A selection of varieties of columnar apple trees for summer residents of the Moscow region

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  • This variety of apples attracts gardeners with a large number of advantages:
    • ease of care;
    • ease of landing;
    • good survival rate;
    • the ability to get a good harvest of apples in small areas.

    In their small areas, gardeners want to grow not only vegetables, but also fruits. Having disembarked a columnar apple, the gardener gets an opportunity to provide the family with a bountiful harvest of delicious, fragrant apples. In addition, the choice of varieties for this region is large enough. Any gardener will be able to easily choose a variety that will suit his taste. Colony-shaped apple seedlings are quite simple to purchase - their cost is relatively small, and there are good quality seedlings in all nurseries.

    Columnar apple varieties

    The following cultivar apple varieties are best suited for planting in the Moscow region:

    • Vasyugan colonoid;
    • Currency;
    • Moscow Necklace;
    • Maluha.

    Each has its own advantages over the others. And all of them are perfectly acclimatized on the soil within the Moscow Region, since this climate is optimal for them.

    Vasyugan colonic

    Apple Vasyugan colonic great for planting in cold regions. It perfectly withstands temperatures up to - 42 C in the winter - which is very important, because at times the frosts in the Moscow region are quite severe. At the same time, the tree produces fairly large bright red fruits, the weight of which can reach 200 grams.

    Vasyugan belongs to varieties of semi-dwarf apple trees and can reach a height of 3 meters.

    The tree has an impressively sized crown, on which there is a large number of kolchaks - it is on them that fruiting takes place. The one-time harvest is about 6 kilograms. The creation of any special favorable conditions can significantly increase this figure.

    The tree begins to bear fruit in the first year, but the harvest in this case is small - it makes only a few apples.

    Duration of effective fruiting is 15 years. That is why it is necessary to update the garden every 10 years - so that a few years always remain in stock.

    Read also: Some simple ways of weaving trees from beadsThe trees themselves are represented by a compact, columnar shape. Fruits can be both large and medium size - it all depends on the conditions of ripening, which occurs closer to winter. An important feature of the fruits of the presented variety is that they are stored for a long time - 3-4 months subject to the conditions.

    Apple Tree Currency requires planting in moist, well dendrirovannoy soil, but does not tolerate close groundwater.

    The biggest advantage of this type of variety is its remarkable resistance to scab and other similar diseases, which negates the need to produce chemical treatment of the garden. At the same time, the currency is extremely demanding on the availability of special soil supplements. In their absence, the probability of fruiting is extremely low. Flowering with insufficient fertilizer may not occur at all. As a top dressing it is necessary to use specialized formulations.based on mineral and nitrogen fertilizers.

    It is advisable to plant the seedlings of Apple Currency varieties in a well-lit, open area. You should not plant in the shaded areas of the garden, in this case, the probability of fruiting will be minimal.

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    Variety Moscow necklace

    Apple tree Moscow necklace was bred by MV Kachalkin. The original name of this variety - X2.Sometimes many gardeners to this day so called Moscow necklace. The tree itself has a fairly small height - no more than 2 meters and according to the classification it is considered dwarf. The root system of the tree is extremely unpretentious and resilient, seedlings very quickly take root. Moscow necklace is extremely resistant to a variety of diseases.

    To speed up the fruiting of the Moscow necklace variety by planting on the most well-lit part of the soil .

    Requires aeration as well as drainage. Excellent results in terms of the number of fruits give trees that are planted on loamy and sandy soil. Immediately after planting, trees must be tied up in order to avoid injury to the trunk. Apple harvest ripens relatively late - in mid-September and tastes similar to Melba apples. The shelf life of the harvest is quite large. Fruits can, under the conditions of storage, lie and not deteriorate for 3-4 months or even more.

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    seed Apple Maluha

    A distinctive feature of Maluha apple tree is the dessert taste of fruits - they have excellent taste. That is why this variety is sometimes called dessert. The egg-yellow color and the unusual juiciness of the fruits, which also have fairly large sizes, say about excellent taste, 150-250 grams.

    Despite the fact that Maluha has excellent fruits when planting in the Moscow Region, it should be remembered that it does not have a very high frost resistance, which requires additional labor for the gardener to cover it well from cold with rags and other items. The variety is demanding of the soil - it must be well ventilated and humidified. Avoid planting this type of apple in places where strong winds blow, which will negatively affect the amount of the crop. Also, an apple tree must be constantly formed, otherwise it will lose its columnar shape, it will grow, and the fruits will become small.

    Video about colony apple

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