Proper cultivation of basil from seeds on the windowsill

Many housewives learn to cultivate fresh greens, setting up improvised beds directly on the windowsill. The short growing season of basil allows you to harvest all year round, besides for seasoning salad or first dishes do not need to go to the supermarket or market. In our article we will tell you how and what varieties are to be grown at home from seed.

  • Contents Can I grow basil on the windowsill
  • What sort of choose to grow at home
    • Dwarf
    • Marquis
  • Soil preparation for planting
  • Sowing seeds
  • Rules care basil in growing
    • Watering
    • Lighting
    • Loosening
    • Feeding
  • Harvesting

Canwhether to grow basil on the window sill

One of the popular types of greenery is basil. It is successfully grown in pots right at home in the kitchen or apartment balcony. Beginners home gardening is recommended to start with this spice, as it unpretentious care .

Grass feels great indoors, giving a generous harvest. Terms of planting and harvesting the leaves are not limited to any dates, basil grows well in summer and winter. The article describes in detail the rules of agricultural engineering and other features of home-grown.

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There are many ways to plant and grow basil on a windowsill: using cuttings, young shoots and seeds. The seed method is characterized by a long and abundant formation of greenery on the bush.

Which variety to choose to grow at home

Those who want to get a green bed directly on the windowsill can use any variety for sowing. However, taking into account the peculiarities of domestic cultivation and limited space, should be preferred to low-growing bundle-forming basilica.


Basil Dwarf

Compact bush with small leaves reaches a height of only 8-10 cm ( vegetation 60-65 days).Suitable for cultivation in open ground and in room conditions, where forms leaves year-round .

The plant is used as a seasoning, it has an excellent taste, but in addition to these advantages it has a rich vitamin composition, rich in beneficial micro and macro elements.

Use of greens has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, strengthens the protective function of the body.



Basil of medium early maturity with a vegetation of 65 days. The aroma of grass is saturated with clove pepper aroma, the leaves are small green. The height of the bush does not exceed 25 cm .In diameter, branching is about 20 cm, which makes it possible to grow a culture in pots.

You can remove 100-120 grams from a plant with the right agricultural techniques. greens. In addition to use for different dishes, the Marquis will complement the soft( delicate and exquisite) drinks( tea, cocktails).

Preparation of soil for planting

For planting basil need pots, wooden boxes or plastic containers. A prerequisite is the presence of drainage holes at the bottom of the tanks. The volume of the pot is chosen within 1-2 liters , the depth of the container - more than 15 cm .

One of the important conditions for the growth of greenery is considered to be a correctly composed soil mixture.

You can use universal soil or prepare the substrate with your own hands. The following options are ideal for basil:

  • universal soil + garden soil + peat( 1: 1: 1);
  • biohumus + substrate for indoor plants( 1: 4);
  • peat, fertile soil, compost( 1: 2: 0.5).

The used soil must be calcined in the oven for disinfection( 1 hour at a temperature of 100 degrees).

For cultivation in an apartment suitable pots of 1-2 liters

Filling the tank with the substrate should be performed in the following sequence:

  • the bottom is filled with pebbles or expanded clay at 2-3 cm( drainage);
  • the next layer of soil( to the edges of the pot does not reach 3-4 cm).

Sowing seeds

Seeds must be processed before planting. Although this stage is considered optional, when buying material from unfamiliar producers or from the hands, the probability of infection of young shoots with fungal diseases is high.

Disinfection is performed using using a weak solution of potassium permanganate, in which you need to soak the seeds for 2 hours. After processing, the seeds are washed with clean water and laid out on a gauze to dry.

The day before planting, you need to spray the soil by spraying with in order not to over-wet it.

The seeding process includes:

  • plant seeds using tweezers with an interval 2 cm apart ;
  • powder with a layer of soil 1-2 cm ;
  • creating a cover of glass or plastic film( transparent).
Before planting, the seeds must be disinfected.

. The seed germination tank is placed in the warm area in a warm place. Periodically you will need to open the film or glass for ventilation. Watering at this stage is not needed. However, if overdrying of the soil is noticed, you can lightly spray the improvised garden with warm, settled water( preferably thawed).

The first shoots appear in 7-15 days, depending on the variety and temperature conditions. After the emergence of mass shoots need to remove the shelter. And when the seedlings stretch a little, you can safely thin out the bed, leaving 10 cm between the shoots. After the basil has grown to 5-7 cm, pour the soil into the container( 2-3 cm).

Rules for the care of basil when growing

With proper farming, if properly cared for, and choosing the right type of seed, it is possible to cut fresh greens almost all year round. One of the main conditions is temperature, it must comply with 20-25 degrees .If the figure is any lower, then the grass loses its flavor.


The soil mixture should always be wet, but you should avoid stagnating water in it. In the summer period, it is necessary to perform daily the procedure of moistening by spraying an bush with .

You can’t use
tap water to irrigate basil. Tap water is not suitable for irrigation. The presence in its composition of chemical compounds, metals and chlorine adversely affect the greens.

With regular use, yellowness appears, the leaves sometimes curl. Thawed liquid or settled rain water is more suitable. Its temperature should be within the limits of 18-22 degrees .Watering with cold water inhibits the development of plants, in particular the root system.

In the winter, irrigation should be carried out less frequently, 2 times a week, will be sufficient. But in any case, it is important to take into account the degree of dryness of the soil.


For normal basil vegetation, requires 12 hours of natural lighting .Between March and August, there is ample sunshine around the window, and from autumn through February, it is better to install a fluorescent lamp over the improvised garden bed for additional light.

The distance between the plants and the lighting device is 20-30 cm.

In winter, you may need additional lighting of the baskets with basil


Loosening the soil is done every 3-4 days to enrich it with oxygen. In hot weather, when there is dry air, it is necessary to loosen the soil more often, so that no earth crust forms on the surface.


To stimulate the growth of grass leaves, you need 1 time per month to apply complex fertilizers .The first time the plant is fed at the stage of active growth before flowering. In 5 liters of water dilute 1 tbsp.lnitrofoski.

Repeated procedures are carried out using universal fertilizers based on humates and compost. At cultivation of working solution the dosages specified by the producer are observed.

When choosing a place for basil containers, it should be noted that the culture reacts negatively to drafts. In order for direct sunlight to not burn the greens, you need to create a light shading( with the help of air tulle).


Cut basil leaves

To prolong the life cycle of the plant and maximize the aroma in the leaves, it is recommended that regularly remove the flowering shoots of .

The formation of a bush begins after the formation of 4-6 leaves( approximately 1-1.5 months after sowing).At this stage, pinch the top of the basil( 2-3 leaves from the top of the stem).This procedure promotes branching and leafing.

Cut off tops with greens used for culinary purposes or dried for a long shelf life. Chopped fresh basil leaves can also be frozen and then used to prepare different dishes. Repeating the procedure with pinching is necessary every 2-3 weeks.

Growing greens on the windowsill can be a real hobby for the household. In addition, pots with basil bushes have a decorative value, they bring a piece of nature and freshness to the interior.

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