Planting seedlings - how to feed, when and why

Many gardeners underestimate the role of feeding seedlings when it is grown. And in vain! Feeding strengthens the immune system of plants and helps it to resist stressful conditions. Before feeding, the soil in the containers should be slightly watered with ordinary water so that the nutrient solution does not burn the roots. This is especially true of seedlings grown in small containers, such as cassettes.

To feed the seedlings, you can use various special solutions in low concentrations - organic fertilizers, trace elements. Now on sale a lot of different drugs that can be used for fertilizing seedlings. This, for example, Uniflor Growth, Kemira Lux, Agricola for various garden plants, others.

I used the GUMI Kuznetsova preparation for feeding seedlings more than once. Very pleased. It can be used for soaking seeds before sowing( 1 drop per cup of water), for dipping roots when picking up seedlings( 2 teaspoons per 5 liters of water), for feeding( spraying) seedlings( 2 teaspoons per 10 liters of water).This organic fertilizer, natural elixir of fertility. Watered or sprayed seedlings with this solution 1 time in 10-14 days.

Elements that contain such drugs stimulate the growth of plants - first the root system, and then the vegetative mass. In addition, such fertilizers have fungicidal properties, that is, they prevent the decay of those damaged during picking or transplanting the roots of seedlings.

You can make a complex fertilizer for fertilizing seedlings from the basic fertilizers, which, surely, every gardener has.

Below is a table of the order of the feeding. Doses are in grams per liter of water.

Culture Asexmelons 1 1 1,5 1
2 1,5 3 2
3 1,5 4 2

I usually have a lot of seedlings and, of course, 1 liter of fertilizer solution for watering is not enough. Therefore, I don’t bother too much, I don’t measure such tiny doses - I measure fertilizers with tea or tablespoons.

Ammonium Nitrate:

  • 1 teaspoon - 5 g,
  • 1 per 10 tablespoon - 15 g,
  • matchbox - 20 g- 23 g.

Potassium sulfate:

  • 1 tsp - 4 g,
  • 1 tablespoon - 13 g,
  • matchbox - 17 g.

germination before planting in open ground.

The first top dressing is carried out with the appearance of the first true leaflet.

The second - 10-14 days after the first.

Third - one or two days before disembarking. This is the so-called quenching dressing.

Growing seedlings is an exciting process that will give you a lot of emotions. Feel free to grasp this exciting business, experiment and share your experience with us!

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