Planting and cultivation from seeds of strawberry "Ruyan"

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Everyone loves strawberries - a fragrant and sweet berry. Strawberries "Ruyan a description of the variety and photo of which is in the article, is remarkable in that it bears fruit all summer, and does not give a mustache. About her growing out of seeds and the delicacies of care is useful to know, the variety is very delicious and deserves the attention of gardeners.

Variety description

Strawberries "Ruyan a description of the variety which can be seen when buying seeds, has many positive qualities. Peduncles may appear in the first summer after planting, but the main crop is expected in the second year of cultivation. Its seeds give excellent seedlings, resistant to diseases and pests.

"Ruyan" refers to small-fruited varieties that yield a crop all summer until the frost. The berry is red, pleasant to the taste and aromatic, it reminds of something wild strawberry. The maximum weight of the berries is 7 g, it has dense flesh. The harvest is well kept, it is suitable for transportation.

The description of the strawberry "Ruyan" contains an important advantage - its bushes do not have a mustache, which greatly facilitates the care. In the open ground the plant tolerates winter frosts well. Strawberries have sturdy peduncles that do not fall to the ground under the weight of berries. During the rains the harvest does not suffer.

Strawberries repairing inseminate "Ruyan" is a sort of Czech selection that can not be grown from self-harvested seeds. The plant multiplies only by dividing the bush or seeds purchased at the store.

Cultivation from seeds

Growing strawberries "Ruyan" from seeds, take into account some features. This is a small-seed culture, which must be sown superficially. If there is even a 2-millimeter layer of soil on top of the seeds, they will not ascend.

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Sow at home in strawberries in February or March is still too early. It will be difficult to give shoots the necessary amount of heat and light. The best time for sowing is the end of March or the beginning of April. In June, grown seedlings can be planted in open ground.

Strawberries repair "Ruyan" - growing out of seeds, the procedure of actions:

  • for germination use a plastic container with drainage holes, it poured a light primer, which is good for water and air;
  • the plank is made by furrows, about 2 mm deep, at a distance of -3 cm from each other;
  • seeds are scattered in rows;
  • sprayed with water from an atomizer, moistening the soil to a depth of about 1 cm;
  • cover the landing capacity with a transparent bag or glass;
  • put in a warm place, with an air temperature of +25 ° C.

Fresh seeds should ascend 6-7 days. If the seeds are stuck in a store or in a warehouse, no stratification and soaking them will not help. The container is opened for 10 minutes every day so that no excess condensation accumulates.

Spray as necessary, from a distance of 25 cm, carefully, trying not to wash out the erected sentsy.

When shoots appear, the air temperature should be lowered to 17-18 ° C, so that the seedlings do not stretch. It is advisable to arrange the seeding of the seedlings or put them on a well-lit window sill.

Seed sprouting and transshipment to open ground

When the seedlings have 2 real leaves, they are dived into individual plastic cups or peat pots. Fill the cups with a purchase of a universal primer with peat, chernozem and sand. The transplant is done with the help of tweezers, trying to grab as much of the earth on the roots. Pikirovannuyu sprouts watered with "Kornevin" for better survival.

About a week later the seedlings can be fed on watering by adding 30 or 40 grams of nitroammophoska to 10 liters of water. During the growing of seedlings 2 or 3 such fertilizing are done.


For planting in the garden in the central strip of Russia choose a well-lit place, and in the southern regions - a light penumbra.

Bushes of seedlings are planted at a distance of 25 cm from each other and 60 cm between rows. Maybe another scheme of planting, strawberry does not give a mustache, and therefore does not expand over the site. In the garden, the manure that has been spread over the plowing is introduced. When planting in the holes, the grown strawberry "Ruyan" from the seeds is not strongly buried.

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You can cover the ground between young bushes of strawberries with agrofiber and cover with straw to protect against weeds and drying out.

Care for strawberries

When caring for a berry, you need to know some of its features in order to get a good harvest. Strawberry remontant "Ruyan" continuously fructifies all the summer until autumn frosts. To maintain the quality and quantity of the crop, the beds should be fertilized every year.

Strawberries also require constant watering, repairing varieties are demanding for moisture throughout the entire growing season. The "Ruyan" has a superficial root system, when the soil dries up, the berries grow smaller, the amount of harvest decreases. But the excess of moisture is also inadmissible, the roots can vybret, and the plant will die. The best option for irrigation is the installation of drip irrigation systems.

Spring work and pest control

In the spring, the remembrancer "Ruyan" requires special attention. To grow more actively, beds should be put in order. Remove the withered and diseased foliage, loosen rows between rows. Loose need not more than 5 cm deep, because the plant has superficial roots. Pour a little warm water, heated for a day in the sun. Add 1 g of copper sulphate to 10 liters of water. A week later watered repeatedly, putting 10 liters of water 1 g of potassium permanganate.

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When the first ovaries start to appear, you can pour the bushes with a solution of boric acid - in a ratio of 10 g to 20 liters of water. Strawberries will receive the nutrition necessary micronutrients along with irrigation.

In spring and summer, strawberries "Ruyan a description of the variety and photos of which are very attractive, you need to feed complex fertilizers, an aqueous solution of mullein or bird droppings. The ratio of mullein and fluid should be 1 to 10, and bird droppings - 1 liter per 20 liters of water. From organic strawberry in the spring will get nitrogen, and when it starts to bloom, it will need potassium phosphorus fertilizing. They can be replaced with wood ash (2 tbsp. ash per 1 bucket of water).

To repair a strawberry, it is advisable to make complex top dressing 2 times a month all summer.

Of strawberries, strawberries and weevils often attack strawberries. To combat insects in the early spring, strawberry beds can be sprayed with a solution of "Carbophos adding 75 g of the drug to 10 liters of water. You can use folk remedies, for example, dilute in 10 liters of water 200 grams of mustard.

During the wet weather strawberries are affected by gray rot, leaves start to turn yellow. Before the beginning of flowering, the beds can be sprinkled with wood ash or treated with "Hom".

After harvesting in autumn, all the flower stalks are cut. In two-year strawberry shrubs, which are damaged by diseases and pests, you can cut all the leaves, and treat the beds with copper sulfate or another fungicide. Before treatment for diseases, strawberries are fed with fertilizers with potassium.

Planted autumn bushes should be hidden for the winter in mid-November. For shelter, mulch soil is used, then coniferous branches are laid on strawberry beds, and covered with spunbond.

Growing a strawberry variety "Ruyan" on the windowsill - video

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