All about toaster: how to use, clean and repair

It is difficult to imagine modern kitchen without kitchen equipment. Many cooking processes are fully automated. Manufacturers please housewives with the release of complex kitchen appliances: combines, multi-cookers, microwaves and other equipment. With their help, the cooking time is reduced several times, and the process of cooking products is simplified. Do you want to eat fried bread slices in the morning? There is nothing easier: use a toaster. This device will greatly facilitate the process of making breakfast and, of course, the whole family will love it. Details on how to properly use it, make repairs of small damage with their own hands, as well as how to clean the toaster inside and out, we will tell in this article.

content Sandwich toaster

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    A household toaster is a compact electric kitchen appliance. In it, with the help of hot spirals or another infrared source, slices of bread are roasted to a rosy crunchy state. There are different types of this device.

    Sandwich Toaster

    Sandwich toaster allows you not only to fry bread, but also to cook complex sandwiches.

    You can make hot delicious sandwiches with various fillings: raw vegetables, sausage, cheese, minced meat, sweets. Instead of slices of bread, you can use the buns. The device consists of two drop-down plates with non-stick coating that fit snugly together. They are supplied with electricity, they are heated and fried bread slices, along with the filling until crispy brown crust. They also make scrambled eggs, pancakes, puff pastry, waffles and other goodies.


    In the roaster-toaster, the main dishes are quickly cooked: baked meat, fish and other delicacies. Roaster can bake pies and pies, various pastry pastries.

    Roaster-toaster looks like a microwave


    Bread, rolls, rolls, cakes and pastry are baked in the toaster grill. In them, heating is combined with convection, that is, forced mixing of hot air. Such heating is much faster baking.

    With a toaster grill, you can cook simple and more complex dishes: for example,

    steak. How does

    work? The internal structure of the

    A modern toaster consists of a body in which are the heating elements( 14) and the feed mechanism( 12) of the toast basket into the frying chamber. Clicking on the toaster's feed lever( 11) causes the baskets with the bread slices to go down. In this case, the contacts of the limit switch( 10) are closed, electricity is supplied to the microelectronics panel( 8).In the lower position of the basket with pieces of bread are held due to the electromagnetic latch( 4), which is controlled: for expensive models - electronic filling;the models are simpler - transistor timer.

    The electronic toaster control system monitors the preparation of toasts much more attentively than a person. It takes into account the variety of bread( wheat, rye, butter).Takes into account its condition( dry, dried, wet).Moreover, the toasts are roasted qualitatively: evenly, equally to the full depth, they are covered with golden ruddy crust on the outside. Below there is a crumb tray( 1).

    Do-It-Yourself Repair of the Device

    Although the toaster does not belong to complex household appliances, self-disassembly is done only by those skilled in the art who can read electrical circuits, use a tester, screwdriver, pliers, and other tools. And they must be careful, patient, cautious.

    If not fixed

    There can be two reasons:

    • Crumb hit the contact pad of the magnetic latch. They need to be removed.
    • Broken wire in the supply circuit. It is necessary to ring the tester every link in the electrical circuit.

    Why the device does not turn on?

    The reason may be a malfunction in the power cord, blown fuse or heating element. In an open spiral of nichrome, wound on a metal or ceramic plate, the defect can be detected visually or with a tester.

    Replacing the heating element

    Glass infrared heaters are changed only by a specialist service workshop. And for wire helix heaters wound on materials resistant to high temperatures( heat-resistant steel, ceramics), the fault can be identified by itself. To do this, you need to open the side panels and carefully remove the tips of the wires from both contacts of the heating element with a screwdriver. Then ring the helix by attaching the test leads to the contacts. If the device shows a break, the heating element must be replaced. The best option is to take a faulty toaster to a service workshop. If you do it yourself, you need to carefully remember the order of disassembly( for different toasters the heating elements are not inserted and fastened the same), then to return the toaster to a working state.

    Does not turn on, turns off the thermostat

    The thermostat of modern toasters consists of a bimetallic plate. He has to react correctly to the set temperature: at the right time, release the latch and release the ready-made toasts for removal from the frying chamber. To fix the thermostat, you will have to carry it to the service workshop: only specialists can properly configure it.

    Toasts are not fried, burned or fried on one side.

    First you need to check the roasting mode, it may not be selected correctly. Then check the mechanical latch wear. Due to signs of wear, it can work ahead of time and the toasts will be undercooked. It is extremely important to keep bread slices at the same thickness. Any deviations lead to a malfunction of the toaster.

    A large amount of crumbs in the internal mechanisms of the device can cause a burning smell. In this case, the side panels and the bottom plate are removed from the toaster. Then a soft brush removes all the crumbs in the pull-out tray. At the same time, the toaster can be gently laid on its side, but it should not be shaken much or banged on a hard surface. It must be remembered that the toaster is unacceptable to wipe with a damp cloth, rinse with water or immerse in liquid. At the same time check the smoothness of the loading mechanism. The quality of cooking toasts also depends on this.

    Video: how to repair a toaster at home

    Tips for using

    After buying a toaster, first carefully read the instructions. Then learn to use them correctly. Strictly observe the following safety rules:

    1. Do not place the toaster near fast-burning products( curtains, towels, paper napkins, etc.).
    2. Do not cover the working toaster with any objects.
    3. Unplug the appliance after making toast.
    4. Unplug the power cord and allow the machine to cool before cleaning the toaster or removing stuck bread from it.
    5. Do not make toast from bread covered with icing, fat, vegetable or butter.
    6. It is strictly forbidden to touch the toaster parts with water.


    It is necessary to periodically wipe the outer surface of the toaster with a slightly damp cloth with vinegar from dust, splashes, and fingerprints. At least once a month you need to clean it inside. Clean the toaster in a well-lit area. Be sure to spread a sheet of paper, then to collect the crumbs. Prepare the necessary equipment: a brush, a toothbrush, scotch tape, parchment paper, coarse salt.

    Step by Step Instructions

    1. First you need to remove the bottom, unscrew all the screws.
      Unscrew the screws
    2. Remove the top cover, side panels, bottom.
      Remove the bottom cover
    3. After you need to fall asleep in the upper nests to load fresh toast with a bit of coarse salt. Top cover with paper and secure with scotch tape. Shake the toaster gently several times. Salt will clean the internal surfaces of dirt and soot.
    4. Then, salt, crumbs and adhering dirt should be carefully removed with a brush.
      Remove the crumbs and dirt inside the
    5. toaster with a brush. Remove all accumulated crumbs from the pan and wash it with detergent and water under the tap. Wipe dry with a towel. If the toaster does not have a tray, then it must be partially disassembled and gently shaken over the paper.
    6. Exterior surfaces can be washed with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Use baking soda: it effectively removes heavy dirt.

    Toaster models are produced a lot. Manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks to please the whims of discerning buyers. Come up with fancy exterior shapes, sophisticated design, combination with other household items. The most popular brands are Bosch, Tefal, BORK, Moulinex, Philips, Roventa, Vitek and other brands. Using a toaster, do not forget to care for the device if you want it to serve you for years.

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