A searing exotic spice is a carnation. Useful properties and contraindications

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Even in the III century BC in China it was customary to go to the reception to the emperor with a piece of burning plant in his mouth. Since then many are interested in this mysterious clove spice, useful properties and contraindications that arise with its frequent use. After all, even then the Chinese understood the property of this plant to freshen breath and remove unpleasant odor from the mouth.

In the Middle Ages, European healers noticed the ability of the carnation to positively influence the body during infectious ailments. They advised to string small flowers of clove tree, make a necklace and constantly wear it. And with direct contact with patients, constantly chew a miraculous plant. Time has shown that the useful properties of cloves and the contraindications of spices for the human body are indeed worthy of our attention. What do modern examples and facts say about this? Let's try to get to know this unique overseas plant more closely.

Available to all the treasure of nutrients

In a natural environment, a clove was found on the Philippine islands. Today it is grown in Malaysia, as well as on the east coast of the American continent. Exotic tree reaches a height of more than 20 meters and belongs to the family "Myrtovye". In appearance, the plant resembles a high pyramid, which is decorated with small grayish leaves. Between them "hide" miniature brown buds, reminiscent of carnations with a hat. Each of them contains a bottomless treasure of life-giving substances, used by clever people for several millennia.

Having considered useful properties and contraindications to spice cloves, everyone can decide for themselves the degree of its application. After all, unrevealed flowers of exotic wood have been used in cooking for a long time. They have an amazing aroma that can change the taste of even fairly simple dishes:

  • fish with marinade and condiments;
  • homemade sausage and corned beef;
  • meat, fish, mushroom and potato soup;
  • potting for canning vegetables;
  • in sweet desserts (compotes, pastries, pudding).

It is quite difficult to list all sorts of culinary masterpieces, where various spices are put in tandem with a ground carnation. For example, in combination with fragrant ground pepper, the seasoning gives an exquisite taste to meat products. To get a special spicy taste of tonic beverages, the plant is added to coffee, punch, mulled wine, cocoa and compote. Seasoning is widely used in the Russian food industry.For excellent useful properties cloves are put in various sauces and canned food, which is very like our compatriots.

To get an excellent dish, the cloves are put there at the very end of the cooking. Otherwise, with long heat treatment, it emits bitterness.

It should be noted that the dry buds of the clove tree have a pronounced flavor. They are able to smash the remaining spices in a dish and even change its taste. The smell is contained in miniature hats of spices, and the burning taste is in the petioles. Especially appreciated by gourmets - the medicinal properties of the clove seasoning that it possesses. This is one of the reasons why seasoning is so popular in many countries of the world.

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To check the quality of the bud, it is thrown into a container of water. If the spice has drowned or floats vertically upwards, it means it is fresh and ready for use. Buy it better in a natural whole. If necessary, you can grind, but just before preparing a culinary masterpiece. So it retains its ability to influence the internal organs of man.

Carnation and health

To understand the usefulness of cloves for the body, it is important to understand what valuable substances it contains. Among other things, I would like to mention only some valuable elements:

  • vitamins of group B, A (retinol), E (tocopherol) and K (phylloquinone);
  • vegetable fiber in the form of dietary fiber (if you take 100 grams of spice, then it will accordingly be 30 grams of fiber);
  • natural ash (per 100 g of buds, 6 g of ash falls);
  • rich in valuable compounds essential oil;
  • a set of microelements (magnesium, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc);
  • glucose;
  • all kinds of mucus;
  • tanning natural substances;
  • a series of fatty and non-fatty acids;
  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins.

Reflecting on the composition of exotic spice, it becomes clear what is useful for carnation for the body. As practice shows, the regular use of spices in food contributes to the solution of such problems:

  • anesthetic effect;
  • antiseptic action;
  • calms nervous tension;
  • kills pathogenic microbes;
  • gives refreshment and tone to the body;
  • promotes healing of wounds;
  • removes fluid from the body;
  • relieves internal spasms;
  • effectively fights against viruses.

Despite some contraindications in the treatment, the useful properties of clove spices far exceed its disadvantages. So the plant is used in the treatment of various diseases. Let's consider some of them.

Purification of the body from parasites

No man can say with certainty that parasites do not live inside him. Such microscopic creatures as pinworms, lamblia or roundworm can slowly "eat away" our body. Fortunately, against them there is a powerful weapon - a burning carnation. Due to the eugenol entering it, parasites are first neutralized, and then come out with excrement.

Dried flowers of clove-tree effectively kill eggs of parasites and larvae, preventing them from actively developing.

But there is a natural question: how to take cloves from parasites to see a positive effect? To do this, grind the buds of spices into powder and swallow 3 times a day for one teaspoonful. Drink "medicine" is important for clean water, which is important for accelerating the process of neutralizing pests. The treatment period is 21 days.

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Often, experts advise preparing a "medicine" from a mixture of plants such as cloves, tansy and wormwood. Grinded herbs are mixed into a homogeneous powder and take 1 teaspoon before the evening meal. In this tandem the carnation from the parasites acts much faster, which contributes to the effective cleansing of the body.

Since the effect of high temperature on the spice is lost many useful substances, it is better to use cloves in dry form. In addition, decoctions of medicinal plants are absorbed in the small intestine, not reaching the place of congestion of parasites.

Treatment of throat burning spice

Often, due to hypothermia, in the throat there is unpleasant pain, which you want to immediately get rid of. To the aid comes the burning exotic spice. It is sold at any grocery outlet in the form of dried brown buds.

Applying cloves to treat the throat, many noticed a positive effect. For this, a simple tincture is prepared. In a glass with boiled water put 3 or 4 carnations. Cover with a dense lid, cover with a towel and insist for an hour and a half. Ready tincture you need to rinse your sore throat. In addition, the broth should be drunk in small portions for 3 hours. Such a simple recipe for cloves from sore throats is quite easy to prepare at home.

The procedure is desirable to do not later than 18 hours, as the broth has a tonic effect. The course of treatment is 6 days.

Sometimes the illness becomes chronic and it may take more effort to get rid of it.The use of decoction of cloves with angina in adults, also gives a positive result. Half a teaspoon of chopped spices pour boiling water, add a pinch of sea salt and insist for an hour. Rinse the throat with a solution twice a day after eating. The procedure does not stop until you get rid of the disease.

Carnation and pregnancy

Every woman who expects a child tries to follow her diet. A large amount of vitamins and beneficial microelements are never superfluous. Is it possible to enjoy the taste of a carnation during pregnancy? Some experts do not see anything wrong with this, the main thing is to use it in moderation. Other doctors say that spice affects the nervous system of a woman, causing excitement and anxiety. As opinions differ, the decision is made on an individual basis.

Do not neglect the advice of a specialist. After all, cloves are a burning spice and may not suit everyone, especially a pregnant woman.

Carnation and chic figure

In our age of electronic technology, people do not move much, so they gain weight. Excellent means for losing weight - cloves - burning Asian spice. It is used as a fragrant tea, strong tincture or essential oil. When it is added to food, it is better absorbed. Low-calorie products acquire excellent taste, which makes the diet a pleasant experience.

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In addition, if you know how to take cloves with benefit to the body, the process of losing weight is accelerated. Moderate consumption of spices contributes to better digestion and the breakdown of fats. This is the reliable way to lose weight.

Natural "chewing gum" with excellent taste

Probably, every person at least once in his life tried a chewing gum. It turns out that there is a burning and useful plant in nature. Someone might ask: why chew dried cloves? The answer is simple - it brings a lot of benefit to the body.

Since the spice is capable of destroying pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity, it is used to treat various dental ailments. With toothache, the gum is rubbed with powder from the ground buds of the plant. Another option - put the spice in your mouth and slowly chew. Over time, the pain should go away. It is not surprising that those who did not apply this method, think: is it useful to chew cloves spice with dental diseases? It's simple - you should try it on yourself.

To prevent the development of caries, some fans of medicinal herbs regularly chew dry cloves. Thanks to its components, the body receives the necessary vitamins, oils and trace elements.

Useful properties of dried cloves contribute to the strengthening and whitening of teeth. As a result, you can find a beautiful smile and forget about the unpleasant odor from the mouth.

Objective assessment of the benefits and harms of burning spices

Often people have different opinions about the health benefits and harm to carnations. The thing is that we are all different. Therefore, the same treatment can be effective for someone, and the other does not help at all. This also applies to the buds of the clove tree, which contain a huge number of valuable elements.

Individual intolerance of constituent components of spice often harms the body. Despite the useful healing properties of cloves and contraindications, it is widely used in cooking.But nevertheless, it should be taken with caution in patients with gastritis and those with increased gastric acidity.

It is not recommended to chew spice with ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is contraindicated to be fond of burning spice when the baby is naturally fed. Carnation will affect the taste of mother's milk and lead to the appearance of a baby diathesis. Even worse, he can give up breast, which will adversely affect his health.

It is not advisable to give the plant to children who have not reached the age of three. It is forbidden to eat its hypertensive patients and people with mental disorders. In this situation, the medicinal properties and contraindications of a carnation will not bring much benefit to a person. Only by applying a wise approach to methods of treatment and health care, you can enjoy a full life. And exotic spicery let exude its unrivaled aroma for all connoisseurs of natural gifts.


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