Winterhardy apricot Kichiginsky: description of the variety, planting and care

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Among the variety of garden trees it is worth highlighting apricot applications, which will be applied to the current level of the anti-crawlers. It is known that this fruit does not grow in all climatic zones, because it loves heat. However, in the late 90s, scientists from the Chelyabinsk Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Growing( namely, Pankratov and Mulloyan) developed a new type of apricot, Kichiginsky, which, according to the description of the variety, has increased winter-resistance. This variety was obtained as a result of the selection of Siberian and Manchurian apricot species.

Characteristics of the variety

Apricot Kichiginsky refers to medium-sized fruit trees. The young seedling grows quite quickly and soon it already has a beautiful crown, while it is not very thick. Apricot shoots are formed straight, painted in rich red color. Leaves of medium size are dark green in color and round.

Apricot variety Kichiginsky begins to bear fruit from the fifth year of planting. During flowering( at the beginning of May), the branches are literally covered with small pink buds, and later on the leaves are almost invisible due to the abundance of fruits. The fruits themselves are round, weighing on average about 13 g. The flesh apricot is sweet and sour, while the skin is thin and not bitter. The small stone is well separated from the pulp, which makes this variety ideal for use in conservation.

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In terms of fruit ripening, the described Kichiginsky apricot variety belongs to the mid-late species - the crop is harvested at the end of summer( first half of August).This is a very fruitful variety; with one young tree, with proper care, you can harvest up to 15 kg of fruit.

Features of the variety: advantages and disadvantages of

The main advantages of this variety include:

  • increased winter hardiness, thanks to which the Kichiginsky apricot is popular in the Moscow region;
  • high yield;
  • transportability.

There are no defects as such; the only thing that can be noted is the small size of the fruit.

The variety belongs to the self-infertile, so you should not plant it alone. The best pollinators for him will be the Apricot Spicy and Chelyabinsk early varieties.

If you follow the guidelines for planting and caring for apricots of Kichiginsky, it is quite possible to get a healthy fruit-bearing garden in a few years.

Apricot planting technology

When choosing a site for laying an apricot orchard, it is worth highlighting the seedlings in a well-lit area, preferably on a level or small slope. Apricot is very sensitive to drafts, so it is better to plant it near the shelter, for example, closer to the outbuildings.

In order not to expose the tree to the risk of verticillosis, it is impossible to plant it on the site where solanaceous crops, strawberries and tobacco were grown before.

Apricot is best planted at the very beginning of spring, but spring planting is allowed. The landing pit should be prepared in advance:

  • for spring planting - from autumn;
  • in the autumn disembarkation - for 2 weeks.
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To dig up the soil in the selected area, after making fertilizer in it in the following proportions per 1 square meter.m.:

  • manure( 10 kg);
  • superphosphate( 60 g);
  • potassium salt( 35 g).

If the soil on which apricots will grow is sandy, add organic matter with peat and fertilize with mineral preparations. Acidic soil needs to be lime, and if the area with clay soil - add river sand and sawdust.

When planting a large number of seedlings, the distance between them should be made at least 3 meters, and in between rows - at least 5 meters.

It is necessary to put a drainage layer in the landing pit - it will prevent the root system from rotting. As a drainage, you can use crushed stone of a large fraction or broken brick.

Planted seedlings should be watered and mulched well near the stem to avoid the rapid evaporation of moisture.

Below are the photos of the apricot variety Kichiginsky:

Further care for the seedlings

Care for planted apricots includes:

  1. Regular watering. During the growth of young shoots and ripening fruits, especially in dry summer, apricots must be watered, not allowing the soil to dry out completely. In the autumn period, the tree does not need this mode.
  2. Feeding. Additional feeding can be done from the second year of life of the seedling, bringing them in tree trunks. In the spring( when buds bloom), under young trees, make mineral fertilizers( not more than 8 g of ammonium nitrate or urea).Feed again in June. Organic fertilizers can be used instead of mineral fertilizers( infusion of mullein 1:20 or bird droppings 1:10).
  3. Trimming. Seedlings should be pruned if necessary( if there are dry shoots) and to form a crown in the form of a bowl. Work carried out in March, until the sap flow began.
  4. Winterizing. Deep autumn, young apricots tied with reeds to protect them from pests. From sunburn hold whitewash lime mortar.
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The above described variety of apricots Kichiginsky will fully satisfy even the highest demands of gardeners. After all, it is one of the best options for growing in the northern regions of the country. The variety tolerates frosty winters very well and gives a great harvest, and these are the most important qualities that fruit trees must possess, and you can't argue with that.

Video about apricots of Chelyabinsk selection

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