Petunia Series Merlin

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Petunia is a perennial herb that belongs to the family of the nightshade. In floriculture petunia is grown as an annual plant. It is not grown as a indoor flower, but it is ideal for balconies, windows and gardening flower beds. The leaf shape of the plant is whole with short legs( petioles), the stems are thick, branched, but this depends on the variety. The flower of the plant has a funnel shape. The color palette is varied, so it may surprise an experienced grower and a simple summer resident.

Petunia Merlin is one of the most popular plants that grow growers. The flower is resistant to wind and rain, so the Merlin series is in demand in the market.

Benefits of Petunia Merlin:

  • The Merlin multiflora series is considered the best plant that is weather resistant.
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  • Easy to grow seedlings.
  • Resists drought and slight frost, grows in full sun.
  • Perfect for landscaping.
  • Thanks to the compact size of the plant, it can be planted close to each other.
  • Regular and abundant flowering pleases with a beautiful and diverse palette.
  • The flowers of the plant quickly restore their shape after the rain.
  • It is in great demand among gardeners.
  • In the Merlin series includes 17 colors. Flowers can be not only different colors, but also with dark veins, as well as white cent.
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Review of petunias of the Merlin series

Petunia of the Merlin series belongs to multicolored plants( multiflora).Petunia Merlin is a perennial, many-flowered plant, but it is grown as an annual. The plant blooms and grows well in open space, so it is ideal for planting verandas, flower beds, etc. The size of the plant reaches 25 centimeters, so it is considered a short and compact plant. Flowers in diameter of about 6 - 6.5 centimeters.

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Flowers are small, abundant, but resistant to wind, rain and frost. Small multiflora bushes are compact, flowering begins early. Multi-flowered petunia differs from other varieties by abundant flowering. The modern F1 hybrid plant resembles small-sized balls that cover the surface and create a floral carpet.

The series of petunias Merlin is a compact, abundantly flowering plant of F1 hybrids with various colors: blue-violet, carmine-pink, pink, red, light pink, light yellow, blue, white, red with white border, violet.

The technology of growing petunias of the Merlin

series. They grow up petunia in a seedling manner. Usually seeds are sown in flower boxes with a loose substrate in late February, early March. Seeds spread on the surface of the earth, but before planting the land must be well moistened. Seal the crops with foil and put in a warm, bright place. If all conditions are met, then the first shoots can be seen after 10 days. As soon as the plant grows up a bit, you can dive into the pots. In the open ground planted petunia in late May. Petunia is a thermophilic and light-loving plant, it blooms poorly in the shade. The plant is resistant to drought, but in extreme heat requires abundant watering. In order to obtain abundant flowering, fading flowers are regularly cut. Due to this, the petunia merlin pleases the eye constantly to the very cold.

Video: correct landing of petunias

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