Car radio: how to choose a good model

Every year, new models of car stereos are produced, which have additional functions and features. But how to choose a car stereo for a car so that it fits perfectly? Are there any technical requirements( power and sound quality) or are they all about the same? And in general: what is better to pay attention when buying a radio?

Table of Contents

  • 1 Manufacturer
  • 2 Species
  • 3 Specifications
  • 4 Appearance and Convenience
  • 5 Large Screen Recorders
  • 6 Connecting Your Radio


First, decide on the brand. Recognized leaders are brands such as:

  • JVC;
  • Kenwood;
  • Alpine;Sony
  • ;
  • Pioneer.

It is better to buy a tape recorder from one of these manufacturers, then you definitely will not have to regret quality. But cheap Chinese models will surely disappoint you, although, at first glance, they will have more advantages over competitors( availability of additional connectors, the ability to read various types of formats, etc.).However, you are very lucky if such a radio will last at least two years.

If you still want to buy an inexpensive device, but at the same time enjoy good quality, pay attention to Prology, Velas, Hyundai, LG, Supra or Mystery. All these brands are quite worthy to be in the car.

Versions of

Radio, which can be installed in the machine, there are several types:

  • CD and MP3 car stereo;
  • DVD players with or without large screens;
  • digital models;
  • receivers with the ability to connect various devices( video players, phones, MP-3 players, etc.).

The latter are most preferred because they provide the owner with a lot of opportunities. Only here the cost is quite high. But standard CD-car radio are inexpensive, and therefore valued car owners. It is desirable that such a device has an MP3 decoder that will allow you to accommodate more songs.


If you want to buy a car stereo, pay attention to the following specifications:

  1. Power. The higher the car's power output, the better. However, one detail needs to be taken into account: some manufacturers simply write unrealistic numbers, wanting to increase sales. In most cases, the power is 20 watts. Remember that experts usually use amplifiers to achieve good sounding music.
  2. Tuner. It is believed that its sensitivity must be good in order to be able to listen to music outside the city, where the radio signal is not very strong. The value is 1 µV and below.
  3. The number of channels depends on the number of speakers: two, four or five( four columns plus a subwoofer).
  4. Additional line inputs and outputs will further increase the audio system.
  5. Noise Reduction Systems. Ideal if there is an equalizer. In extreme cases, tone registers are required to adjust the tone of the sound and adjust the balance.
  6. All modern models have a USB cable connector. You can connect a USB flash drive or any other information medium with a similar connector to them.

Appearance and Convenience

When buying a radio, it is very important to pay attention to the color of the front panel and the backlight. It would be great if they match the car console and the color of the keys. This radio will look very stylish.

It is better to buy a model with a replaceable backlight keys and display. In this case, you can take it from the old car when you sit behind the wheel of a new one. So you don't have to get used to the sound again.

Try pressing the buttons to check whether it is convenient for you to reach for them. The display should not be too bright. It is desirable that he had the ability to adjust, otherwise the light will distract you at night from driving a car.

Receivers with a large screen

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel waiting for something( as is the case, for example, with taxi drivers), buy a car receiver with a large screen and the ability to watch DVD movies. The rest of the drivers the picture on the screen will only distract from the road, and this is dangerous.

Connecting the car radio

It’s better to entrust the connection to professionals who can perfectly adjust the sound inside the car. In general, if a car with a standard installation location for the radio and is focused on the European market, then connect the device is quite simple. To do this, connect the ISO connector of the radio with the same connector of the car. In extreme cases, you have to buy a special adapter to the desired connector.

Please note that there is an output for an external antenna on the back of the car radio, since there are no built-in antennas in such devices.

When choosing a car stereo for cars, it is extremely important to give preference to a well-known manufacturer, so as not to be disappointed then as the sound of music. It is desirable that the model had a USB-connector, as well as recognize various formats. The output power should be within 20 W, and the sensitivity of the tuner is quite high. As for the design, podstvetki and keys, then everything is individually: choose a model that you like. Connect the car radio to experts. Enjoy the shopping!

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