How to equip a two-row kitchen-galley

  • 14 tips for planning a two-row kitchen

When a kitchen is built along two opposite walls, it is called a two-row, two-line, parallel, or kitchen galley. Such a layout is optimal with a room width of 2.2 m - that’s what it takes to accommodate two rows of furniture 60 cm deep and the minimum allowable 100-centimeter passage between them. For example, a galley-type kitchen is ideal for:

  • Kitchens transferred to the entrance hall, hallway or hall;
  • utilitarian kitchens without dining;
  • And just narrow and elongated kitchens, which are often found in the houses of the old stock, model houses, Stalinist and communal.

In this article, we presented 70 interior photos, as well as 14 tips for planning a super-convenient and functional two-row kitchen.

14 tips for planning a two-row kitchen

1. Ideally, the stove, the sink and the main work surface should be arranged in one row, and the refrigerator in the other

The main drawback of a two-row kitchen is its risk of injury. Especially if the kitchen is continuous, very narrow and / or children live in the house. However, when placing the stove, sink and main working surface in the same row, the chances of burning a “passer-by” household with a hot frying pan or dropping the dish when moving to another row are minimized. In addition, it is convenient and good from the point of view of the “working triangle” - we read about it in the next paragraph.

  • Classic two-row narrow kitchen in classic style 1
  • Classic two-row narrow kitchen in classic style 2
  • Classic two-row narrow kitchen in classic style 3
  • Classic two-row narrow kitchen in

2 kitchen The guarantee of kitchen convenience is compliance with the “working triangle” rule

working points( refrigerator, sink and stove) should form a triangle and be located next to each other. So the cook will not have to make unnecessary movements in the kitchen, everything you need will be on hand and within walking distance.

  • In a two-row kitchen, the ideal working triangle looks like this: a stove and a sink, and accordingly a dishwasher / washing machine are located in the same row. A refrigerator, cabinets and secondary equipment( microwave oven, oven) - in the opposite. In this case, the refrigerator is best placed opposite the sink and work surface.

3. The ideal width of the aisle is 120-150 cm

Such a passage is wide enough so that one person can cook, open drawers and cabinets, load dishes in the dishwasher, and the rest of the household move through the kitchen without interfering with the chef.

Of course, to maintain such a distance is not always obtained, sometimes it has to be done less or more.

  • The minimum permissible width of the aisle for an empty two-row kitchen is 100 cm, in some cases even a 90-centimeter passage is allowed. Remember that the smaller the distance between the furniture, the less comfortable and safe the kitchen becomes;
  • A passage wider than 180 cm wide will also make the kitchen uncomfortable.

4. To save space, one of the rows can be made shorter and / or already

When in the small kitchen every centimeter counts, you can cut out more space for the dining area or extend the narrow aisle at the expense of one shortened and / or narrowed row.

Reduced depth cabinets not only save space, but also are more convenient to use

Kitchen design with a parallel layout

  • Narrow equipment can help shorten the kitchen row: a dishwasher 40-55 cm wide instead of the standard 60 cm, a narrow but high fridge 55 cm wide, and a hob with two or three hot plates.
  • To narrow the row, you have to sacrifice the depth of the technique. For example, a refrigerator can be selected with a depth of 45-55 cm, and a stove with two or three burners lined up. The sink can also be small - as wide as 45–55 cm in diameter.

5. Most often the dining table is carried out to one of the walls.

The dining table in a parallel kitchen is often brought to the wall with a shortened row. Here are some photo examples of this layout.

If the kitchen is very narrow, it makes sense to replace the table with a narrow bar counter.

Narrow kitchen with a two-row layout

Design of a two-row kitchen with a bar

In a square kitchen with a wide aisle from 2.2 m a dining area can be placed in the middle of the room between the kitchen rows. In this case, it is important to carefully plan the layout. It is possible to choose compact table and chairs of suitable sizes, cabinets behind the chairs should be equipped with sliding doors and set aside for storage of rarely used things.

Two-row kitchen-dining room with a table in the center of

6. Pull the kitchen up to the ceiling

. This will create additional storage spaces and be able to hide the air duct in the upper tier.

7. It is better to equip the lower tier with drawers rather than hinged cabinets.

The drawers are much more convenient because they do not have far corners that are difficult to reach, which means that you will not have to stand in the corridor for a long time.

8. Make a bet on white or choose the color of the fronts of the headset to match the walls.

One of the drawbacks of the parallel kitchen is the feeling of being crowded and cluttered. To facilitate the space will help the white color of the facades and walls, glass inserts or gloss.

White glossy kitchen with a two-row layout

If you don’t like white, use the following technique - choose the facades to match the walls or, conversely, paint the walls to match the facades. So bulky furniture seems to dissolve in space, and the kitchen will seem less cramped.

9. Create a uniform and multi-level lighting

There is nothing worse for a narrow two-row kitchen than lighting its ceiling with one central chandelier - so the space will visually become even narrower. To expand the cramped kitchen with a parallel layout, install several lamps at once:

  • In the dining area( preferably just above the table at a height of 70 cm from the tabletop);
  • And in the work area, for example, a couple of ceiling chandeliers or suspensions between the rows of kitchen furniture, or several spotlights along each row. And, of course, do not forget about furniture lighting.

  • Want to achieve maximum comfort? Make multi-level lighting using wall sconces, table lamps or floor lamps.

10. Replace the swing door with a retractable door or leave the opening completely open.

Swing door requires a lot of space, and visually clutters the space, so it is better to replace it with a sliding model or a folding “accordion”.Either completely leave the opening open( if the kitchen does not have a gas stove / column).Finally, you can simply rearrange the hinges so that the canvas opens towards the corridor, not the kitchen.

In this photo slider you can view the kitchen interior from the house of the П-44Т series with a sliding door.

11. Relieve space by hanging shelves on one of the walls

If there are no problems with the number of storage areas, equip one or two rows of kitchens not with hanging cabinets, but with open shelves. They look much lighter, although they require frequent dusting.

Small parallel kitchen with open shelves

12. Beautifully decorate the third wall

If the kitchen is not passable, then the third wall, regardless of whether it is deaf or not, should be accentuated, because it is the view that will rest on entering the room. If this wall has a dining area, pay attention to the choice of curtains. If the wall is deaf, then here you can hang a clock and / or wall decor.

Also here you can put a serving trolley, mini ladder or trash can.

13. An impassable two-row kitchen can be transformed into an U-shaped

If the dimensions of the kitchen allow it, the non-passable two-row kitchen can be converted into an U-shaped one. A sill-countertop, a sill-bar counter, or simply additional pedestals near the third free wall can become a bridge between parallel kitchen rows.

See also: How to equip the U-shaped kitchen

14. Lay in the aisle a rug in a horizontal strip

First, it will protect the floor from rubbing in the place of increased traffic, and secondly, due to horizontal stripes it will visually spread the walls.

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