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Multivarka or steamer: what's the difference and what to choose?


More and more in the market of household appliances there are models which are called to facilitate as much as possible the hard everyday work of the hostess behind the stove. So, relatively recently, universal interest has acquired a "miracle pot" multivarka and its competitor - a steamer. So, what is the pronounced difference between them and what is better to acquire? We will disassemble in detail.


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A steamer is a monofunctional device. It can cook vegetables, fish, cereals, meat and even soups, but all this is done exclusively by steam. It should be chosen by people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle or are forced to comply with a strict diet regime.

Steamer allows you to prepare a variety of dishes, while preserving the useful properties of components: heat treatment by steam recognized in the most gentle and delicate way, which makes it possible to save vitamins and useful microelements (for this the steamer is valued in dietetics).

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In terms of functionality, the multi-player plays the steamer. And this difference is quite obvious. Even in the most budgetary models you can:

  • fry;
  • to extinguish;
  • bake;
  • cook.

In fact, the multivar can completely replace the usual hob and oven. The steamer is a more narrow-profile device. Steam cooking in the multivark is also available, for this purpose it is equipped with a special insert.

True, the amount of food that can be cooked in this mode multivarka, at times less than a classic steamer and for many in this regard the steamer will be much more attractive.


This criterion is especially important, since it depends on how much food per program cycle you can cook. In this respect, the steamer is better and it leads. In popular models there are 2-4 autonomous compartments, the volume of which varies from 2 to, liters. In multivarquks - one cup. Its volume can be from 2 to 6 liters.

In the double boiler you can independently adjust the number of used blocks, the multivarker does not provide such possibilities.

A particularly important nuance is that due to the availability of autonomous units, it is possible to cook several dishes at the steamer simultaneously: for example, on the lower tier fish, at the top - vegetables or porridge in a special compartment.


In a multivark, you can also prepare the main course and garnish at the same time, for example, in a bowl to extinguish vegetables, and in a container for steaming put the fish or vice versa - in the bowl bake the meat, and cook for a couple potatoes. But the number of products that can accommodate one multivark is incommensurably smaller than the steamer blocks, and this is not suitable for all families.

At the same time, the multivark is more convenient, for example, for making soups or sauces. The steamer for these purposes is equipped with a special cup-like insert, usually of a small size.

If you plan to use the device to prepare the first dishes for a large family, it is better to choose a multivariate.

Facilities in operation and maintenance

Both devices are fairly simple to operate. For the convenience of users, the names of the modes are often displayed on the devices display. Additional comfort is provided by the following functions:

  • "Delayed start the program will start the device itself at the time you set the timer;
  • "Defrosting
  • "Maintenance of heat a kind of heating of dishes;
  • "Protection from overheating "auto shutdown".

In terms of care, the steamer is more convenient. All removable parts can be cleaned easily and in a dishwasher. But if you plan to wash it manually, please note that the cell texture of the bowls is quite difficult to thoroughly clean.

The bowl of the multivarquet is much easier to clean, since it is monolithic, it can also be washed in a dishwasher.

But the most difficult thing in the care of this device is the cleaning of the sealing rubber and the cover of the device. Since the multivarker makes it possible to fry and stew, these parts are particularly dirty, but they can not be removed (or it is problematic). To choose is better that model, care of which will not give you trouble.

Video: how to choose a multivark

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