Humidifier with ionizer: what to choose

Admit how satisfied are you with the microclimate of your home? In most cases, the air quality in the apartment is not so hot even after airing. This is especially acute in the heating season. Why? Batteries so dry the air that the humidity in our homes can drop to 15-20%, and should be 40-60%.When there are indoor plants, then all 70%!Here are the consequences: reduced immunity, colds and just feeling unwell. How can you save the situation? Install an air ionizer in your home. It remains to choose it correctly, but how not to get lost in such an abundance of species?


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Why use a humidifier with an ionizer

is not in a way that is not in a Counselor, 100% that is not a factor and is not in a group of 100 people with an ionizerHumidity is not the only requirement in creating the correct apartment microclimate. This is how the air of the sea coast, the pine forest differs from the city air( let us miss the degree of pollution by exhaust gases)The number of negatively charged ions! In the first case, there are 1.5-3 times more of them than in a city park, for example. In your own apartment, everything is exactly the opposite.

The ionizing humidifier not only maintains the necessary moisture, but also ionizes the air, that is, saturates the space with negatively charged ions — anions. They are also called electric vitamins, because these air ions help our body to saturate the blood with oxygen, absorb harmful impurities and dust. And the moisture, heated to 80 ° C, the power to destroy the viruses that hover in the house. That is, the ionizer will serve you as an additional cleaner.

This device is considered the latest development. The water entering the vibrating plate breaks up into small particles and heats up to 80 ° C. The air with a fan passes through the formed cloud, is saturated with moisture and gets back into the room. Another interesting point: the liquid and the air must pass through a kind of purifier, where harmful microorganisms remain.

Which type is better to choose

  • Traditional humidifier. Water poured into the apparatus, falls on the disk or a special cassette, and the fan sucks inward air and sends it to a special heating element. The principle of self-regulation works here, when the high temperature in the room causes more intensive moistening. For such a device is better to choose a place near the battery. This type can work as a purifier: the air, passing through a special filter, is freed from large particles of dust.
  • Steam Model. Getting on the built-in electrodes, the liquid boils and begins to evaporate. This device is perfect for flavoring the room, which creates an inhalation effect. But if you want to choose an air purifier, then a steam model without an ionizer will not work for you.
  • Ultrasonic Air Humidifier. An ultraviolet lamp is installed inside the unit. By saturating the air with active oxygen, she manages to disinfect it. So there is an opportunity, together with a humidifier, to choose an additional air purifier, saving the room from all sorts of viruses and bacteria with the help of ultrasound.
  • The climate complex is a humidifier, a cleaner, and a flavoring agent all in one. The advanced development - the silver rod - additionally saturates the enclosed space with silver ions, which can destroy a great many microbes.

Which ionizing humidifier to choose? The most popular brands: SmartWay, Vitek, Air-o-Swiss, Midea, Walter Meier. Let's try to compare some models.





Air-O-Swiss U7144





Humidifier with ionizer: advantages

How is it better than other types? If you want to choose such a device, you will get a “three in one”: a high-quality humidifier, a universal cleaner, and even a hypoallergenic flavoring.

  • Ionizer makes the microclimate of your apartment similar in composition to the natural, improves its quality and even gives healing properties.
  • Improves the well-being of people in the room.
  • As an ionizer cleaner, it kills bacteria, viruses, and even mold.
  • Eliminates the room from unpleasant odors, easily copes even with tobacco smoke.

Not enough without flaws

  1. When the device is working, dust particles become heavier, so be prepared that the dust on the surface will settle faster and you will have to clean the room more often. Agree, it is better to remove it than to inhale it!
  2. You will need to regularly clean the ionizer, especially the needles.
  3. The device creates an electromagnetic field that can affect the operation of electrical appliances, so it is better to choose a place for it away from the TV, computer. By the way, the impact of this field on the person himself is not fully understood.
  4. Ionizer will have to be turned off from time to time, because ozone overload is as bad as its shortage.

Enjoy the fresh air without leaving your home, and feel yourself on the "five"!

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