Kitchen design and repair in Khrushchev - 13 super solutions

  • 13 solutions for kitchen arrangement in the Khrushchev

The kitchen in the Khrushchev has two main drawbacks - a small area( from 5 to 7.5 sq. M) and low ceilings( 2.5 - 2.7 m).And it is often gasified, that is, it has pipes and / or a gas column, which spoil the interior. But we also have some good news:

  • First, the kitchens in most Khrushchev houses have not bearing partitions, which means they can be easily rebuilt.
  • Secondly, the problem of small kitchens is so common that furniture manufacturers have long adjusted to it, and designers have developed a lot of ideas and effective solutions on how to make a mini-kitchen cozy and functional.

Today we will talk about 13 ways to get the most out of a modest "Khrushchev" cuisine and present 90 photos of real interiors for your inspiration.

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13 solutions for kitchen arrangement in the Khrushchev

Solution 1. Combining the kitchen with the living room

This variant of redevelopment is not in vain so popular among owners of Khrushchev, because it is simple, super efficient and almost always allowed for non-gasified kitchens. Of course, you will not carve out additional meters from nowhere, but at least you can bring the dining table to the living room, thereby freeing up space for the working area, and visually the kitchen will seem much more spacious. In addition, the combined room is good because it creates excellent conditions for family communication. For example, all family members can be next to each other, at the same time doing their work, and mothers can cook by looking after the children with one eye. Even home parties and parties to organize in the kitchen-living room more convenient and fun.

An example of combining a kitchen and a hall in a one-room Khrushchev

  • However, there are also disadvantages - due to the absence of a partition from the kitchen, culinary smells will penetrate into the living room and soak all the textiles in the room. The same applies to the "kitchen" noise, say, from the released water, exhaust, blender, kettle, etc. Take a nap while lying on the couch while someone actively cooks in the kitchen, or make some noise while going to work while everyone is sleeping, is unlikely. If these disadvantages of the combined kitchen-living room are significant for you, think about Solution 2 - moving the partition.

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Before breaking walls, you will have to go to the BTI, order a redevelopment project and coordinate it( even if you are sure that the wall is not bearing).

Solution 2. Increase the kitchen at the expense of adjacent rooms

If the combined kitchen-living room does not fit into your lifestyle, or if your kitchen is gasified, then you can increase its area at the expense of the adjacent rooms - living room, pantry or corridor. Thus, the kitchen will become slightly larger, but it will remain isolated, which, frankly, is much more convenient for life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Most often, the kitchen is increased at the expense of the living room by moving the partition. Below is an example of a two-room apartment plan in the Khrushchev before and after repair.

Further in the photo you can see an example of the kitchen interior in a one-room Khrushchev, which was rebuilt in a similar way.

  • If the bathroom is combined with a toilet, the bath is replaced with a shower, and the partition is moved, you will be able to expand the kitchen or create a niche for the refrigerator. Such a project is not legalized often, but for those who live on the first floor, the chances are quite high. Below the photo shows an example of a kitchen in Khrushchev, enlarged by the bathroom, bathroom and living room.

And this is how the bathroom and the bathroom

look like after solution 3. Sliding doors or an open doorway

The swing doors in the mini-kitchen take up a lot of storage space and generally clutter the interior. You can, at a minimum, rearrange the hinges so that the door opens to the outside, and as a maximum - replace the swing door with a folding or sliding door as in the kitchen interior in the photo below.

  • Thanks to the sliding doors, it turned out to ease the cramped space, ensure the comfort of moving from the kitchen to the dining room even with dishes and food on hand and at the same time not violate the rules of the building code
  • Thanks to the sliding doorsfood on hand and at the same time do not violate the rules of SNiP

If the kitchen is not gasified, you can completely remove the door, leaving the doorway open and possibly redo it into a beautiful arch, as shown infurther short photo.

And another tip. Doing renovation of the kitchen in Khrushchev, do not miss the opportunity to move the doorway and / or narrow it a bit( up to 80-70 cm).Even a couple of dozen free centimeters of the wall often play a big role.

Solution 4. Conversion of a window sill to a worktop

A window sill is that hidden reserve, by utilizing which you can save space and make the kitchen more functional. But for this, it needs to be redone a little, namely, embedded in a kitchen set or turned into a bar / table.

  • Having embedded the window sill in the U-shaped and angular kitchen set, you can use it as a cutting table, while hiding the radiator and creating additional storage places. However, for this, in the process of repair, it is necessary to slightly raise the window in order to bring the window sill to the level of floor pedestals.
  • Alteration of a window sill to a bar or dining table often does not require lifting the window, you only need to replace the window sill countertop with a larger countertop and install one or two supports under it( if you make a complete table).

Reworking the window sill, make sure that the warm air from the radiator reaches the window. To do this, in the new countertop, you need to make vents and decorate them with a decorative grille. If this is neglected, most likely, the window will start to mist over, which threatens to damage the finish and the appearance of fungus and mold.

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Solution 5. Betting on modern minimalism or simplified classics

The choice of interior style is a matter of taste, but still small rooms are more advantageous and simpler to draw up in a modern way. For example, in the Scandinavian or Japanese style, as well as in the style of minimalism, hi-tech or eco.

In the photo below you can see an example of kitchen design in a Khrushchev-style, decorated in the Scandinavian style.

However, lovers of classics and ethnicity should not give up their preferences. You just need to slightly simplify the chosen style, for example, applying a minimum of decor, relying on light shades and reflective materials.

  • Interior of a kitchen in a classic style
  • Interior of a kitchen in a classic style

Here is an example of kitchen design in a Khrushchev decorated in a lightweight version of ethnic style.

Solution 6. Light walls and furniture

In the perception of space, much depends on the color of the walls and the overall furniture. An unmistakable way to increase the Khrushchev mini-kitchen is to decorate most of the interior in white.

  • If your kitchen doesn’t have enough natural light or is crowded with furniture, rely on monochrome: paint the walls with white paint, choose white sets, a dining table and even curtains on the windows. So all the boundaries of space will be erased, and the kitchen will seem airy, even if it is very close. Do not worry about the complexity of care, because in fact, light surfaces are even more practical than dark ones( with the exception of textiles) and visually make the environment more accurate. And in order to avoid the feeling of hospital sterility, you only need to combine with each other different shades of white and combine spectacular textures and materials.

White kitchen in the Khrushchev-studio

By the way, when you can’t hide the pipes and the water heater, the white facades and walls, including the apron, help out great. Indeed, against such a background, engineering elements will simply not be noticeable.

  • If you want to fill the interior with color, combine white with one or two additional shades. Use too bright or dark colors only in accents, otherwise a small kitchen will only decrease.
  • Design 6-meter kitchen in the Khrushchev with a gas column
  • Design 6-meter kitchen in the Khrushchev with a gas stove
  • Design 6-meter kitchen in the Khrushchev with a gas column
  • Design 6-meter kitchen in a Khrushchev with a heart, in a chromchevka with a column, in a chromchevka with a heart, in a chromchevka with a heart to get in the heart of the house, in a gas stove, with a gas stove, in a house with a gas stove, a 6-meter kitchen, in a krushchevka with a gas stove
  • can visually enlarge the kitchen. To do this, you need to arrange their vertical surfaces, for example, an apron, a facade of a headset, a door or part of a wall, and arrange everything else in a light shade. As a result, the dark area will go deep into, making the space more voluminous.
  • If desired, white color can be replaced with light gray, beige, gray-blue, pale green, pale yellow or cream.
  • Solution 7. Finishing with an optical illusion

    To visually push the walls apart, the floor should be laid diagonally or, if the kitchen is narrow, across it. The most advantageous pattern of laying wooden floor - in the herringbone or in the run. It is important that the floorboards are not too wide and long, as they tend to "compress" the space. The color of the floor can be light or medium saturation - such coatings are easier in the care and increase the area. Similar principles work with the wall decoration:

    • The problem of low ceilings( 2.5-2.6 m high), typical of the Khrushchev-style houses, can be solved by gluing wallpaper on one or two walls with a thin vertical strip or diamond.
    • Ideal wallpaper for kitchen in Khrushchev with low ceilings - thin vertical stripes or diamonds
    • If the kitchen is narrow, but has ceilings not lower than 2.7 m, do exactly the opposite and paint one of the "end" walls with a horizontal strip to visuallyexpand the room.
    • Wallpapers with the prospect of convincingly deceive the sight and deprive the kitchen of the feeling of tightness. The main thing is to make the most of the interior minimalist and in a neutral range.

    • Often designers use focus with a mirror, revealing an apron, part of the wall in the dining area, or one of the walls completely. This technique works especially well if a window is reflected in the mirror, increasing the light in the kitchen. Of course, mirrors require frequent cleaning, so if you often cook, discard the idea of ​​a mirror apron and install the mirror away from the stove and sink.

    The larger the mirror surface, the bigger and brighter the kitchen seems.

    • A wall with a large and bright pattern is worth making out only one wall or a small section of the wall.

    Solution 8. Corner or single-row headset to the ceiling

    In a small kitchen in the Khrushchev corner corner or single-row headset is optimal.

    • The corner set is less compact than a single row, but it sets in motion two walls and a corner, allowing you to organize more storage places and working surfaces. In addition, cooking with this layout is more convenient, because three operating points( sink, refrigerator and stove) are arranged in a triangular pattern. At the same time, there is enough space in the kitchen for dining.
    • A single-row suite is the most compact, which is why it is shown if the kitchen is very small( 4-6 square meters) or when the capacity of the dining room rather than the working area is in priority.

    However, if you bring out the dining room in the attached living room, there will be enough space for a U-shaped or two-row headset. The main thing in these layouts is the free passage between the furniture with a width of at least 90 cm, and preferably 100-120 cm.

    • The U-shaped set fits well into square rooms. And although it is rather bulky, the kitchen turns out to be very comfortable, because everything that a cook needs is literally at hand. In a small kitchen in Khrushchev U-shaped headset, you can build using the windowsill. In the next photo slider, you can see the kitchen interior with a similar layout and dining area in the living room.
    • Double-row set is more suitable for narrow and elongated kitchens, it can also be very convenient( provided the passage is 100-120 cm) and combined with a window sill.

    No matter how you put together your headset, we recommend providing for it several non-standard improvements:

    • The curbstone at the aisle is best made narrowed and beveled, then moving around the kitchen will become much more convenient.

    • To use the potential of a small kitchen at 100%, the headset should be built up to the ceiling, hiding the air duct in the additional tier and equipping the lockers for things that you use only occasionally.
    • A couple of drawers can be built into the base and put all kinds of rolling pins, baking tins, trays and other kitchen stuff into them.
    • Another argument in favor of purchasing a kitchen to order is the ability to hide a gas column behind the facade. Neither the bottom nor the top of such a "locker" should be, but from the case of the column to the walls of the cabinet it is necessary to withstand a distance of at least 3 cm.
    • Before installing a gas column in a kitchen cabinet, be sure to consult with the gas service
    • Before you install a gas column in a kitchen cabinet, be sure to consult with gas service

    See also material: Design and repair of a kitchen with a gas column.

    Solution 9. Concise


    Want to achieve maximum lightness and airiness of the interior? Then choose solid facades without any decor, panels, prints, and maybe even without handles. However, gloss or glass inserts will not be superfluous, because they reflect the light and visually facilitate bulky furniture.

    Solution 10.

    mini-equipment In the struggle for precious centimeters, mini-format technology will help out, perhaps without sacrificing functionality.

    • Dishwasher 45 cm wide - fully meets the needs of a family of 3-4 people. If 1-2 people live in the apartment, then the model will suit even less - 35-40 cm wide.

    • The 55-cm wide refrigerator is quite capacious, as it compensates for the narrowness of the chamber with its tall height.
    • Narrow can be an oven( 45 cm).
    • A three-hob stove can handle the needs of a standard family, while a two-hob stove is suitable for a couple or one person. By the way, according to the old rules of SNiP, in the kitchen in the Khrushchev stove it should be just a mini format - with no more than three burners.

    In addition to mini-technology, you should equip your mini-kitchen with multi-functional appliances. For example, when choosing a combine, give preference to a model that squeezes out juice and chops meat, and the oven should be chosen with the function of a microwave oven.

    All appliances - from microwave to refrigerator - preferably embedded. So a small kitchen will look orderly and not cluttered.

    Solution 11.

    compact and functional dining group Only a compact and functional furniture can make up a dining group for a small kitchen, otherwise it simply does not fit.

    • For 1-2 people it will not be a problem to choose a small table of a sliding / folding type, which is easily increased in case of receiving guests.

    • For those who lead a mobile lifestyle, a bar counter or a folding wall table will suit.
    • For a family of 3-5 people, it is worthwhile to choose a table of rectangular or square shape, preferably with rounded corners and, of course, of a folding / sliding type. A bench installed on one of the walls will help to increase the seats. Unlike chairs, benches do not require a place behind the back and often have storage boxes under the seat.
    • Table assembled in the kitchen area of ​​7 square meters.m in Khrushchev
    • Table assembled in the kitchen area of ​​7 square meters.m in Khrushchev

    Table with folding wings, which double the number of seats

    • In the combined kitchen-living room you can put the same bar, which not only becomes a place for meals, but also divide the space into zones.

    • A more traditional option is a round or oval table that fits into the living room better than a rectangular or square table.

    • You can also put a transforming coffee table in the living room, which in an instant turns into a spacious table for 4-6 people.
    • Chairs should be small and lightweight. Well, if they are folding or at least stacked on top of each other.

    • We also strongly recommend to look at the stealth chairs made of polycarbonate. They are inexpensive, fit into any interiors, very practical, and most importantly - do not clutter up cramped spaces.

    Solution 12. Several small lamps instead of one chandelier

    Even the closest and most crowded kitchen will seem more spacious and more comfortable if you create the right lighting in it. And vice versa, no matter how well the kitchen design in the Khrushchevka was planned, the bad light will spoil its perception.

    • So, for example, the usual central lighting of one chandelier will create unnecessary shadows for us and will even more “compress” the small kitchen.

    What to do? First, make sure that during the day, nothing interferes with the penetration of natural light - neither the things on the windowsill, nor the tulle, nor the curtains, nor the furniture. Secondly, instead of one chandelier or in addition to it, install several spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling or wall sconces in several places in the kitchen. Third, highlight the dining area with light by hanging the chandelier directly above the table or setting the wall lamp on the wall by the table. Thanks to this technique, kitchen gatherings will become more pleasant, and the interior will become more modern. And of course, do not forget about the lighting of the working area with the help of furniture lighting.

    An example of the correct lighting of a very small kitchen in the Khrushchev

    Solution 13. Short curtains

    If the kitchen faces north and it is sorely lacking daylight, it is highly desirable to leave the window without curtains.

    In all other cases, the windows of a small kitchen should be decorated with light and short curtains with minimal assembly. For example, it can be Roman or roller blinds, curtain cafes, vertical or horizontal blinds, or ordinary curtains that slightly cover the window sill.

    Roman blinds in the kitchen in the Khrushchev

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