Ventilation device in the bath: technical options and popular scheme

Ventilation for baths vital. Moist hot air is quickly filled with carbon dioxide exhaled by people and washable becomes really dangerous to them. Efficient ventilation is also necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature and to prolong the service life of the structure.

That is why competent ventilation device in the bath becomes a priority for designers and builders.

The content of the article:

  • Ventilation: what it is
    • Natural ventilation type
    • Forced ventilation type
  • The nuances of the design of bath ventilation
  • Existing ventilation circuit for the bath
    • Scheme №1 Inflow near the furnace
    • Driving №2 openings on one wall
    • Driving №3. For baths with "wet" floor
    • Scheme №4. Ash pit furnace as hoods
  • Recommendations for the Development of bath ventilation
  • Useful videos on the topic

Ventilation: what it is

Proper ventilation is designed to provide continuous air circulation inside the building. For this purpose, different in shape and length of ducts, terminating in holes in buildings. There are two types of such openings. Supply air intended for feeding the air mass from the outside. Exhaust holes are used to remove the carbon dioxide enriched air.

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It is important to correct the relative position of the openings for the supply and exhaust. If it is built wrong, good ventilation can not be achieved. This location depends on the type of ventilation, there may be only two.

Ventilation in the bath
The ventilation system is required to the arrangement in the bath rooms. Without it is impossible to get a comfortable temperature and remove excess carbon dioxide from the air

Natural ventilation type

The natural circulation of air streams occurs due to the presence of differences in the pressures and temperatures outside and inside the bath. The heated air mass according to the principle of convection, have less mass and therefore always raised to the ceiling. The colder the air, on the other hand, is heavier, so it falls to the floor. In this way there is a continuous circulation of the air mass.

How it will be effective depends on the number and location of apertures for drawing and inflow. Given that the main objective of bath ventilation is considered to ensure fresh air, and it is more cold, and the simultaneous removal of waste heat, blowing holes are always located below exhaust. Thus the air masses rise heated and expelled through the hood to the outside cooler.

natural ventilation
The circulation of the air mass available due to the difference between the temperatures and pressures outside and inside the bath. The greater the difference, the more intense movement of air

Since not create a reduced or negative pressure inside the room, which in turn tightens through air holes from outside cool air. It is heated, rises up and the cycle is repeated. You should know that the natural circulation in the bath is carried out not only through the special holes. For example, the inflow air mass may well be through a window or door ajar, and through the crowns of the chopped buildings.

air outflow may additionally occur through the chimney or window. To control the air exchange and prevent drafts the ventilation openings of all types necessarily equipped with adjustable bars or gates. If the bath is designed and built correctly, natural air may be sufficient to ensure effective ventilation.

Forced ventilation type

In cases where the natural circulation is not enough, use a forced air system. Its principle of operation lies in the fact that ventotverstiya mounted fans that speed up the movement of air. They can be installed on the exhaust and on the intake holes. In the first case, the device will push the spent air, and in a second, opposite, retract air masses.

Forced ventilation
Forced ventilation fan involves the installation in the supply or exhaust opening. Electrical equipment will inject fresh air into the room, while the exhaust air mass will be pushed out. The exhaust circuit device stimulates removal of air for filling which fresh batch enters

To regulate the air mass circulation intensity may be used blinds and closing lattice. It is important to understand that if one type of hole will be open longer, the flow rate will increase significantly and will draft. Optimal - approximately the same size of openings that provide the maximum smooth circulation flows.

Depending on the purpose established fans are three types of ventilation:

  • Exhaust. Realized by mounting electrical equipment in exhaust openings. Effectively reduces the pressure in the room, creating a vacuum that compensates for a powerful airflow. Well removes excess moisture, odors, harmful gases.
  • Ventilation. The fans are placed in the air-supply holes, thereby increasing the pressure in the room and the exhaust air mass squeezed out therefrom. Minus system - the active flow of cold air. To maintain a desirable temperature in the room to heat it.
  • Supply and exhaust. This hybrid system combines both the above-described method. The most difficult to design an option, but he is also the most effective. It can be completely mechanized, and translated into automatic control.

Select the type of ventilation for your bath depends on the type of construction. For sealed frame buildings, constructions of foam blocks and bricks optimally choose forced option. But for the traditional Russian log or lumber baths is well suited natural ventilation. However, we must understand that it will work effectively only if the competent design of the system.

The nuances of the design of bath ventilation

For the bath, for no other structure, it is extremely important effective ventilation. This is especially true for the steam room. If the design will make a mistake, the room temperature will drop sharply, leading to discomfort and excessive fuel consumption. But this is not the worst. With a lack of supply air mass concentration of carbon dioxide in the air to rise rapidly, and this is a direct threat to the health and even life.

Exhaust ventilation
Ventilation type exhaust functions thanks to the fact that the fan located at the exhaust opening, pulls contaminated air out of the room. As a result, there is a vacuum and air masses from the street tightened inside

That is why the competent design of bath ventilation is considered very important. You have to understand that you need to do this in any way in the course of construction, and the worse after the start of operation of the building. The ventilation system is always calculated at the stage of designing the bath. This is due to the need to build a system of air ducts and ventilation ducts to ensure efficient air exchange.

Moreover, these elements must be present not only in the steam room, but in all areas of bath: shower, washing, dressing room, etc. The effectiveness of bath ventilation depends on two determinants. The first - the number and size ventotversty. All this is determined solely by the scope of the room. It is important to understand that the estimated size of the holes should be the maximum. To change it later mounted adjustable grille.

In determining the aperture size using special formulas. However, you can calculate the average value. The opening for ventilation should have an area of ​​24 sq. cm per cubic meter of the area served by the premises. This is true for the supply holes. The exhaust opening must have a slightly larger size that provides good traction. It is important not to make mistakes and do not make too big an inflow opening.

In this case, the room will be very bad to warm up, which will lead to unnecessary overuse of energy. If the openings are too small, there is a danger that the humidity and the concentration of carbon monoxide will be continuously increased. That is why it is desirable that the calculations were carried out by a competent person.

Wooden finishing baths
Type ventilation system is selected depending on the material from which the structure is erected. for wood and lumber baths may be sufficient natural ventilation

The second factor that determines the efficiency of the system, it is the relative position of the openings. Since any ventilation system works on the principle of substitution of air masses, it is essential to be able to regulate these flows. This can be done by a competent choice of a place for the exhaust and inlet openings relative to each other or relative to heating appliances.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the bath. It is particularly important comfort temperature which can be achieved only in the absence of sharp "horizontal" temperature changes. They felt the transition from room to room. Vertical air flow should also be possible to move gently to the floor near the temperature was similar to that at the head of a standing person. Otherwise inevitable discomfort.

Existing ventilation circuit for the bath

The most difficult in terms of arrangement of ventilation is a steam washing or if their functions are combined. Consider a few of efficient ventilation schemes for these bath rooms.

Scheme №1 Inflow near the furnace

One of the most popular schemes of arrangement of bath ventilation. An inflow opening is performed at a low height above the floor within 250-350 mm. It should be located in the immediate vicinity of the stove can be right behind her. The exhaust opening is mounted on the opposite wall near the ceiling. The distance between them should be about 150-250 mm. Then the air masses are moving this way.

Ventilation for baths
So moving air masses, if supply opening is located at the furnace, and the exhaust on the opposite wall from the ceiling

Proceeding via the inflow opening, the air enters the heating zone of the furnace, where it displaces the lighter has Heated air masses that rise to the ceiling and move to the opposite wall in the direction of the exhaust holes. Thus indoor present only mixed or warm, as well as hot air flow. The maximum heating area is located under an exhaust opening.

It is here that the optimum positioning of the shelves. The virtue scheme is that the cold air mass in the room are virtually absent, since immediately after receipt inwardly they are heated by the furnace. The circuit is quite efficient with natural circulation, and can work with forced. In the latter case it gives a good effect exhaust embodiment, when the upper opening is installed a fan.

Its capacity to properly calculate, otherwise avoid drafts with excess capacity and slow air circulation in low. To be able to further control the inflow opening is desirable to set the movable louver, that allow to control not only the strength of the flow, but also to some extent its direction.

Driving №2 openings on one wall

It may seem that it is ineffective, but in this case, and exhaust and an inflow opening located on one wall. This scheme works is indispensable if it is not possible arrangement of openings on different walls. For example, a room furnished in the house and has only one wall facing the street. In this case, the inflow opening is arranged in the lower part of the wall at a height of 200 mm from the floor.

Ventilation for baths
This scheme will be a good solution for baths and attached to the house, in which only one wall is the border of street

On the contrary the supply openings must be installed stove. Exhaust opening equip over supply at a distance of about 200 mm from the ceiling. Cool air mass fed into the room and move in the direction of the furnace. This is due to the principle of convection. In the area of ​​the stove cold stream expels heated, which is in a wide arc, covering the entire room rises to the exhaust port.

Thus the circuit operates efficiently. By locating the heater the incoming supply air flow is sufficiently intense that stimulates breathability as a whole. You can install a fan in the hood to speed up the circulation of multiple streams of air. On the inflow opening it is recommended to place the adjustable grate.

Driving №3. For baths with "wet" floor

The main condition of this scheme arrangement - the existence of a multi-layer flowing floor. It is assumed that the water goes under the floor and drains into the sewer. In this case, the exhaust opening settling directly under wooden floors flooring. The hole is connected to an insulated ventilation duct diverting the exhaust air mass outside.

Ventilation for baths
So-called "wet" floor allows to arrange an effective ventilation system with an exhaust opening disposed under the floor

An inflow opening arranged at a low height above the floor, approximately 200-250 mm in the vicinity of the stove. Thus, outdoor air enters directly into the heating zone. Then rises to the ceiling and there cools slowly. It falls to the floor and passes through its slit. He thereby evaporate excess moisture, which fell on the tree, so the life of the wood floor is extended significantly. Next, the flow goes to the exhaust opening.

Using this scheme helps maximize uniform heating of the room and good evaporation of excess moisture from the wood floors. However, the trajectory of air masses get very complicated. Natural circulation is likely to be insufficient. Therefore, the extract is recommended to install a fan. For the same reason it is also desirable to calculations openings and plots their position sizes carried out by experts.

Scheme №4. Ash pit furnace as hoods

In this embodiment, the exhaust opening in the room is not provided. His role is performed by the ash pit of bath furnace. It should be understood that the scheme is workable only if the oven is heated. Otherwise ventilation is stopped due to lack of traction. For this reason, the furnace during the entire time of the bath procedures should be waterlogged. Otherwise, ventilation will be absent.

Ventilation for baths
Ash pit furnace can be used as an exhaust port, but only at the time of the heating device. Once the fire is extinguished, the thrust will begin to diminish and come to naught

To implement this scheme, an inflow opening is mounted in front of the stove at a low height of 300 mm from the floor. Air enters the room and is moving in the direction of the heater. Here he replaces the ceiling heated air masses, which rise and move around the room, thereby warming it. The cooled air sinks to the floor and removed through ash pit furnace.

All these circuits are very simple. They involve only two ventotverstiya: exhaust and supply. This design allows you to adjust the climate bath very rough, but quite effective. For more accurate settings require complex systems with several ventilation openings arranged in many different ways with respect to each other.

Recommendations for the Development of bath ventilation

To improve the ventilation inside the bath premises and extend the service life of wooden structures, experts advise to think about the arrangement of a ventilated floor. For this flooring board should be to lay a certain gap between the elements. It can be up to 10 mm. The foundation construction are laid small intake openings, the so-called vents.

ventilated floors
Ventilated floors are easily recognizable by the gaps between the elements. This design promotes rapid drying of wood pieces, thereby greatly prolonging their lifespan

The opposing walls also performed small vents that help activate the ventilation. Important note. These holes are necessary to protect a metal grid, otherwise it is possible that in the bath lodge rodents. The level of ash is desirable to lower the oven below the floor. So in the process of protaplivaniya ash pit will further act as a hood.

If you plan on improvement of forced ventilation, quite important to correctly pick up the equipment. We must remember that for mounting in a bath suitable only special moisture resistant and heat-resistant instruments. It is desirable to present the possibility of regulating their power. So it will be possible for maximum flexibility to respond to changing conditions. For example, in the winter when temperature drops significantly, the thrust will be very good.

The device can operate at minimum power, while in the summer with a minimum difference it will have to operate more efficiently. Furthermore, it should just pick the type of fan. It can be a channel, which is put inside the duct, or radial. In the latter case, the device is mounted at the outlet of the ventilation shaft.

Another important point - the ventilation ducts. Depending on the type of system and the wishes of the owner, they can be different. Most reliable and durable are considered the so-called solid product. They are made of galvanized steel or special plastic. Slightly less reliable but more easy to install option - flexible ducts. They are designed as a corrugated pipe with an internal metal skeleton.

Grid on outlet
Ventilation openings, it is desirable to equip the adjustable louvers and grilles. The latter can have a look. It is much easier to adjust the air flow intensity

Installation of bath ventilation is not particularly difficult. First, perform all necessary holes and mounted ventilation ducts. If you want the inside or outside of the box mounted fans. It depends on the type of device. Further appliances are connected to the network. The method of connection depends on which mode will run the fan.

The equipment can be activated automatically, with increasing humidity and carbon dioxide concentration in the air. It is possible to include it together with the illumination cycling motion sensor or by pressing a single key. Disabling may be performed using the timer, then it will occur after a certain predetermined time, or when disconnecting lighting.

Useful videos on the topic

Consider the basic scheme of bath ventilation:

How to arrange the ventilation in the washing:

How dry the bath after use:

Bath in dire need of a competent ventilation. It affects the safety and comfort of people receiving water procedures and durability of most buildings. Construction of the system is necessary to comply with all the rules when planning her at the stage of designing the bath. If the owner is difficult to perform ventilation project on their own, should refer to specialists. Then the new bath will last a long time and there will always be comfortable and safe.

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