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Before planting potatoes, it is important to choose a variety that will not only create trouble in care, but also will have pleasant taste qualities. Among the abundance of species of varieties, experienced summer residents choose potatoes Gala - belongs to the harvest and early ripening varieties. It is characterized by unpretentiousness in the care, it grows well in any soil, which makes it universal for growing in any region. Since the landing, the Gala ripening period is only 80 days.

Variety description

Description of the potato variety Gala has significant differences from conventional potatoes.

Sprouts of direct stable shape, medium in height are covered with large leaves of a rich green hue.

Corolla of small inflorescence of white hue. Bushes grow medium with a strong stalk.

The weight of one tuber varies from 100 to 120 g. The tuber is rounded or closer to the oval shape with a yellow skin of medium thickness.

The flesh of the pale or vice versa of a rich yellow shade depends on the place of growth. Contains a small amount of starch - from 10 to 13%, has a pleasant taste.

It is worth taking into account: this potato does not darken, and does not crumble during heat treatment.

Main characteristics

Potatoes of the Gala variety have their characteristics that distinguish it from other varieties:

  1. Rapidly ripens. The time of full maturation from the day of planting is approximately 75 to 80 days. Such a variety is a godsend for those who live in the middle zone of Russia.
  2. Abundantly fructifies and well preserved.
  3. It is considered the best variety among other types of potatoes. Due to the small amount of starch in the composition, the vegetable has not only a pleasant taste, but also is excellent for cooking dietary food.
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Before choosing any variety of potatoes, it is important to pay attention to its characteristics.

Potatoes of the Gala variety

This variety was bred by German breeders, became popular not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Potato varieties Gala has a high plasticity and versatility. Perfectly takes root in any conditions, without losing any taste. It is unpretentious in the care, it can grow in any soil and in any weather.

Potato Gala is well resistant to nematodes, an early-ripening variety that has good taste, is ideal for dietary meals, contains little starch and a lot of carotene.


The shape of the tuber has small eyes, which are much easier to clean than any other variety. It has good keeping quality, haulm harvesting takes place 2 weeks before the harvest. Thus, the tubers are better preserved until the very spring.

Good shelf life is one of the important characteristics of potatoes. Variety Gala is well kept until the spring.

Cultivation and care

Before starting the planting of potatoes, it is necessary to select small seed tubers and heat them in the sun. Plant a grade of Gal to a depth of 10-15 cm. Distance between the holes make more than usual - 70-80 cm. In this case, potatoes can form large tubers, which will subsequently yield a plentiful harvest.

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As soon as sprouts start to appear, they need to be sprinkled with earth. The procedure should be repeated 2 to 3 times. Thus, the root of the plant will become stronger, become branched, and after a few months the potatoes will be pleased with a good harvest.

Having landed by all the rules - an abundant harvest is provided.


Potato Gala unpretentious in the care, but requires timely watering. Also, it needs fertilizing, like any other vegetable culture. The first is made before planting, the second - during the hilling of the bush. This variety needs nitrogen fertilizers, they should be introduced before the flowering begins. Further, the plant is fed as needed.

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Maintaining the optimum moisture content of the soil - the tubers will not disappear.

Variety of potatoes Gala requires constantly moistened soil. Therefore, to grow good tubers in arid lands, experienced gardeners do not recommend growing it.

Fighting diseases

The only unpleasant feature of this variety is that it does not resist fungal diseases. One of the most dangerous and most common diseases is rhizoctonia.

The tubers affected by the fungus lag far behind in development, sometimes die. The disease is characterized by dark formations - on the leaves appear brown ulcers.

Processing of planting material will protect the plant from the fungus.

Damage occurs through contaminated soil or nearby standing sick plants. In order to avoid loss of yield, it is recommended to treat the seed with a solution of boric acid (,%).

Potatoes Gala, like any vegetable culture, needs constant care and timely feeding. Proper execution of all procedures and the creation of proper conditions for growth will ensure a good growth of tubers, which by autumn will yield a plentiful harvest.

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