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Pineapple homeland is South America, and the habitats of the culture are not moisture-rich tropics, but long-dry plains. And it is even surprising that the plant, which forms a powerful, up to two meters in diameter, socket of prickly hard leaves, has such a juicy and sweet fruit. The taste of pineapple is appreciated by a man for a very long time, long before the discovery of America and its conquest by conquistador troops.

Today, pineapples are grown not only in their historic homeland, but also in many Asian countries. Even at home, pineapple can be grown on the windowsill.

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The demand for prickly, with a green tufted fruit is great throughout the world. They are used fresh and canned, from pineapple make juices and jams, add to various dishes and dried. But if the culinary value of fruits is indisputable, then they began to talk about the benefits of a farmer relatively recently to Brazil. What is useful pineapple for the body? What properties and substances in the fruit should be paid attention to?

The value of pineapple for the body

Like many other fresh fruits, ripe pineapple will delight gourmets and healthy food advocates with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The absolute leader among vitamins is ascorbic acid, which in the pulp per 100 grams accounts for up to 50 mg. In addition, pineapple contains B, PP and carotene vitamins. The sweet and sour taste of the fruit is due to organic acids, sucrose and fructose in the composition of the pulp, as well as aromatic and essential oils that determine the recognizable aroma of pineapple.

For the body, pineapple is a source of calcium, phosphorus and iron, zinc, iodine and iron, mania, potassium and manganese, copper. In recent years, a complex of plant enzymes has been actively studied, which has received the name bromeliin due to the bromeliad family.

The energy value of a 100 g serving is 48–52 kcal. This takes into account the fresh flesh, if in industrial conditions or at home pineapple made compote, candied fruits or jam, due to the addition of sugar, caloric content can significantly increase.

With a rather low calorie content of fresh fruit per 100 grams of pulp it is necessary: ​​

  • 0.3 grams of proteins;
  • 0.1 gram fat;
  • 11.5 grams of carbohydrates;
  • 0.3 grams of ash;
  • 85.5 grams of water.

Indeed, the plant tried to accumulate in the towering seedlings above the rosette and water, giving the pulp juiciness, and other substances that determine the beneficial properties of pineapple for the human body.

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The beneficial effects of pineapple on the human body.

The inclusion of fresh slices of pineapple or juice from this fruit in the daily menu will help accelerate digestive processes. Due to the high concentration of acids and the presence of unique enzymes eaten as a pineapple dessert will help get rid of the heaviness in the stomachs and literally cause the body to digest the food eaten faster. This action of the enzyme complex was also evaluated by people who want to lose weight. Today, pineapple is included in the diet, and on its basis produce biologically active means for weight loss.

Pineapple is particularly useful for the body if a person suffers from low acidity, or for some reason, he does not produce enough of his own enzymes. In this case, a tasty natural remedy can easily replace medication.

Hypertensive patients are well aware of how valuable pineapple is for men and women who have high blood pressure. The fruit is actively used as a prophylactic to reduce it, as well as to remove harmful cholesterol, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the health of the entire cardiovascular system.

Pineapple has another interesting property. The pulp and juice of an exotic fruit make the blood thin, which not only reduces the risks of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the risk of stroke, but also helps in the treatment of thrombosis and varicose disease.

Speaking about the benefits of pineapple for the human body, not to mention its effectiveness in the period of mass respiratory diseases. A fruit rich in vitamin C will not only replenish the body with energy, but also strengthen the immune system and help resist viral and bacterial infections.

Pineapple contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body. This property is used in diseases of the urogenital sphere, with hypertension, as well as during pregnancy.

Women who are waiting for a child and other categories of pineapple consumers will appreciate the ability of their flesh to gently affect their mood and the entire nervous system. Pineapple and women, and men can be considered a natural energy and antidepressant. It feeds with energy, helps to fight insomnia and stress, depressive states and chronic fatigue. Include pineapple in the menu is advised with a weakened immune system and anemia.

The effect of pineapple juice and pulp on the skin

This fruit can not only protect the body from external influences, but also rejuvenate it. Substances in the composition of the pineapple pulp on the body act as a natural antioxidant. And this happens when eating a fruit for food, and when it is used externally for its pulp.

If you use fresh fruit gruel as a part of masks or use ice from the pulp, the skin after pineapple loses its oily shine, tightens and brightens. After applying cosmetics with pineapple, the skin gets rid of dead cells, mimic wrinkles are smoothed. Anti-inflammatory properties help to cope with purulent formations on the skin; under the influence of this natural remedy, regeneration is improved.

Only with a tendency to allergic reactions, as well as with damaged or dry skin, it is better not to use pineapple or to perform a wrist test before the procedure.

The beneficial effects of pineapple on women

If a healthy woman from eating pineapple feels only pleasure and health benefits, then expectant mother should include exotic fruits in her menu with great care. During pregnancy, pineapple and other products that can actively affect the female and child's body, doctors recommend or completely eliminate from the diet, or used in food with extreme caution. Concerning pineapple, such concerns and precautions are very important because the product is listed as an active allergen. As a result, the body receives a foreign protein rather violent and painful reactions, expressed in respiratory phenomena, swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and all respiratory organs, digestive disorders, skin rashes and itching.

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This means that even in the absence of signs of fruit intolerance in the mother, there is a potential danger of pineapple for children. If a pineapple was in the diet of a pregnant woman before, and the woman didn’t feel any change in her condition after it was taken:

  • in the first trimester is still better to remove the fruit from the menu;
  • in II and III trimesters, you can pamper yourself with a couple of slices of your favorite delicacy.

At the same time, one should strictly monitor one’s own reaction to pineapple and fetal behavior.

It is better to eliminate the pineapple from the menu of a nursing woman in the first few months in order not to provoke the development of undesirable reactions to the fruit in the baby.

It is precisely because of the high risk of allergies or food intolerance that pineapples are not given to children under three years of age. If the baby has a predisposition to such reactions, then even up to 6–7 years old it is better not to acquaint the child with the sunny fruit.

Is pineapple good for the endometrium?

Today it is very often possible to hear about the benefits of pineapple for the endometrium, that is, the inner lining of the uterus, which plays an important role in the process of pregnancy and beyond, during its development. It is this growing layer during the cycle that receives the fertilized egg. If this does not happen, then the endometrium dies off and along with the menstrual blood is removed from the body. With the beginning of a new cycle, the process is repeated.

Women, in whom the endometrium is not sufficiently thick, as doctors say, more often have difficulties not only with carrying a baby, but also with conception.

Therefore, women who want to become a mother use all the opportunities so that the endometrium reaches the desired indicators. There is an opinion that for the endometrium pineapple is almost an elixir that stimulates development. However, doctors refute this statement. In fact, such medical research was not conducted, and speaking of the benefits of pineapple for women, nutritionists may note the presence in the pulp:

  • a wide range of vitamins;
  • antioxidants;
  • organic acids.
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But other fruits have the same set of active substances. But the allergenicity of pineapple for a pregnant woman in any way can not go!

To change the thickness of the endometrium, doctors advise to pay attention to products containing beta-carotene and vitamin E, as well as selenium:

  • And here the leaders in vitamin A content are not pineapples, but carrots and tomatoes, liver and watermelons, and oranges of red varietiesand peaches.
  • The source of vitamin E for women is not pineapples, but nuts and bran, cereals and vegetable oils.
  • You can replenish your body with selenium by including mackerel and bran bread, broccoli and tomatoes in the diet.

Benefits of Pineapple for Men

Listing nutritional qualities of pineapple for men, nutritionists necessarily speak of the ability of this fruit to quickly restore energy, nourish vitamin and mineral reserves of a person. Since for many people of the stronger sex today’s life prepares serious mental and physical exertion on a daily basis, the inclusion of pineapple in the diet will help to neutralize the negative effects of overwork. Man pineapple strengthen the immune and nervous system, will show its effect as an effective antioxidant. This can not affect the general well-being and sexual activity of men.

Possible contraindications and necessary caution

Despite the undeniable benefits of pineapple for the male and female body, to abuse this fruit and mindlessly refer to such an active product can not.

First, pineapple should be discarded with a tendency to food intolerance and allergies. This fruit precaution applies to all age categories. It does not need to include in the menu pineapple for children up to three years, as well as nursing women and expectant mothers during the first half of pregnancy. The danger of using pineapple for pregnant women lies in the fact that the fruit can provoke a sudden generic activity.

Since this product has a rather high glycemic index, the use of pineapple in diabetes must be accompanied by all precautions. Unpleasant symptoms after eating pineapple and worsening state of health await a sick person suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis with high acidity. The increased content of active acids in the pulp adversely affects the enamel of the teeth, so after eating fresh fruit it is worth rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth.

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