The choice of lighting for kitchen cabinets and not only

  • Lighting options for the kitchen set
  • Types of furniture lamps and lamps
  • Basics of comfortable and beautiful lighting of the worktop

So, the assembly of the kitchen set is completed, it remains to install the lamps under the cabinets to highlight the working area. How to create comfortable lighting so that the light does not blind the eyes, so that the lamps look good or are invisible, and the products on the table top look appetizing? Let's understand these and other issues of furniture lighting for the kitchen.

Variants of lighting for kitchen units

Where and where can I install / install lights to illuminate the kitchen set?

  1. Under the wall cabinets: in the corner between the bottom surface of the cabinet and the apron, in the middle of the bottom surface of the cabinet or closer to the end as shown in the photo below;

  1. Under the top cabinet just above the sink - this light can be either built-in or invoice. It may be brighter than the lights under the cabinets, but at the same time, it is important that it does not blind the eyes. And, of course, the lamp above the sink should not be afraid of moisture and splashing water;

  1. Above the hinged cabinets kitchen;

  1. Inside cabinets and drawers;

  1. In the basement of the kitchen unit to create the effect of "floating" furniture.

The last options are decorative and rather of secondary importance, and the first option is really necessary for illuminating the working surface of the kitchen, that is, worktops and sinks.

Types of furniture lamps and lamps

Kitchen lights installed under the cabinets are:

  • Built-in - they look much more accurate, they are not visible from below, due to this, the light does not hit the eyes, but such lighting requires more careful planning of works and drilling of the lower partswall cabinets;

  • Consignment notes - such lamps are convenient in changing lamps, they can be installed anywhere and you do not need to cut holes for installation.

And now let's take a closer look at the different types of lamps and lamps:

  1. Overhead lamps with fluorescent fluorescent lamps. There are special kitchen series with the possibility of installation under the cabinets and above the sink. The power supply is connected only to the first device in the line, while up to 10 lamps can be installed in one line, so there will not be many wires. And we advise you to look for models by type of roof rails, on which you can hang kitchen appliances.

This countertop light is convenient and does not require drilling holes in wall-mounted cabinets for installation. All work on the installation of lighting to kitchen furniture can be carried out independently and quickly. To make such a more decorative lighting, overhead lamps can be installed for a special profile. Then the light will not go forward, but the surface of the tabletop will be fully illuminated.

  1. LED-based kitchen lighting is also deservedly popular. Moreover, such systems often use remote panels and touch switches. The main advantages of LED backlighting are as follows: the diodes in the luminaire are arranged very often, which makes the ribbon a completely worthy alternative to the overhead luminaire in terms of brightness of the light flux. The photo below shows how well the working surface is lit.

In addition, these systems are compact, and you can come up with a lot of design options for kitchen lighting - with their help, it is easy to form triangular, circular configurations in a variety of colors. Installing LED illumination with his own hands is very simple. However, the LED module is quite expensive, requires connection via a transformer, and the brightness of the LEDs decreases with time.

  1. You can also use spotlights - spotlights with LEDs to illuminate the table top and kitchen. They look the same as fluorescent lamps, but do not lose their brightness and do not generate heat. Spot lights can also be of different sizes and types, spots can be both embedded rotary and overhead. Ideally combined to illuminate angular and linear areas.

Basics of comfortable and beautiful lighting of the worktop

  • The lighting in the kitchen under the cabinets looks best in the white spectrum. This spectrum does not distort the color and is close to the natural maximum - and this is important when cooking;

  • If you want to make the kitchen more cozy and add a feeling of warmth to it, then choose lamps with a traditional warm light;

  • It is good when the table top is illuminated not by one or two light sources, but by several at once - this way sharp shadows are removed from the working area and the lighting becomes soft;

  • The lighting for the kitchen on the cabinets must be consistent with the style of the interior, in harmony with the kitchen furniture and furnishings. For example, in a classic design it is better to use neutral white or warm light to illuminate the kitchen under the cabinets, inside them and above the sink. Cold lighting at the top and in the basement is not suitable for every style.

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