Wide possibilities of the usual multivark: popular functions

Wide possibilities of the usual multivark: popular functions


Probably, there is no such dish that could not be cooked, put out or fried in a universal electric pan. Unfortunately, we do not know all the functions of the multivark, so let's get acquainted with some of the features of the appliance so useful in the kitchen.


  • 1Basic modes
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  • 2Additional useful features
  • 3Programming (multiprofile)

Basic modes

Any multivariate has basic functions that are easiest to use. You can study them in a few minutes and become a great chef, of course, within your home. You will please the family with tasty porridges, casseroles, soups and wonder yourself, what abilities were hidden in you.

So, here's what the multivarker does. Note that the set of these functions may vary slightly from model to model.

  • Porridge on milk or milk porridge. Sometimes we are afraid to cook tasty and healthy porridge for milk, because milk has the ability to run away and burn. If once you pick up the right amount of all the ingredients and fill them in the multivark, then you can then at least ten times a day cook such a mess.
  • Porridge on the water, code-named "buckwheat". You can cook porridge from any cereal cereals, from buckwheat, and also from pre-soaked beans. The advantage is that the multivariate prepares crumbly porridge and delicious.
  • Pilaf. Among all other functions, the preparation of pilaf is separately identified. If you read the description of this mode, you will understand how useful it is. Having included it you can not only make pilaf, but also bake vegetables or put out meat with garnish.
  • Double boiler. Cooking on time is popular with people who are on a diet for their health or individual desire. The function is also necessary for those who prepare food for young children, which fried is contraindicated.
  • Extinguishing dishes. It can be said that in the quenching mode the multivarker performs several functions. She prepares soups, borscht, brews a cold, extinguishes meat and a wide variety of vegetables. And all this thanks to the slow warming up and low temperature, which allows you to prepare food slowly, as in an oven or stove.
  • Baking and baking. Do you adore casseroles, homemade pies and bread? Then this mode will be popular with you. It requires a separate description. Having found a suitable proven recipe for a muffin or cake, you can put all the products in a multivark, turn it on and go about your business. When you return to the kitchen, you will be waiting for a fragrant, fresh and unusually tasty food.

Video: Moulinex multiview review

Additional useful features

After we have studied the list of basic functions, you can move on to additional features. Every multivarker has something special, but now we'll stop at what happens most often.

Very useful is the function of delayed start. You can put food in the pan in the evening, choose the desired mode and delay the start for several hours. As a result, your multivarka will prepare you for the morning porridge.

A convenient and most popular among all the additional functions is the possibility of warming up cold dishes. Already cooled food can always be heated to the desired temperature. A similar regime is the maintenance of a ready dish in a hot state.

Some models allow you to prepare yogurt by keeping the temperature around 35 °. A recipe for yogurt and a description of the process can be found on the sourdough or search the internet.

It is very convenient if the multivarker can simply bring the water to a boil, and after laying the products to maintain a boil for a certain time. In this way, cook pasta, dumplings or dumplings.

Programming (multiprofile)

When we list the functions of the multivark, we can not ignore the option called "multiport". It enables you to program the preparation of a variety of dishes. You become a real creator, coming up with recipes or simply realizing what has been tried many times by other chefs and housewives.

It can not be said that among other functions this one is very popular, but it has its fans. Its essence lies in the fact that you can set cooking temperature, time and even pressure for a dish, and the multivarker will do everything according to your instructions.

It's possible to bake or weld something with the help of a multi-chef only in case you imagine how long, at what temperature, what product should be prepared.

Dish Temperature, ° C
Yogurt, preparation of baking test (proofing) 35-40
Melting chocolate 50-60
Preparation of punch, mulled wine, herbal and green tea 70-80
Brewing black tea and preparing dairy dishes 90-95
Jelly, jam 100-110
Vegetable baking in foil 140-145
Roasting and frying meat 150-160

In the instructions for some multivarkers a detailed table is given, which is very convenient to use whatever method you cook. Remember that if you cook under pressure, the cooking time is reduced. Some dishes must be cooked for a long time, but if you have already checked the recipe, you can completely trust the electrical appliance and do your own thing.

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