood vessels - especially in the stems of stalked celery - 10 times more than in the root;
  • have B vitamins;
  • most of all celery contains vitamin K, known to us as the main participant in blood clotting processes, which, in addition to this, helps to strengthen bone tissue;
  • it contains substances that play a large role in the prevention of osteoporosis in the bone formation system;
  • contains substances that inhibit the processes of destruction of bone tissue, contribute to the preservation of dense bone tissue.

Consumption of celery strengthens the nerves, improves sleep through essential oils, which have an antispasmodic, relaxing effect. A deep, restful sleep is the basis of a strong nervous system.

Celery has a cleansing and tonic effect on the body. The fact is that it contains a lot of vegetable fibers, which, passing through the digestive tract, absorb many unnecessary substances, remove them from the body. Celery has the ability to remove excess uric acid from the body, an excess of which can lead to gout.

A wonderful feature of celery is that it improves tone. I learned from my experience that as soon as celery ripens, and I begin to add it to all kinds of salads, I just gnaw slices — after a while I feel a surge of strength, energy, and mood.

It has a diuretic, laxative effect. The diuretic effect is due to potassium, which it contains, and the laxative effect is provided by fiber.

Celery helps to lose weight. Of course, not by itself, this vegetable helps to lose weight, but as an element of a low-calorie diet, because it contains very few calories - only 14 kcal per 100 g of product.

But there are also contraindications for it. Most importantly, celery is one of the most powerful allergens. Allergy sufferers usually know their allergens and eliminate it from their diet.

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How to choose celery

When choosing a root vegetable in the store, pay attention that there are no soft dents on it, rotters, moldy damage. The whole root must be firm, not lethargic. Celery is not smooth, it is usually with pimples, gyrus. Checking the freshness of the root, press with your fingers on the place where the leaves or roots grew from. Usually these are the most problematic places where rotting can start from - such a root vegetable should not be eaten. If these places are not pressed through - the fruit is suitable for consumption.

Vitamin, nutritional composition of celery root does not depend on the size of the fruit.

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How to store celery root

The best place to store it should be dry, dark, cool. Pre-fold celery in a tight paper bag. Place it in the vegetable compartment in the refrigerator with a temperature of + 2-4 ° C, basement, or on a shelf under the window, on the balcony.

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How to cook celery

Root vegetable has a tart taste, spicy aroma. One of the cooking methods and, perhaps, the best one is to use it fresh.

It can be added to any salads, previously rubbed on a coarse grater, cut into cubes, wedges - as you like.

The simplest and, in my opinion, very tasty celery salad with carrots. We rub celery root, fresh carrots, cheese( preferably hard varieties) on a coarse grater, add garlic to taste. The proportions are arbitrary. Here you can say that all the ingredients in this salad are added to your taste. This salad is filled with vegetable sunflower, olive, linseed oil - which one you like best.

And here's another recipe: cut celery and apples into cubes, cut grapes without stones, walnuts( can be crushed, can be made into large pieces), add nonfat yogurt, add a few drops of lemon juice for spice. Yummy extraordinary!

Celery goes well with any meat, seafood, mushrooms.

I found another use for Korean celery. It is useful and good after heat treatment. I rub it on a coarse grater, add some milk, a raw egg, flour( 2-3 tablespoons), nutmeg, and salt - on a pinch. Stir, give a little stand, again mix and bake pancakes. They are especially good for breakfast. Easy, tasty, low-calorie.

Eat celery and be healthy!

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