Kitchen wall decor - 12 super ideas

  • General principles of wall decoration and useful tips
  • 12 ideas for wall decoration

Kitchen wall decoration is needed to make it cozy, lively and personalized. In addition, some wall design techniques can help out, if it is necessary to zone the space, correct some room flaws or errors in the interior, say, curtains and apron that do not match in color. In this article we will tell you how to decorate the walls of the kitchen, how to do it properly and what wall accessories you should do with your own hands.

General principles of wall decoration and useful tips

Whatever the idea of ​​kitchen decor, consider the following general principles and recommendations for decorating walls:

  • The most suitable places for decorating with wall decor are: the pier between the windows, the area above the dining table, above the kitchen set, above the sink, extractor hood and any separately standing furniture, as well as in niches and on ledges.
  • When planning the placement of wall decoration or the order of layout of the elements of wall composition, do not forget about the principle of symmetry.
  • Try not to get involved in decorating the walls of the kitchen, if its interior has so many complex details. In a small kitchen, one should always remember the saying “better is less and better.”
  • Of course, you need to choose a wall decor based on the style and color scheme of the kitchen interior, especially paying attention to the color of the wall to be decorated and the surrounding objects.
  • In most cases, pictures, panels, posters and other wall decorations should be hung at about eye level.

And some more useful tips:

  • If your kitchen has a thing that stands out from the general color scheme of the interior, choose a wall decor in which both the color of this object and the basic colors of the kitchen are present.
  • If you have a beautiful decor item, but, as you think, it does not fill the wall section sufficiently, then it can be combined with smaller accessories, for example, paintings, plates, and smaller mirrors.

12 ideas for wall decoration

Idea 1. Composition of saucers and plates

If your kitchen is in traditional style, then you can decorate one of the walls with saucers and plates.

This decor will look great in the dining area, in the design of the walls between the windows, in the niches and on the ledges, under / above the wall sconces, over the consoles or the headset, if it is not too high.

Here are a few tips to help you create a well-coordinated composition:

  • Saucer should “overlap” not only with each other, but also with neighboring decor items and the interior as a whole. Combine different-colored plates with each other can color, print, relief of the rim and / or shape.
  • It is desirable that an equal interval be maintained between the plates.
  • Plates can form a figure, can be hung symmetrically or deliberately randomly or around a center( for example, a large dish, clock, picture or mirror).

Symmetrical arrangement of plates on the wall of the kitchen

  • Before you hang the plates on the wall, you should assemble the composition on the floor, then cut out the outline of each saucer from paper and hang it on the wall( or you can just circle the plates with a pencil on the wall).Thus, you will have several paper circles that will tell you where a plate should hang.
  • If you have a beautiful set that you use from time to time for its intended purpose, then you can arrange them in a narrow display shelf like in this photo.

The old Soviet-era set should not gather dust in the closet, because they can decorate the kitchen interior in the classic or “rustic” style.

  • If you wish, you can paint the plates with your own hands, following our step-by-step master class.

- It’s very simple to make such a wall decoration with your own hands: take bright plates, paint them with slate paint and draw nice pictures or signatures

For details, see our material: Decorating the walls with plates - a master class and 100 inspiration photos

and mirrors

Mirrors are good not only for their spectacular views, but also because they enhance the lighting and visually increase the space. Therefore, the idea of ​​decorating walls with mirrors is a real find for small and dark kitchens. Moreover, they are so versatile - they can fit into both modern and classic interior.

Mirrors can be used to finish the whole wall or a very large section of the wall from floor to ceiling, as in these photo examples.

Mirror - an obligatory attribute of an art deco-style kitchen.

Here are some useful tips for decorating kitchen walls with mirrors:

  • If you hang a mirror in front of the window, there will be more light in the kitchen.
  • Remember that the larger the mirror, the stronger the effect of increasing space and multiplying the light in it. At the same time, the more difficult the cleaning of the room. In order not to condemn yourself to daily cleaning of mirrors, do not install them near the working area.

See also the material on: A guide to choosing mirrors for facing and decorating the kitchen

Idea 3. Wooden cutting boards

In fact, the most ordinary things that we often do not notice can decorate the walls of your kitchen. For example, it may be chopping wooden boards - deliberately old and hinged. A couple of boards can make rolling pins, metal trays, baking tins and vintage dishes like in the photo below.

Idea 4: Designing the accent wall with wallpaper or photo wallpaper

Accent wall( or part of the wall), decorated with wallpaper or photo wallpaper, can not only decorate the interior, but also visually expand the kitchen, lift the ceiling or create a depth effect in a small space. Most often, a wall in the dining area is suitable for the role of an accent wall, but you can also use a kitchen apron with bright wallpaper.

  • When the ceiling is low, the situation will save the wallpaper in a diamond, vertical stripes and any print with an abundance of verticals.

  • A photo wallpaper with a perspective image, for example, walking along a road or a forest path, will help to increase the space.
  • Spread the walls of a narrow kitchen will help wallpaper in horizontal stripes.

  • If there is a catastrophic lack of sunlight in the kitchen, yellow or gold wallpapers will help to replace it.

If your kitchen does not need “special effects”, then you can choose any wallpaper that fits into the interior in terms of style and color scheme.

See also:

  • Photowall-paper for the kitchen - tricks and design ideas
  • Creating a unique design in the kitchen - correctly combining the wallpaper

Idea 5. A stencil or message board

If you hang a slate on the wall or paint one of the kitchen walls / wall sections with slate paint or paste them with chalk wallpaper, then you and your children will be able to “update” the interior every day. Pictures that motivate slogans, quotes, poems, songs - all this will look great on the kitchen wall. And the slate wall will also bring practical benefits, as it will be convenient for her to make food lists and plans for the day, write down the best recipes and leave notes with errands for the household.

To make such a board with your own hands, simply paint a sheet of plywood with

slate paint. Idea 6.

Vinyl Stickers If the walls in your kitchen are monochromatic, and you often want to update their decor without spending a lot of money and effort, your choice isvinyl stickers. They stick easily, stick off even easier and without leaving a trace from the old picture, and there are so many options for the design of stickers that you will surely find something that is suitable for the interior of your kitchen.

  • Vinyl stickers are sold in construction and stationery stores, shops for creativity and, of course, on Aliexpress.

Idea 7.

Ceiling Sockets The expanded polystyrene ceiling sockets are beautiful and varied, inexpensive, easy to glue, and good for painting, which means they are ideal for decorating walls in the kitchen.

  • If you paint the sockets to match the walls, you can create the effect of a wall with a relief.

  • It is best to glue the sockets away from the stove and higher from the table top of the dinner table( suitable height is at eye level).After all, polystyrene is quite easy to damage, and because of the many grooves and hollows, it is difficult to clean.
  • In order to decorate the kitchen wall with ceiling rosettes with your own hands, you must first paint them with acrylic paint, compose the composition on the floor, apply the markings on the wall, and then glue it onto the wall using glue for ceiling plinths, any universal glue or velcro fasteners for the paintings of the Commands company.

Idea 8. Retro Posters and Posters

You can search for real vintage posters, posters and posters at flea markets, on Ebay or Amazon. Or you can simply buy modern imitations, because among them it is much easier to find options that are suitable in color and content.

  • Best of all, retro posters are framed. So they will look even more stylish and, moreover, do not get dirty from accidental splashes and touches with dirty hands.

Idea 9. Art painting

Want to create a unique kitchen decor and realize your drawing talent? Then we propose to bet on the artistic painting of the walls. All you need is acrylic paints, the idea of ​​drawing and our master class, which will be useful for both beginners and advanced artists.

Master class here: How to paint walls or decorate them with drawings

Idea 10. Interior letters

Interior letters and words can set a good mood in the house, inspire and turn a boring interior into a stylish and “speaking” one.

  • Words can be motivating, fun, or simply very enjoyable.

  • Decorative words can be illuminated with light bulbs and play the role of a kitchen "night lamp" or sconce.

You can buy wall letters in the creative shop, interior shops, online stores or make your own hands from plywood or cardboard using a jigsaw, band saw or hand mill. This video tutorial presents one way to cut words out of plywood. We add only one piece of advice: remember that the main thing in the interior letters and words is their font. The more interesting it will be, the cooler your kitchen decoration will turn out. Download cute fonts available for free on specialized resources.

Idea 11.

panel organizer The panel organizer can decorate the kitchen walls and help you in everyday life, because you can leave all kinds of business cards, notes with orders, shopping lists, as well as photos and postcards on it. There are three options for a wall organizer: from cork( or even wine corks), from wood / plywood( then notes will be mounted on buttons) or from a sheet of metal( with fastening on magnets).

Here are a few photo ideas of wall-mounted organizers that you can do with your own hands.

Wall decor, hand-made from IKEA frame and wine corks, mounted on


kitchen wall tile made of artificially aged grater Idea 12. Plates and indexes

Another kitchen decor idea for retro, pop art andsimply unusual decor - the design of the wall signs, signs and pointers. Best of all, if they are "real", but decorative plates also fit.

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