Cordless screwdriver as a skill level

The cordless tool is distinguished by a variety of types and delights its owners with unique features, ease of use, and trouble-free operation. He is in the arsenal of many home craftsmen. Some people like to make interesting homemade products and do-it-yourself tools with the help of network and battery devices. The electric screwdriver is no exception. Master craftsmen replenish the set of home tools at the expense of hand-made, and not from the store. Including they are able to design and models with electric drive.


  • 1 device, purpose and scope of the rechargeable screwdrivers
    • 1.1 Key Features
    • 1.2 Design features
    • 1.3 Elektrootvortka or screwdriver: what is the difference
  • 2 choice of the rechargeable screwdriver
    • 2.1 Storage and network elektrootvortki
    • 2.2 Selection Criteria
    • 2.3 Household and professional models of electric screwdrivers
  • 3 Tips for homemade craftsmen
    • 3.1 How to make electric frompryoon Li-on battery
  • 3.3 Alteration of the battery screwdriver in the network
    • 3.3.1 Video: alteration of the battery screwdriver
  • 4 Repairing an electric screwdriver with their own hands
    • 4.1 Moviesparadise rechargeable screwdriver
    • 4.2 Repair elektrootvortki
      • 4.2.1 button Video: Replacement battery screwdriver toggle button
    • 4.3 gear repair
      • 4.3.1 Video: gear repairs rechargeable screwdriver
    • 4.4 Other problems
      • 4.4.1 Video: Repairelectric screwdriver Bison( replacement of Li-Ion battery)
  • Device, purpose and scope of use of battery screwdrivers

    The use of the battery screwdriver is greatly reduced. This is facilitated by:

    • lack of chuck( holes can be drilled only in soft wood species - linden, pine, aspen, particleboard, fiberboard and other similar materials);
    • the presence of one speed;
    • low number of revolutions.

    With this small-sized tool, screws and screws are screwed into wood and other soft materials, unscrewed, and also work with small screws. With its help, it is convenient to assemble furniture, fix fasteners on the walls of shelves, shelves, shelves, make simple repairs to toys, household appliances and other mechanisms. Cottage, garage, car - these are the most popular places to use an electric screwdriver.

    The rechargeable screwdriver does not have a chuck, therefore its scope of application is strongly limited.
  • battery type and capacity;
  • charge time;
  • availability of reverse;
  • revolutions of the working tool;
  • complete set of bits( long, short, extension, drill wood);
  • equipment with magnetic holder;
  • shank type - most commonly hex;
  • weight;
  • usability;
  • type of electric motor.
  • Electric screwdrivers use built-in power supplies of various types. Such a variant of the location of the battery allows you to make the screwdriver small, convenient and easy. But this layout has drawbacks:

    • tool operation time and power developed are limited;
    • since there is no charged battery in stock, the further operation of the “sat down” screwdriver is impossible;
    • battery capacity depends on the number of batteries that can fit in the screwdriver handle;
    • operation of this type of instrument depends on the availability of the electrical network, that is, autonomous use is severely limited.

    Design features of the

    In the case of the battery screwdriver there are several different devices that serve to impart a rotational movement of the working bit clockwise( screwing) or against - to unscrew the screws and screws from soft materials. The force developed exceeds the muscular strength of the arm of the average man. The design consists of the following nodes.

    1. Built-in battery. It is formed, as a rule, by several round nickel-cadmium( NICd) or lithium-ion( Li-ion) batteries interconnected by plates. Each type has its own pros and cons: NICd devices cost less, are resistant to negative temperatures, are not afraid of increased loads, and Li-ion differ in lower self-discharge, low weight with greater capacity, and slight memory effect.
    2. power button. Most models from different manufacturers, it does not allow to adjust the power and speed. Therefore, its role is limited to closing the circuit and starting the electric screwdriver into operation.
    3. Reverse button. She switched modes of screwing or twisting.
    4. Brush DC motor.
    5. Reducer. In battery screwdrivers, a single-stage gearbox is most often used with the ability to adjust the tightening torque of a threaded connection.
      By design, a rechargeable screwdriver resembles a screwdriver, but does not have a cartridge and adjust power and speed

    Electric screwdriver or screwdriver: what is the difference

    Although in function and appearance, these two types of tools are similar to each other, there are serious differences between them.

    The working tool of the screwdriver is hexagonal shortened or elongated bits with a flat or cross-shaped tip. They do not have a chuck, so the drill will not work. Some models include special drills, but they can only be drilled in very soft materials.

    Screwdriver and battery screwdriver are similar in appearance, but have a number of design and operational differences.

    If the screwdrivers are mostly in the shape of a pistol, the electric screwdrivers are executed in different ways:

    • classic straight;
    • traditional pistol;
    • comfortable ergonomic L-shaped.

    The working part and the handle are connected by a hinge, which allows fixing them at different angles, which is very convenient when using a screwdriver in inaccessible places. The main difference between the electric screwdriver and the screwdriver in shape is the smaller dimensions and weight, ergonomics, and comfortable grip. When working with a screwdriver, the hand gets tired less.

    The great advantages of the screwdriver are the availability of the following functions and components:

    • replaceable battery, which significantly increases the autonomy of work;
    • the ability to adjust the torque and rotational speed;
    • chuck, significantly expanding the scope of this type of tool. They can be drilled, threaded, and so on.

    Light, comfortable, but low-power screwdriver is used for one-time household work. The professionals work in a functional screwdriver in furniture assembly shops, on automobile conveyors, with the release and repair of household appliances, at construction sites and in other places.

    Choosing a cordless screwdriver

    The wizard who often uses screws, self-tapping screws, medium-sized screws should think about purchasing a cordless screwdriver. Here it is necessary to take into account one subtlety: the cordless screwdriver is adapted to work only with soft materials: wood and plastic. It will not be possible to screw the fastening material into concrete, plywood or brick with its help. For these purposes, there is a special tool - impact drills, screwdrivers.

    Rechargeable and mains plug-in drivers

    Rechargeable screwdrivers with flat and cross-head designed for short autonomous operation. Between themselves, any electric screwdrivers differ in the shape of the handle. Outwardly, they may resemble the usual straightforward tool for screwing and unscrewing screws and self-tapping screws or have a handle in the form of a pistol. Screwdrivers with a curved handle are more convenient: they are easier to hold and easier to press with the index finger on the “start” button. Comfortable handle - this is a good contact with the palm, comfortable control of the electric screwdriver. Many manufacturers offer a variable shape tool configuration due to the hinge between the working part and the handle.

    A screwdriver with a variable configuration of the handle can be adapted to any working conditions.
    Network electric screwdrivers are characterized by the presence of an electrical cord that they connect to a 220-volt household network. This is their main advantage( the duration of continuous operation is practically unlimited), but also the main drawback. They do not know how to work autonomously.

    Selection Criteria for

    A number of power tool models are on the market today, including battery-powered screwdrivers. There are very cheap brands costing several hundred rubles, and there are expensive ones, the price of which is several times higher. But the advantages of an electric tool for home use do not always have to be measured in money. You need to choose on the basis of the optimal combination of price and functionality:

    • for a battery-powered screwdriver should be interested in the type of current source, which determines the time of continuous operation and service life;
    • should be sure to hold your favorite model in your hands, imitating work with it. Ease of use is the most important criterion when choosing an electric screwdriver;
    • is recommended to study the technical characteristics( charging current, battery capacity, rotational speed, torque, weight, completeness and other parameters);
    • is worth taking a look at additional functions( torque adjustment, presence of reverse, illumination of the working platform, presence of a battery charging indicator, and other, not always necessary, options).

    It must be remembered that they do not drill holes with an electric screwdriver and do not tighten screws with screws.

    Household and professional models of electric screwdrivers

    The main difference between household and professional tools is in functionality, engine power, cost and resource.

    Professional models Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Hitachi and other foreign brands in addition to the traditional flat and cruciform bits are completed with nozzles that have heads in the form of squares, hexagons, "stars", "trefoils" and other configurations. Hardware with such grooves are quite common in everyday activities, therefore the equipment of these models includes a huge number of interchangeable tools, including heads for loosening nuts and bolts, extension cords, adapters and other attachments.

    A professional-grade cordless screwdriver usually comes bundled with a large variety of bits and nozzles.

    For everyday use, the most common bits with a straight and a cross head are often enough. In addition to foreign manufacturers in the Russian market there are electric screwdrivers and domestic companies: "Zubr", "Interscope" and others. They are in demand because of the affordable price, reliability and adaptability to Russian conditions. An electric screwdriver can crawl wherever an ordinary tool, a screwdriver or a drill cannot be reached.

    , homemade craftsmen’s councils Despite the large selection of professional and household tools in stores, many home craftsmen make this tool with their own hands from simple and affordable materials.

    How to make an electric screwdriver with your own handsFor this purpose, they use:
    • four 1.5-volt AA batteries with the case of an old spray gun;
    • two three-contact metal toggle switch;
    • 6 volt electromotor and a reducer from a children's toy;
    • plastic shop for bits;
    • two plastic bottles.

    In addition, inexpensive materials and standard household tools will be required:

    • silicone glue;
    • plastic strip;
    • insulation tape;
    • scissors;
    • screwdriver;
    • cutting pliers;
    • soldering iron.

    Video: how to make a mini electric screwdriver with your own hands

    Alteration of an electric screwdriver for lithium batteries

    It makes sense to change the NiCd batteries in the battery screwdriver to lithium. The benefits are obvious:

    • Li-ion batteries are used more often, they are easier to buy;
    • they can be charged without waiting for full discharge;
    • capacity, and hence the power of lithium batteries is greater than that of cadmium counterparts.

    An example of reworking a rechargeable screwdriver for lithium batteries, which are used in the repair of system units, printers and other office equipment, will be considered here. Therefore, it will be charged from the computer port.

    Tools and Materials

    To convert to lithium, you will need:

    • charge controller board TP 4056 without protection( can be purchased on any radio market);
      A lithium battery charging board is sold in the computer markets.
    • lithium batteries from a laptop;
    • connecting wires of various lengths;
    • file set;
    • heat gun with glue.
    To reduce the standard charging current of the board from 1 A, resistor 1.2K should be soldered twice to 2.4K resistor.

    The sequence of work

    Battery replacement is quite simple, for this special electrical engineering skills are not needed.

    1. Carefully disconnect the halves of the case. To do this, unscrew the screws and remove one half.
      The screwdriver case is disassembled into two parts after loosening all the connecting bolts.
    2. Remove the old cadmium batteries and pretend where to put the USB socket. Acceptable option - in the plane of the connector.
      After disconnecting the NiCd battery pack, you need to determine where to install the USB connector through which the device will be charged.
    3. Cutter cut out in the plastic case at the junction of the recess for USB and charging LEDs.
      The screwdriver case is usually made of thick plastic, so for accurate hole making it is better to use the special tool
    4. We insert the lithium battery and the charging controller into place. We connect the wires between themselves and the electric motor. Fix dielectric paste.
      Place the lithium batteries in the screwdriver handle and connect it to the charging board and to the
    5. electric motor. Assemble the battery screwdriver case. To do this, degrease the joint and apply glue. Then we press the halves of the case to each other and tighten them with screws.
      Degrease the joint and apply the hot glue
    6. to it. We connect the charging cable to the computer turned on and to the USB socket on the screwdriver case.
      To check the correctness of the assembly, you need to connect a screwdriver to the computer - the charging indicators should light up
    7. We are waiting for the end of the charging process. As soon as the lights turn blue, you can start using a screwdriver.
      Screwdriver can be used after the indicators turn blue.

    Video: Alteration of the screwdriver for Li-on battery

    Alteration of the battery screwdriver in the network

    This work is done in the following order.

    1. Unleash the body halves, not forgetting to loosen the hidden screws.
    2. Remove old battery batteries with cutting wires, insulate the ends.
    3. Find out the voltage from the markings on the handle.
    4. Remove the old adapter for charging.
    5. Instead, pick up a new power adapter, with a current limit just above the rated voltage.
    6. Assemble in reverse sequence.
      In the simplest version, instead of a battery, a power adapter can be inserted into the screwdriver and a cable with an

    terminal can be released outside Video: battery screwdriver alterationdevice of all parts. For successful repair requires free space, good lighting and special tools. First, the housing halves which are fastened with clamping screws should be separated. Here the difficulty lies in the fact that several fasteners can be hidden under the stickers on the case. Be patient, careful, attentive. Next, you need a multimeter, which is determined by the open circuit, measured current and voltage in the battery.

    Video: disassemble the rechargeable screwdriver

    Repair buttons electric screwdriver

    Most often in the battery screwdrivers break the power button and reverse. They are made of plastic, so fail after a certain number of on and off. The button is a separate unit, so it is usually not subject to repair and changes entirely.

    Video: Replacing the button for the battery screwdriver switch

    Repairing the gearbox

    Sometimes the screwdriver stops spinning due to problems with the gearbox. Such faults are among the most complex and require certain knowledge and skills. Before undertaking this work, carefully weigh your possibilities and think, perhaps you should take the device to the workshop.


    battery screwdriver gearbox repair Other problems

    An experienced craftsman can easily find the cause of a screwdriver failure, whether it is mechanical components or a problem with electrical devices. The fault finding algorithm is simple: inspect the parts, check the electrical circuit, determine the degree of suitability of the battery.

    Video: repair of the electric screwdriver Bison( replacement of the Li-Ion battery)

    A rechargeable or mains screwdriver is a type of electric tool. With its help, you can turn and unscrew the screw where the usual screwdriver, the screwdriver other types of tools are powerless. Whether or not she needs it when doing homework can only be decided by the owner of her instrument. But where you need a large amount of screwing and unscrewing screws, screws, screws - without this easy, convenient, productive tool is not enough.


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