Blinking light when the switch is off: Causes and Remedies

Energy-efficient lighting is actively replacing the old wasteful incandescent light bulbs, because the positive effect of new technology is obvious to all users.

Yet there are also their own characteristics as a result of a person may be puzzled by some strange phenomenon. For example, sometimes it happens that a blinking light when the switch is turned off. But this is relatively easy to fight, if you discover the true cause of failure.

The content of the article:

  • Why blinking light bulbs?
  • Reasons for storing current to capacitor
    • Reason # 1 - backlight switch
    • Cause No. 2 - leakage currents
    • Reason # 3 - of-life lamps
  • Independent search for the cause of malfunction
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Why blinking light bulbs?

Modern technologies allow to save lighting and designed for continuous operation. At the same time the high-tech products have a more complex structure.

This is the case with energy-saving lamps. As a result of said feature sometimes leads to abnormal triggering. And all the more complicated by the fact that the user, the first meeting with any troubles, does not know what to do. But in many cases, problems can be solved quickly and easily.

At least in the case of flicker is the case. And to understand why periodically blinks energy saving light bulb, or a group of switched off switch, rather superficially acquainted with some design features of modern light sources.

So, you must know that any device of this type is capable of operating only on DC. And he supplied AC power supply voltage to be converted. During this procedure meets the diode bridge, but after performing the desired operation is obtained the desired current voltage but a high pulsation.

The design of the lamp

The design of modern lamps rather complex, that, along with substantial savings can present a variety of unpleasant surprises in the form of abnormal operation

To smooth fluctuations in available energy-saving devices used filter capacitor. With the passage of which the current reaches the relevant conditions and supplied to the lamp start-up circuitry. Then used the lamp lights. This happens when the whole chain is working correctly.

But blink when the switch off position indicates that there has been a failure. The reason for this is the accumulation of electric capacitance capacitor filter intended for smoothing pulses.

The fact that all accumulations of electricity when a certain level is applied to the circuit startup lighting unit. Further there is a conventional circuit contacts and the supply voltage forces the bulb for lighting.

But since the energy charge in the filter capacitor is small, it is immediately consumed and stops glowing. The result of this process there is blinking.

And then begins a new cycle of energy storage to supply it to the trigger circuit and so can continue indefinitely, rather, to the energy-saving lamp breakage or correct the problem.

Illuminated power switch

Often a source of problems with blinking lights switches are equipped with lighting, and more specifically, mounted in their neon or LED lights

Moreover, described is the only possible cause. That is, one can not state that only blinking occurs due to accumulation of filter capacitor of small amounts of electric current. Now it is necessary to understand where it is taken at the off position switch.

Reasons for storing current to capacitor

Despite the accumulation of electricity in the filter capacitor, in most cases it remains serviceable. But the very existence of a current indicates a problem.

Its source can be 3 reasons:

  1. A backlight disposed on the switch.
  2. The presence of leakage currents.
  3. The generated resource of the lamp, its individual elements. For example, the energy-saving fluorescent lamp starter.

To solve the problem quickly and at low cost, should be familiar with flickering / blinking closer reasons.

Reason # 1 - backlight switch

Industry is trying to improve the competitiveness of their products making it more functional and comfortable.

For this purpose, many switches are set the backlight to help people easily find their location in the dark. But their method of connection to the circuit often allows current to get to the filter capacitor, resulting in flicker.

filter capacitor

The photo shows the filter capacitance capacitors. They are able to accumulate a certain amount of current and feeding it to a lamp trigger circuit

This happens due to the fact that the backlight is set parallel to the switch. This is done so that this element can always perform their duties.

But when the switch contacts are open, all the available electrical current supplied to the backlight. And then it goes to a small number of energy-saving lamp, which leads to abnormal triggering of a filter capacitor. This phenomenon is so common that the main reason for blinking.

additional resistance

Using a filament lamp circuit of any power or additional resistance are simple ways to remedy the problem. The picture shows the latest version of

Fight this cause is easy, and there are some simple ways, among which a person can choose the appropriate one.

Method # 1. Replacement of the switch on the device without backlight. It is not expensive and will fix the problem quickly.

Method # 2. Disable the backlight wires - that is, you just need to break the supply chain, bite should be carried out. Do it for a few minutes can any expert or by the user, if there is the appropriate skills. Such a decision is not considered to be the most expensive, but the backlight will have to sacrifice.

Method # 3. Add the bulb - in this case, the whole current of the backlight will be spent on its heating filament. And as a small supply of electricity, then to any result that does not lead, but the filter capacitor will not blink.

The advantage of this option is that the backlight can be maintained, and on the elimination of the costs will be minimal. But the aesthetic properties of this method is questionable, since incandescent light bulb in any chandelier mask problematic.

Method # 4. Add low-power resistance of the circuit - the decision to fix the problem is similar to the previous one. That is an additional element will consume the entire stock of the current in the filter capacitor why he will not accumulate.

Recommended resistance power of 2 W, the nominal value must be within 50 ohms. This embodiment is the least demand.

Method # 4. Connect the backlight to separate from the wiring switch. Thus, it is possible to keep the LED. But it will work all the time, that is, even in the ON switch position, although the costs would be negligible.

Switch without light

If you use the switch without the backlight, it will be less convenient, but people will significantly reduce the probability of blinking, twinkling

Despite its simplicity, the feasibility of this option is questionable, even for security reasons, a person better off without any of the previous methods.

As described case is the most common cause electrical contact with the filtering capacitor and, consequently, Blink of energy saving lampsThen start looking for the problem it is necessary from it.

And also can be helpful information that two types of backlights are used in today's switches: neon and LED. And often leads to abnormal operation is the first type of lighting.

Cause No. 2 - leakage currents

Often wiring or other circuit elements are in poor condition. That can lead to the formation of so-called leakage current.

That is, despite the off position switch on the filter capacitor may again be supplied electricity. As a result, blinking / flickering used energy saving lamps.

wiring damage

Damage to the wiring is not the most common, but one of the most unpleasant reasons blinking status Electric saving lamps

Such cases are rarer than the abnormal operation backlightBut this embodiment can be considerably dangerous. Since the appearance of leakage points can lead only serious reasons.

These include the following:

  1. insulation damage.
  2. Incorrect wiring.
  3. Poorly compound.

Any damage to the insulation can occur in the case of poor quality wires and other circuit elements. Also to these effects can lead output resource. That is, the insulation is often destroyed because of his "venerable" age.

Wrong wiring also often leads to the fact that by tearing circuit switch current will still flow to the lamp. So what happens when grossly violated the rules of work.

As a result, the switch breaks the so-called zero but not necessary in this case phase. Such oversight can identify yourself using a voltage indicator, which can successfully replace the clip-on.

Replacing the wiring

Sometimes blinking can only be eliminated by replacing the wiring, which is expensive, but this procedure is necessary - in Otherwise, there is the likelihood of more severe financial losses, and also have health risks people

Faulty wiring is also frequently gives rise to leakage currents. This can happen due to several reasons. These include poor connection wire strands or misuse their connection to other elements of the chain. For example, poor contact between the wires and the switch connector.

Landlords need to understand that the poor condition of the wiring may be dangerous for the health and lives of every person who is in it. This is especially true of situations where the ground is used as old and inefficient Soviet TN-C system. Therefore, immediately after the detection of any defects they should be eliminated immediately.

Reason # 3 - of-life lamps

All kinds of modern lights are a great resource, but it will ever be developed. Therefore, such a cause of blinking lights also need to keep in mind, since it is not uncommon.

A particularly high probability of such a problem becomes when the energy-saving lamp worked for several years. Moreover, a person should not be surprised that the manufacturer has promised life expectancy of 10 years or more, and the fault appeared before.

installation switch

It should be remembered that it is not worth too much to save on quality components and the wiring. Since it often turns into additional and substantial financial losses

There are many objective reasons early generating resource. For example, such voltage drops may be, low or high temperatures, and other conditions are not optimal. Incidentally, the blinking and leads to premature failure of any light fixture.

The most common cause flickering fluorescent energy saving lamp end-of-life is faulty starter. In this case, the situation will get out of the simple replacement of the element, the more it is inexpensive.

And it is worth remembering that the customer can fall low-quality lighting fixture. To avoid this, you need to purchase the products of famous manufacturers all over the world.

For example, are the Philips, OSRAM and several others. Their products are more expensive than domestic or other manufacturers, including the Chinese, but the marriage is extremely rare, and the performance of an application.

Independent search for the cause of malfunction

If you start to blink used in the lamp or other products energy-saving lamp, you need to begin to address the problem right away. Since each lighting unit has a resource limit the number of inclusions.

That is, each such cycle reduces operation time, and if they are repeated often, then just a few days the duration of life is reduced for many months or even years. In addition, as mentioned above, a threat to the health of the landlord may exist, his family, friends, what can not be tolerated when faulty wiring.


Troubleshooting should only be performed by trained master, and special tools in compliance with all prescribed safety measures governing documents

Start failure detection procedure should be the easy way, not a cost. And if they fail, then move on to more complex.

So, you first need to test the functionality of the most light bulbs. For which it can be rearranged in another place, to experience their neighbors, acquaintances. If the blinking continues, you just need to replace the lighting unit.

When, after the installation of the lamp in the new location of the fault does not occur, then you should replace switch. Not to spend money, it can take the test at a different place and it is desirable that he was without a backlight. When the cause is identified, it should be easy to buy and put the new switch.

If this does not produce results, then the owner of the room should look the problem in the wiring. But when performing any electrical work is important to remember that they are potentially dangerous. Therefore it is necessary to observe safety measures to prevent and prevent risky situations have sufficient skills and have an appropriate tool.

Find out the reason svetodiodok glow when disconnected from the power supply help information next article, In which dismantled all the options such situations, as well as the ways of their elimination and prevention.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In the first video you can see how the lamp blinks and get more information about what to do:

The following footage tells about one of the ways to solve this problem, namely the replacement of the filter capacitance of the capacitor:

Video-plot error connect switch, which can lead to blinking lights:

Understand the reasons for the flashing light at an open circuit power is relatively simple. To do this, a person must have a reasonable reserve of special knowledge and skills. But you need to look for the problem quickly, as well as the elimination of the identified deficiencies.

Since almost any failure can be potentially dangerous for humans. Also, untimely removal leads to the additional financial losses.

Please write comments in the block located below the form, ask questions, post pictures of the article. Tell us how you determined the cause of the flashing light bulbs. Describe how to troubleshoot the problem.

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