Description and characteristics of tomato variety Rose Wild

Large and fleshy tomato fruits hanging on a branch always delight the eye of the host. Among the species with such a description and characteristic, the tomato variety Wild Rose, which is not difficult to grow, even among novice gardeners is noteworthy.

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  • Diseases and their prevention
  • Description and characteristics of tomato Wild Rose

    These tomatoes are deeply pink in color with delicate skinb, bred at the end of the 20th century, are of Russian origin. They grow equally well in the conditions of a film greenhouse and in the open ground .

    Possessing a pleasant sweet-sour taste and juiciness, tomatoes are suitable for preparing salads, hot dishes, preparations and for consumption in raw form.

    Shrub grows up to 2 meters, with it, with good care, you can get up to 7 kilograms of product. The variety is considered to be sredneranym , the first crop is harvested 110-115 days after transplanting tomato seedlings to a permanent place.

    Under good conditions, up to 7 kg of Wild Rose can be obtained from an
    shrub. This variety is called indeterminant, that is, under suitable conditions, its growth and fruiting is not limited.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

    In addition to the taste qualities of the Wild Rose, its advantages include such characteristics as unpretentiousness, and high yields of the .

    This tomato subtype can withstand heat and is resistant to temperature extremes. A typical fruit, according to the description, weighs 300-350 g , persists for a long time.

    Practice shows that the plant has good resistance to a virus called mosaic.

    A feature of this species that adds difficulty in care: the need to tie up a long stem .Another mandatory procedure is .

    The long stem of the variety necessarily needs the

    garter. The variety is determined by breeders as suitable for most regions of Russia .But some experienced gardeners say that it adapts best in the south of the country. For the middle band growing is possible only in the greenhouse. Residents of the Urals and Siberia often complain of low yields and difficulties in the care of this varietal crop.

    The garter is necessary not only because of the height of the plant, but also because of its severity: several weighty fruits ripen on the 1st branch at once.

    Soil Requirements for Planting

    Garden Land for planting should be fertile, fertilized with peat. Suitable option turf mixture with humus.

    The described variety of tomatoes is very thermophilic, therefore it is important that the soil is heated. Before planting, it is calcined in the oven, and the seeds are processed with a solution of potassium permanganate.

    For the sowing of seed material at home, it is also best to use the land gathered at the site where the transplant will take place in the spring. So the seedlings will be easier to settle down in a new place.

    Planting Rules

    Tomato Seeds Wild Rose

    Unlike hybrid varieties, the Wild Rose is suitable for reproduction .Many people, having appreciated the quality of the product, continue to grow it the next year.

    Procurement of seedlings begins with in March .Seeds are evenly distributed over the earthen surface with a small depression. The top covering layer becomes thin, it is possible to use peat. Covering the blank with a transparent film, the container is kept in a warm place.

    The appearance of two full-sized leaves indicates that the sprouts need a dive. Each young plant requires separate dishes. For good growth, seedlings are installed in the bright, sunny part of the room.

    The soil should be moderately wet .Twice before disembarking fertilizing is carried out: 1 time after planting, 2nd - before planting in a permanent place.

    . Keeping the temperature warm, periodically it is necessary to air the room to saturate the seedlings with oxygen and hardening. Observing temperature( 23-25 ​​degrees), shoots can be expected on the fifth day.

    Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

    In mid-May, the bushes are transplanted into a greenhouse. The open space of the site is ready to take a young landing only in early June .

    Wild Rose seedlings are transplanted into a greenhouse in mid-May.
    • The preparation of the beds begins with digging, weeding and loosening.
    • The earth is moistened, fertilizer is applied to the wells.
    • Stakes to which the stems are attached are driven in near the pits. This procedure is performed at this stage, and not at the moment when the plant has already grown. Strong and long supports are selected for this purpose.
    Keeping the correct distance between the bushes is one of the key points in growing a variety. It should be at least 60 cm.

    Grade care after transplanting

    It is enough to feed tomatoes for the season with 2 times with and pour with warm water once a week with .After each watering the bed is loosened in order to get air to the roots.

    Stepchildren break off several times over the summer. The bush must be formed: leaves one or two branches, all others are removed .Ignoring pruning leads to the active development of greenery to the detriment of the crop.

    Maturation occurs unevenly. Ripe samples are broken, others continue to grow. Tomatoes of this variety successfully ripen indoors in the fall, even if they were removed green.

    Ripening is uneven - ripe fruits break, green ripen

    Diseases and their prevention

    Gardeners speak of this tomato as a disease-resistant form.

    Timely preventive measures will help to cope with fungal infections and pests.

    • Insecticide helps against spider mites. Their use is permissible only until the first flowers appear.
    • Slugs are mollusks that actively reproduce in conditions of high humidity and heat. You can fight them with the help of mulching with straw or peat, loosening during the autumn period.
    • For most other malicious insects, a soap solution and a mixture of water and ammonia are used.

    Once a year changes the top layer of land cover .The new coating is pre-heat treated and disinfected with a manganese solution.

    Removal of the lower leaflets is also the prevention of many diseases of tomatoes.

    Tomatoes with the beautiful name Wild Rose are widely distributed throughout Russia. They are valued primarily for taste and impressive size of the resulting fruit.

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