What to look for when choosing a mini-stove?

Compact home appliances are always popular. Therefore, together with the need to replace the oven or electric oven, the question may arise how to choose a mini oven that can serve no worse than all other baking and baking appliances.

Indeed, the mini oven has many advantages:

  • it is compact;
  • is completely independent of the hob;
  • can be installed anywhere, as long as there is access to electricity;
  • she cooks no worse than the usual oven;
  • you can choose a mini oven that will consume less energy than a standard stove with a stove.

Each mini-oven has its advantages, therefore, when you started to choose one of many models, we advise you to pay attention to the volume, to what electricity it consumes, and to the capabilities of the device.

Try to stop the choice on the mini oven, which is equipped only with the basic functions associated with cooking. The more additional features there are, the greater the likelihood that the stove will break soon, and we use additional functions extremely rarely.

Volume, liters Power, kW Main features
Up to 10( for 2 people) 0.5-0.9 heated dishes;
cooking hot sandwiches;
defrost food;
baking products;
12-22( for 3-4 people) 1-2
30 or more( for 5-6 people) 2 or more


  • 1 Capacity
  • 2 Management System
  • 3 Advanced MASASAS.mini oven can easily replace the microwave. It is good to fry toasts, to heat and thaw food, to cook hot sandwiches.

    Best for a family of 3-4 people or for one, but very hospitable owner, to buy an electric oven of 16-20 liters. In this case, you can bake pies and bake meat for the whole family.

    If you regularly bake, then check to see if the shapes that you use fit the size of the new mini oven. In this case, it will not be necessary to look for other baking dishes.

    Pay attention to what kind of treatment the internal surfaces of the stove. They can be coated with a special scratch and chemical resistant layer. In this case, it will be easier for you to wash and clean the mini oven inside.

    Control system

    Of great importance is the control system and the mini oven. If the modes are switched by handles mechanically, the price will not be very high. Those models that have an electronic control system are more expensive.

    In case of breakage, the electronic system is more difficult to repair, so buy furnaces from reliable manufacturers so that they serve as long as possible.

    Additional equipment

    Those who decide to learn how to choose an electric compact stove, we recommend to pay attention to additional features. An example of such possibilities would be the presence of:

    • timer, which is designed for a certain maximum time;
    • fan, which distributes warm air evenly throughout the furnace( convection);
    • sound signals warning of the readiness of the dish;
    • additional items( crumb tray, casserole, grill, grate).

    Immediately we say that it is not necessary to choose a convection oven. If top and bottom heaters are provided, it will heat up evenly. It is only necessary to carefully study how to regulate the heating process.

    Very convenient if the electric mini oven has a thermostat that allows you to smoothly adjust the temperature. In this case, you can perfectly cook any dish. Specify whether there is a smooth adjustment function in the device you want to buy and how to use it correctly.

    Regarding the internal illumination, we can say that many models have it, but it is worth checking this just in case and at the same time make sure that the light bulb really shines.


    Many people wonder what should be the power of a mini oven. I must say that the larger the volume of the device, the more power it consumes. If we compare the average volume models, then for the preparation of full-fledged dishes, you can stop the choice at a power of about 1-1.5 kW.

    Of course, many people pay attention to the design of the stove, trying to match it to the interior of the kitchen. The most common are silver, white, red and black models. Thoroughly considering all the parameters, ranging from color and volume and ending with the design and price, you can always buy the most convenient for you small stove.

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