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Preparing for the New Year

New Year is a time of magic, when not only children, but even adults live in anticipation of a miracle. Already at the end of November, we make plans for a holiday meeting, buy gifts for loved ones, and slowly begin to decorate the house. The kitchen is the place where the holiday begins. It is here that we will cut the ingredients for our beloved “Olivier” to New Year's music or Ivan Urgant's jokes, in the intervals between cooking dishes - drink champagne and eat tangerines, and with large kitchen sizes we can even meet here the New Year. So New Year's decor also starts with the kitchen. We begin a series of articles on how to make your kitchen the most elegant and New Year's cozy;Thanks to our advice, you will learn the best ideas for a new-year kitchen design with your own hands. Today - TOP 10 ideas on how to decorate a kitchen of any color and size.

Ten New Year Ideas

  1. Red color - New Year's must have. The colors traditionally associated with New Year and Christmas are red and green. Green will be quite enough in the form of a tree in any of the rooms and in some other trifles, but red can be the main accent in the festive decoration. Red details will look equally impressive in any color version of kitchen furniture, whether it is laconic white or classic shades of wood. How do you like the ideas of New Year's design of the kitchen with red details on our photos?
  1. Flavors - the key to a festive mood. If for some reason you don’t put natural fir or pine at home, you can purchase fir branches and place them at the very top of the kitchen unit. The aroma will be breathtaking, and the look will create an elegant! We traditionally decorate the kitchen for the New Year, so why not make sure that it smelled like New Year's?

Little secret: you can buy tangerine essential oil and put a few drops on the branches. Thus, your kitchen will be filled with the classic New Year's aroma of spruce and tangerines.

Hostess Tip: Bake ginger cookies and hang it on ribbons throughout the kitchen. Baked with his own hands, it will please the eye and soul. And how fragrant!

  1. Decorate the chandelier - why not? For example, you can wrap it with matte tinsel of green color and hang balls on the ceiling lamps. The taller your loved ones are, the shorter the ribbons will be.

We are for compliance with fire safety, so make sure that the tinsel does not heat up from long contact with the lamps.

  1. Tapes on the door. They can be openwork, polka-dot, minimalistic, you can even attach postcards to them, which are sent to you by friends and relatives! You can fasten tapes to transparent double-sided tape, and tapes are sold, for example, in the festive packaging departments. See, the kitchen will immediately change!

Tip: Collect old Soviet postcards( for example, your parents) and hang them on beautiful ribbons. You and your family will remember with pleasure the good wishes written from them from the past, which make these cards truly magical and unique.

  1. Decor refrigerator and kitchen door. If your loved ones have a good sense of humor, and even more so, if you have children, you can make a snowman with your own hands from the refrigerator. To do this, you need only thick colored paper, scissors and double-sided tape. In addition, if you have a door in the kitchen, then you can hang on it an improvised snowman, assembled from tinsel, glued together from paper, or even twisted from branches! We decided to show you the most different "snowman" ideas in the photo.

  1. What is written with a pen. .. You can buy ready-made interior letters and put together any New Year's slogan or word. Or, if you have a chalk black board hanging in your kitchen, write and draw something on it in chalk. Letters can also create a New Year's original window decor - take a look at the ones we found. Well, real masters can quite make such a decoration with their own hands from scrap materials!
  1. "Hack" window in the New Year! Window decoration is the creation of a New Year's mood not only for yourself, but also for those around you, because you can see it not only to you, but also to passersby and residents of neighboring houses. A simple way is to hang a garland on the curtain and turn it on with the evening. More creative hostesses can build with their own hands any simple garland figures on glass - a Christmas tree or a snowman. And Scotch to help you! We will show you other window decoration ideas with the following article.
  1. Berry decor. Holly is a plant that traditionally decorates its home for the New Year. It looks great in small vases, jugs, it can even be used to decorate candlesticks! Alternatives to holly can make sprigs of mountain ash, hawthorn, and in addition, you can find an artificial one. On the photos we have selected you can draw interesting ideas for a juicy “berry” kitchen decor for the new year.

  1. New life grandmothers cans. Do you have a lot of pickle jars that grandma shares with you? Great, they are just great for the new year! Ideas for decoration can be very different: tie a neckline with string( you can find it in hardware stores) and throw inside the bumps;fill it with artificial snow and put a candle inside - the New Year's candlestick is ready! You can fill a jar with ordinary cotton wool, and put animal figurines inside, - a real New Year forest right in your kitchen! Other ideas for using cans can be seen in photos. Take a look - a lot of the options you can do yourself.
  1. New Year's sweets. Sweets for the new year are always purchased a lot. And how do you like such a "sweet" New Year decor in the kitchen, like in the photos? Here cans that can be filled with sweets for every taste come in handy. Why not measure the time until the new year, eating a candy a day? Or, perhaps, you like to bake sweets with your own hands - you can fill jars with them too! Yes, and guests always have something to treat.

Tip: for those who adhere to proper nutrition or do not want to gain extra weight by the new year: cans can be filled with nuts, dried fruit or candied fruits. And close the lid tightly!

We remind: everything in moderation. Remember that the number of New Year's decor should be comparable to the size of the kitchen. The more footage of the kitchen - the greater scope for it is possible. Therefore, in a small kitchen within 10 m² there will be enough, for example, window decoration, chandeliers and cabinets. And, of course, the New Year's table and its table setting! Articles about this wait very soon.

We hope that with our help you have learned how to decorate the kitchen for the New Year best. And we wish you pleasant troubles and preparations for the New 2018 year!

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