What are car vacuum cleaners and how to choose the best model

Car vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning the interior of the machine. It differs from the classical model in its compact size and the absence of a cord. On sale are many different models. This article will tell how to understand the variety presented, how to choose a car vacuum cleaner, which will not disappoint and provide an opportunity to verify the feasibility of such a purchase.

Which machine vacuum should I choose? We draw attention to the following: the type of instrument, the method of charging, the power, the quality of the materials used in the manufacture.


  • 1 Existing varieties
  • 2 Vacuum cleaner charging options
  • 3 Dust collectors
  • 4 Different equipment
  • 5 optional configuration
  • 6 Power
    • 6.1 Video: review of car-based architect # 17These are:
      1. Washing Vacuum Cleaners( having the function of collecting liquids).
      2. Simple vacuum cleaners designed for dry cleaning.

      The first are much more expensive, but they allow you to save the salon from the mud, puddles that remain after the melted snow. The washing vacuum cleaner can be equipped with a water aqua-filter and a HEPA filter. HEPA filter is a novelty, it helps to take care of human health.

      Getting out of the cabin, a motorist can now effectively get rid of not only dirt, but also harmful substances and dangerous allergens. The principle of operation of the described cleaning system provides air filtration through a material having a sieve fiber structure. It allows you to delay particles, the size of 0.06 microns.

      Options for recharging a vacuum cleaner

      There are three options for recharging:

      • A vacuum cleaner can be connected to the cigarette lighter.
      • The model may have its own battery.
      • The device is able to operate from the mains( via an adapter).

      When choosing a vacuum cleaner that is recharged from the cigarette lighter, you need to take into account that it will be able to work smoothly for no more than 20 minutes. Having exceeded this limit, there is a risk to discharge the car battery.

      The power of your own battery for a vacuum cleaner is enough for 15 minutes of work, no more. Practice shows that this time may not be enough for general cleaning of the cabin. The power grid is not always nearby. Then what to choose? Experts recommend to purchase only those models that have a combined charging option.

      Dust collectors

      When buying a vacuum cleaner to clean a car, it is important to pay attention to the type of dust collector. Some models have a bag, others a container. It is more convenient to use vacuum cleaners with containers. Why? They are easier to clean.

      The container is removed by pressing a single button. For reasons of practicality, choose models with transparent large volume containers( 700 cm³).Then the vacuum cleaner will not need to be cleaned very often.

      Different equipment

      Different manufacturers, presenting their models, include a different number of nozzles in the kit. The more of them, the better. Car interior has different surfaces. Their texture is very different from each other, so a modern vacuum cleaner should be able to cope with any tasks. The more nozzles, the more expensive the device.

      Is it possible to save in this situation? You can, experts say. They advise you to choose a vacuum cleaner with the "basic configuration", and then gradually as necessary to purchase the necessary fixtures.

      What is included in the basic package?

      1. A large nozzle for cleaning carpet surfaces, in which bristles can hide or slide out as needed.
      2. A crevice tube with a narrow flat tip, which allows collecting dust in special hard-to-reach places.
      3. A small brush designed for cleaning upholstery.

      Additional equipment

      1. Brush with a thick soft bristle, allowing you to care for polished surfaces.
      2. Turbo brushes. With the help of them they collect hair and animal hair.
      3. Round brushes for cleaning fabric surfaces.

      Turbo brush is definitely needed if there are often animals in the cabin. You should not overpay for brushes with a thick soft pile, there are no polished surfaces inside the cabin.


      When buying a vacuum cleaner for a car, it is necessary to take into account the power of the device. It may be different, the range of indicators is very large. The more powerful the device, the more expensive it is, but such a unit works more efficiently.

      What to choose? It is better to focus on your personal preferences. A low-power vacuum cleaner( with a power of up to 75 kW) can handle only the cleaning of crumbs and cigarette ashes. Effectively deal with dirt capable device with much greater power.

      Video: review of car vacuum cleaners

      Today the market is trying to successfully compete with each other a variety of manufacturers of vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning the car. Bimatek, Black & Decker, Electrolux and Samsung, Sinbo and Vitek products do not need advertising. In their assortment, there is always a line of models that vary in price equivalent, therefore the cost of different vacuum cleaners can be very different.

      When deciding which model to choose, you can use the tips above. These recommendations will be useful to all those who want to find an effective and affordable vacuum cleaner.

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