Can I use melon with pancreatitis?

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If there is a ripe melon on the table, only the flavor causes appetite. When the fruit is cut, nothing can be abandoned from a sweet slice filled with honey juice. Melon is not only a favorite summer treat, but also a storehouse of minerals, vitamins, fiber, sugars and other substances that have a beneficial effect on the body. But in some cases, the tastiest and most useful fruit can not give strength and vitality, and harm. This happens if the melon pulp, getting into the body, irritates the internal organs, causes them to work intensively or with overload.

Can I Eat Melon with Pancreatitis? The pancreas plays an enormous role in ensuring the vital activity of a person, which is to ensure digestion and regulation of energy exchange.

The quality of digestion of fats, protein and carbohydrates depends on enzymes, and thanks to insulin and other pancreatic hormones, the level of glucose in the blood of a healthy person is always at an optimal level.

The inflammatory process in the pancreas is called pancreatitis. Moreover, the disease can be acute in nature, and can proceed latently and sluggishly, interspersed with periods of exacerbation.

The course of the disease requires a different approach to the menu for a patient with acute or chronic pancreatitis.

As the diet has a direct effect on the well-being and treatment process, doctors have developed a lot of recommendations, where they tried to include the most common food groups. They could not get around and melon crops, including melon, watermelon, pumpkin.

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Melon with pancreatitis in the acute phase or in the period of aggravation, is prohibited during the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis or in acute illness. Why not eat melon with pancreatitis in these cases? How do doctors explain their ban?

According to the method of treatment used, the most sparing mode of operation is necessary for an inflamed organ. This should contribute to the chosen diet.

When using a melon rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates, this cannot be achieved:

  • due to the activation of the endocrine function of the affected gland, increased secretion of the digestive organs;
  • due to increased activity of the gland and rapid synthesis of insulin in response to a surge in blood sugar levels;
  • due to increased release of hydrochloric acid and activation of pancreatic juice.
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In addition, melon with pancreatitis can cause bloating, soreness in this area, excessive gas formation, rapid stool of liquid or foamy consistency. The reason for these unpleasant symptoms is healthy fiber for healthy people and being a source of energy for sugar.

In order not to aggravate the course of pancreatitis, melon cannot be used as food during exacerbation. This requirement applies to all possible uses, including fresh, dried or frozen fruit, canned melon or juice.

Melon in the remission phase of pancreatitis

When inflammation is no longer valid, and doctors have reason to talk about successful treatment and the onset of remission, patients with pancreatitis often expand the range of authorized products. Along with other fruits and vegetables, melons and gourds are also returned to the menu.

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Melon with pancreatitis helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism in the body, but do not immediately lean on the honey fruit. At first it is better to include in the menu small portions of fresh melon juice, tender mousse or jelly. In this case, it will be possible to reduce the amount of fiber contained in the dessert, and the entry of melons into the digestive system will not lead to a breakdown of treatment.

If the first experience of “dating” with a melon with pancreatitis is not overshadowed by pain or other symptoms inherent in the disease, the flesh is injected into small amounts in salads, desserts with permitted products or eaten separately, strictly adhering to the measure.

If the attending physician has allowed the patient to follow the No. 5 diet used for pancreatitis, a single portion of the melon should not exceed 100 grams.

If you are careful and watching your own well-being, you can prevent the disease from worsening and enjoy melon and other gifts of summer during the season.

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