The benefits and harm of oyster mushrooms for humans

Under natural conditions, these tasty, healthy mushrooms grow on trees, stumps, fallen trees. In order to grow the oyster mushroom at home, mushroom pickers use blocks with a substrate of plant origin. It develops equally quickly, mycelium seems to hang down from the places of its growth, which is directly indicated by the name of the fungus itself. The benefits and harm of oyster mushroom are the factor that you need to pay attention to, because with all its positive characteristics this mushroom is a heavy product for the gastrointestinal tract.

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recipe Oyster mushroom caps can be of different shades: pinkish, brown, white, gray, yellow. They are very fragile, therefore the harvesting, transportation of the harvest require accuracy and attention. The color of the fungus, its size is directly dependent on the place of growth, variety. For food, caps are used predominantly, since the legs are stiffer, but they are also used in the manufacture of, for example, mushroom stuffing for pies.
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A little distracted from the topic. People often ask how to speak or write correctly - “oyster” or “oyster”. The word “oyster” has various cases, it leans anyway. Speaking of the title: the correct spelling, the pronunciation is precisely the sign, with the letter "Ё".The common definition of "oyster mushroom" is so firmly used the colloquial use of our post-Soviet space that today no one focuses on different letters. Thus, oyster mushroom and oyster mushroom are the same, the same designation of mushrooms of this variety.

Well, now about the benefits of oyster mushrooms.

It has much more advantages than the so-called minuses. Here we will try to highlight in detail all its qualities.

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Oyster mushrooms - benefits to the body

Due to the high content of oyster mushroom polysaccharides is a very strong anti-cancer product. The immunomodulating properties of this fungus have a detrimental effect on the development of malignant or benign neoplasms. It is also useful, even recommended to use oyster mushroom after chemotherapy procedures, exposure to radiation - it helps to eliminate toxins from the human body. Today, on the basis of oyster mushroom developed many drugs that suppress cancer cells.

The benefits of oyster mushrooms for humans are as follows: they contain almost all the B vitamins, nicotinic acid( vitamin PP), vitamins C, E, iron, and iodine. The presence of easily digestible proteins, essential amino acids( tryptophan, threonine, phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine), minerals, monounsaturated fats causes benefits to the human body. Also, these mushrooms contain potassium, calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium - minerals necessary for the normal operation of all vital functions of a person.

From oyster mushroom benefits to the body is truly wide:

  • suppression of manifestations of hypotension and hypertension;
  • gastrointestinal ulcer prevention;
    increased immunity, resistance to viruses;
  • detrimental effect on E. coli;
  • decrease in blood glucose( in diabetes);
  • inhibition of atherosclerosis;
  • cholecystitis prophylaxis;
  • cholesterol excretion;
  • cleansing the body of parasites( especially with other antihelminthic products);
  • in metabolic disorders;
  • maintaining the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Oyster is rich in chitin, manitol( components of fiber), the high content of proteins in the composition of the fruit body of the fungus equates it to the value of meat and dairy derivatives. Low fat content, a high percentage of carbohydrates make the oyster mushroom an excellent dietary product.

Depending on the grade, its calorific value varies from 38 to 43 kcal per 100 g of product( fresh).For those who regularly use oyster mushrooms, the benefits will be expressed even in the long-term feeling of fullness. This mushroom is digested for quite a long time, providing an overwhelming effect on appetite. A feeling of satiety over a long time is a big plus for those who want to lose body weight.

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Oyster mushrooms - harm

With its high taste, medicinal characteristics, the use of oyster mushroom can still cause harm. Most often it is the individual intolerance of fungi by the body, an allergic reaction to them. The use of this fungus in large quantities causes a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, can provoke diarrhea, flatulence.

Due to the difficult digestion process, the oyster mushroom should be carefully taken by the elderly, small children. For the same reason, you should not use it too often, two times a week will be enough to eat oyster mushrooms without harm.

We should not forget that the oyster mushroom is a mushroom containing chitin, which is not digested by the body, therefore its heat treatment must be of high quality. Heat treatment of oyster mushrooms is extremely desirable before pickling, before salting. We should also mention drugs based on this fungus( tinctures, powders, extracts) - they no longer contain chitin, so the spectrum of their use is much wider.

If a person suffers from diseases of the liver or kidneys, digestive disorders, serious disorders of the pancreas, then oyster mushroom should be limited or abandoned.

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How to cook oyster mushrooms?

Skillfully cooked oyster mushroom is not inferior in taste to its forest counterparts - boletus, cap boletus, white. This mushroom is simply universal: it is stewed, fried, salted, boiled soups, pickled, added to sauces and salads. Oyster mushroom perfectly emphasizes the individual taste of meat, combined with game or poultry.

It should be noted that the oyster mushroom is not predisposed to long-term storage, however, it prepares quickly, it does not need to be cleaned, like most mushrooms. As mentioned above, before cooking oyster mushrooms, they must be subjected to heat treatment.

The cap is used for food. Legs - less often, as they are more rigid, fibrous. If you decide to use the legs in food, then they will have to grind well before cooking. It is preferable to cut caps into strips of medium length or width, manually tear into small pieces.

If oyster mushroom is not an independent dish, but part of a recipe, then it should be added almost at the very end of cooking.

If the mushroom is boiled, then put it in the already boiling salted water, pre-sliced. The cooking process lasts about 15-20 minutes. Cooking is not necessary before stewing. If the mushrooms are pickled, then they are boiled with spicy spices, vinegar for at least 25 minutes.

Like any mushroom, the oyster mushroom loves the onion company, they are fried in butter or vegetable oil for 8-10 minutes. To prepare salads or snacks, mushrooms are pre-fried, boiled or extracted from marinade, added to other ingredients. Oyster mushroom blends harmoniously with traditional dishes, worthily manifests itself in complex exotic recipes.

There is an opinion that the oyster mushroom is not combined with fish.

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Oyster mushrooms in batter - the recipe

These tasty "chops" of oyster mushrooms are prepared like this: from the "bunch" carefully cut off the biggest caps. Wash thoroughly. Beat off carefully with a wooden hammer, as if to level them.

Important: beat from the side of the plates.


Prepare batter. I took 2 eggs, 2 table.spoons of grated hard cheese, 1 tbsp.spoon cream, 2 table.spoons of flour, salt. Beat the batter.

Carefully dip oyster caps in a batter, put on a preheated pan with vegetable oil, fry over low heat for 10 minutes, then increase the heat, cook until dark.

An oyster mushroom bought or hand-grown will not be ground by worms or slugs. Perhaps she will not have such an aroma as her forest counterparts, but it will definitely be cleaner, safer. Before harvesting and using, the benefits and harm of oyster mushrooms must be taken into account, since health, well-being is the most important thing for a person.

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The benefits and harm of oyster mushrooms for humans

The benefits and harm of oyster mushrooms for humansMushroom Production

Under natural conditions, these tasty, healthy mushrooms grow on trees, stumps, fallen trees. In order to grow the oyster mushroom at home, mushroom pickers use blocks with a substrate of plant o...

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