How to cook eggplants quickly and tasty: grilled, in the microwave, baked

Eggplants are rarely eaten raw, but they are very tasty, useful if cooked properly. Their beneficial properties give a lot of advantages to our health. It is a good substitute for meat. They are ideal for making garnish. Find out what can be cooked from them. How to cook eggplants quickly and tasty: how to fry, how to bake, how to cook them in the microwave. Get to know my favorite recipes.

  • How to choose the right eggplant?
  • Before cooking, should eggplants be cleaned?
  • Can I get rid of the bitterness in eggplants and how?
  • How do eggplants cook on the grill?
  • How to fry eggplants in a pan?
  • How to cook baked eggplant in the oven?
  • Can eggplants be cooked in a microwave oven, how to do it?
  • Eggplants are quick and tasty -

reviews Before you cook, you should choose them correctly.

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How to choose the right eggplant?

I’m sure that when you think about this vegetable, you’re imagining pear-shaped or cylindrical fruit with shiny purple skin. You are right, this is the most common type. But eggplants, depending on the variety, can be of different shapes, sizes - from a few centimeters to 30 centimeters, even more. They can be round, oval, teardrop-shaped or pear-shaped, similar to long cucumbers. The color can also be different - white, green, reddish-orange, light lilac, purple, striped, cross-striped. ..

Eggplant is now available in stores all year round, but the peak season is at the end of summer. Look for fruits on the shelves with bright glossy elastic skin. Weigh an eggplant on your arm; it should be heavy for your size. Press the skin with your finger - there should be no dents. Young, not very large fruits, as a rule, less bitter, more tasty than large or old ones. These are fairly perishable vegetables, so you can store eggplants in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

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Before cooking, do I need to clean the eggplants?

Can be cleaned, but not possible. The skin of small young eggplants is tender and edible - such fruits can not be cleaned. But larger or more ripe are best to clear. As the peeled pulp changes color — darkens, peel the vegetables immediately before cooking. Cut the top of the fruit with a pedicel, cut it into round slices, cubes or lengthwise into long slices, as indicated in the recipe.

Do you want to cook eggplants delicious, and the fruits are bitter?

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Can I get rid of bitterness in eggplants and how?

Yes you can. Some varieties of bitterness, but it should be borne in mind that many new varieties do not have bitterness. You may have heard that salt removes bitterness from fruits and excess liquid. It really is. Remove bitterness follows: before cooking, put the sliced ​​slices on a paper towel, sprinkle them on all sides with salt. Salt will not only remove bitterness. Chopped vegetables will give juice - this will help them not to absorb excess oil when frying. Let the sliced ​​eggplants stand for 20 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse them from excess salt, dry. Use at your discretion.

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How to cook eggplant on the grill?

It is very simple, fast and tasty. This vegetable is created for frying on the grill because of the dense pulp, which like a sponge absorbs marinade, vegetable or butter, the aroma of smoke. In addition, they quickly cook, as they do not require pre-cooking.

Before grilling, brush the slices with a brush dipped in olive, vegetable or melted butter. This will add flavor, taste, allow the pieces not to stick to the grill grate.

On the grill it is convenient and quick to cook large fruits, cut into round slices across, or small, cut lengthwise. Put the sliced ​​pieces, smeared with oil, seasoned with spices, on the grill grate. Turn them over from time to time.

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How to fry eggplants in a pan?

There is nothing difficult. Spread eggplant slices on all sides with olive, vegetable or melted butter. It is convenient to do a cooking brush. Sprinkle with ground pepper or any spices you like. You can salt, if you have not salted them before, to remove the bitterness. Dip the slices in a mixture of breadcrumbs and grated hard cheese( 1 part cheese to 3 parts breadcrumbs).Put on a hot skillet with a little oil. Fry the slices until golden brown. Delicious!

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How to cook baked eggplants in the oven?

I assure you, this is also not difficult. Before cooking, preheat the oven to 220-250 ° C.While the oven is warming up, put the peeled, prepared slices in a bowl containing a mixture of 3-4 cloves of garlic, skipped through the garlic press, 1 tablespoon of olive or vegetable oil, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp of ground black pepper. Thoroughly dip or coat the pieces with this mixture. Put them on a baking sheet. Bake the eggplants for 20 minutes, turning them over periodically.

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Can eggplants be cooked in a microwave oven, how to do it?

Of course you can! Cut the peeled eggplants into cubes, slices, and halves. Put them in a shallow plate, pour a little water on the bottom - just two tablespoons. Put the biggest mode of your oven for 5-8 minutes. Cook the eggplants until soft, stirring them occasionally or turning them over. In the microwave, you can cook them without peeling off the skin - it is then easily separated from the pulp, which can be used to make casseroles, vegetable pastes, etc.

I told you how to cook eggplants quickly and tasty in various ways. You can immediately lay them on the table or use them to make salads, side dishes, vegetable or meat stews, rolls or casseroles.

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Eggplants are quick and tasty - reviews

I do this: I cut the eggplants lengthways into thin strips. I spread the nut-cheese mass on them, wrap it up with a roll, fasten it with a skewer. And in the oven, for 20 minutes. Nut and cheese mass: nuts, cheese, spices, sour cream, garlic.
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Thinly cut along, quickly fry, spread with grated cheese with mayonnaise and garlic, turn 2-3 times. Eat!
https: // 180926857
Cut eggplant( weighing 90-100 g) lengthwise and salt slightly, brush with oil. Prepare a cheese hat: 300 g cheese, 1 tbsp.lflour, 2 tbsp.lmayonnaise, 1 egg, if it is thick, you can add mayonnaise, flour, in any case, no longer pour, it will be like a sole 🙂 Put a cheese cap( approximately 70 grams) on each half of eggplant and bake in the oven at 180-200 degrees. Enjoy your meal! The dish is very healthy!
Anna Libryukova
https: // 78918064
To dry the eggplant slices on the grill or baking sheet or in a thick frying pan and generously season with the sauce. Sauce: olive oil, chopped parsley, garlic, salt, red and black pepper. If desired, you can add there sliced ​​capers. Delicious!
Tatiana Zanzarina Komarik
https: // retsepty-baklazhany /
About eggplants fried with roundels: I used to always cut them, salt them, then sip the juice, squeeze and start to fry in flour….a lot of trouble. Now I do a lot easier. Cut and immediately on a hot pan with butter. Not a lot of oil. Without salt, without flour. They are fried on one side, usually still pale, turned over, the other side is fried much faster and brighter, then again I return to the first side for a minute. Not bitter! Then I add salt and garlic sauce. It turns out like a grill. By steak awesome thing!
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