Overview of shower cabins for cottages: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

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Many people spend a lot of time in the country. That is why it is necessary to have a shower for outdoor use - it will allow you to cool down after a hot summer day.

Types of shower cabins

The considered constructions are on sale quite often, as they are extremely in demand among summer residents, owners of personal plots or simply villagers.

Shower cabins for cottages can be divided into several categories:

  1. closed execution (Fig. 1);
  2. open execution (Fig. 2).

Most people choose a shower for the dacha based on their preferences and depending on the conditions in which it will be used. It is also possible to divide these products into different types according to the method of water supply. It can be poured from the watering can into the person in the cab from a special tank at the top, or be fed to the mixer continuously, on a specially laid water pipe.

Often, many models are equipped with several sections, each of which has its own purpose (Fig. 3).

The room in which there is no watering can with water flowing from it can be used as a dressing room. Or it is possible to install a sink for washing hands and other hygiene procedures.

Overview of shower cabins for gated type

Many people often reflect for a very long time what shower cabin to choose for a dacha. Most often, most private house owners opt for closed-door models.

Since the presence of the walls allows you to protect yourself from prying eyes, feel comfortable and do not experience psychological discomfort.

One of the most popular models in demand in recent years is the POLEX Classic 2 shower cubicle (Fig. № 4). It has the following advantages:

  • The frame is made of stainless metal, it is easily and quickly disassembled;
  • all parts are painted with a special powder paint;
  • in the complete set there are fastenings, with them the special key also is delivered;
  • There is a wooden pallet - this makes it possible not to slip during the wash;
  • a special pocket for personal hygiene items is provided.
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The only drawback of the product in question is the lack of a water tank. It must either be purchased separately, or manufactured by yourself. Otherwise, this model most often meets all the needs of the average summer resident - it is convenient, easy to assemble and dismantle, durable, compact.

Another popular product of similar design is Polex Classic 4. The main difference from its more compact fellow is the presence of an additional room, which can be used at its own discretion. Most often, the owners of such structures place there benches and clothes hangers, as well as shells.


The model in question has the following advantages:

  • simplicity of assembly and installation;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • low cost;
  • the possibility to install large-volume water tanks on metal structures.
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There is also one drawback. Polex Classic 4 occupies a relatively large area of ​​land. But if necessary, the additional section can be disassembled - the functionality and usability of this will not decrease.

Mega Resource company assembles and sells booths called "Shower for a summer residence (skeleton with a tank) with a cloakroom" for quite a long time. And their products are very popular.

Complete with this model of the cab is:

  • a tray with a drain hole;
  • Wooden crate in the locker room;
  • A metal frame with polycarbonate attached to it.

The main advantages are the ease of assembly and low cost. Especially in comparison with competitors in this segment of the market.

Also, Mega Resource manufactures and sells shower cabins equipped with a coating of other polymeric materials (not polycarbonate). Often on sale you can find a model called "Shower for cottages (frame with a barrel) with a cloakroom." The price of this modification is slightly higher. But, nevertheless, it is significantly different in value from similar products from other manufacturers.

Outdoor showers of open type

Often, summer cottages are used for outdoor showers. A good example is Polex Classic 1 (Fig. 1).

Despite the peculiar appearance, such models of shower cabins have a large number of advantages:

  • low cost;
  • simplicity of design;
  • light weight;
  • compactness.

Since the walls are completely absent, the weight of the structure in question will be relatively small. Thus, it is easy to install the cab even on very loose ground, and it will not fall into it. That allows you to quickly make the installation.

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To assemble only a pair of spanners, all the necessary fasteners are bundled with this product. The cabin itself is very compact, its area is only 1000 × 1000 mm.

A company called Mega Resource produces and sells various types of shower cabins for dachas. Their cost is extremely low when purchased from the manufacturer. Also in the kit with their cabins are usually water tanks. This is an undeniable advantage over competitors, since the price of such a tank is quite large.

The model called "Shower for a summer residence (frame with a tank)" is very popular. Since immediately after the assembly it can be used. There is no need to additionally adjust the various holes for mounting the water tank.

Shower cabins with water heater

It is also often found in the reviews of shower cabins for villa models, equipped with various additional equipment. Most often in its quality are electric heaters of the flow type. The water can also be heated by means of a device located inside the tank itself, that is, the water tank is essentially a storage heater.

Shower cabins in the country are not a luxury, but a necessity. Therefore, they are in great demand. If necessary, you can easily pick up any model that is suitable for its performance characteristics for a particular case.

Video: assembly of shower cabins Summer and Summer-X2

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