Oven with catalytic cleaning: the pros and cons

All members of the family eat delicious and juicy crispy-crusty meals with great pleasure, but after dinner, mom has to wash the fat from the oven walls alone. However, if your stove has the function of catalytic cleaning of the oven, you can forget about this problem. After all, such a device itself performs the process of splitting fat through chemical reactions that automatically start during cooking.


  • 1 Basic principles of catalytic cleaning
  • 2 Some features of ovens with such a cleaning system
  • 3 Pros and cons of similar

technology Basic principles of catalytic cleaning

The process of catalysis is the acceleration of certain chemical reactions. This is exactly what happens in the depths of your oven right during the preparation of a dish - the fat that is released settles on the walls and then turns into soot( carbon) and ordinary water. And this effect causes a special coating that is applied on the back and side walls, as well as on the blades of the convector.

Externally, these surfaces look like dark, rough enamel, covered with small pores. It is in these grooves and contains a special chemical composition with a catalyst, which when heated starts the oxidation reaction.

Catalytic cleaning of the oven is an absolutely harmless process for the human body, and its results are impressive.

The reaction starts when the surfaces are heated to a temperature of 140 degrees, although it reaches maximum efficiency only at 200-250 degrees. After you have finished cooking dinner, you only need to wipe the surface of the oven with a damp cloth and it will look clean and new again.

Some features of ovens with such a cleaning system

If you are inclined to purchase such an oven, it is worth knowing about some specific features of this technique:

  1. Special enamel is destroyed when sugar and dairy dishes get on it, for this reason the bottom of the oven can be regularlyleak various fluids, does not have a special coating. Do not apply enamel on the oven door, which means that you will have to wash these parts “in the old way” with your hands.
  2. Catalytic cleaning is a less efficient way than pyrolysis — if too much fat is released during cooking, a certain part of it can remain on the walls of the oven and “burn out” only with subsequent use of the appliance.
  3. Special surfaces of the oven require special attention - cleaning of soot from them is allowed only with a soft sponge and powder without abrasive particles that can damage the enamel.
  4. In the process of using the oven, a special coating is rubbed off its surface, and after 5 years you will have to purchase removable side panels. You can install them yourself, guided by the attached instructions, and if necessary, call the specialists from the service center.

Some models of plates are equipped with double-sided panels - in this case, after losing the ability to self-cleaning, you only need to attach them on the back side.

Advantages and disadvantages of such an

technique. Having understood what catalytic purification is, we can single out its main positive features:

  • starts automatically during cooking;
  • saves you time and energy;
  • suitable for use in any oven( both electric and gas);
  • practically does not increase the cost of equipment;
  • catalytic enamel has the same quality in models from different manufacturers;
  • such ovens are produced by almost all manufacturers, so you can easily buy your favorite brand with such a function.

Of course, this function has certain disadvantages:

  • it is less effective than pyrolysis;
  • involves manual cleaning of the bottom of the oven, its doors and baking sheets;
  • requires careful handling of removable plates, does not tolerate the touch of rough rags or abrasive powders;
  • when enriched with dairy or sweet products, special enamel loses its properties;
  • effectively splits fat only with regular use of the oven;
  • requires periodic replacement of coated plates.

Taking into account all the details considered, it can be concluded that such equipment is ideal for housewives who often use the oven and do not have the ability or desire to purchase expensive oven models with the pyrolysis function.

If you plan to purchase an oven with a similar coating, carefully inspect it before purchasing and check with the seller for all the additional details.

Sometimes manufacturers do not install special panels on the walls before selling, and they simply lie inside the device along with grills and trays - you should also pay attention to this.

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