How to wash the refrigerator and what products to use

Housekeeping requires a lot of skills and knowledge, including the knowledge of how to wash the refrigerator. The procedure is not to say that it is complicated, but it must be performed regularly, otherwise the refrigerator will turn into a concentration of unpleasant odors and harmful bacteria.


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Regular cleaning

First of all, we say that you need to keep the refrigerator clean every day, and our body should keep the cost:

  • 2 3.1DD;
  • wipe random drops of grease and liquids;
  • immediately and ruthlessly throw away products that you doubt.
  • If you are young and you do not yet have the necessary experience, but you want to know how to properly clean the refrigerator, then take a closer look, as does your mother or grandmother. Many housewives periodically take shelves and wipe them if they saw a lot of pollution. At least once every 5-7 days it is necessary to wash the door outside, as we often take it and leave traces.

    A new device must be washed and ventilated before use. This will help get rid of stagnant odor and factory dust.

    My unhurriedly

    With daily and weekly cleaning, everything is clear, but how to wash the refrigerator when the time for general cleaning comes? In this case, it is important to correctly follow the sequence of actions.

    1. First of all, unplug the refrigerator from the mains so that it unfroze. The defrosting process is carried out every few months and is necessary for any model.
    2. After that, open the doors and take out all the products. Here I must say that if you plan to wash the refrigerator in the coming days, then you do not have to fill it with food, buying it for the future. Products must be placed in a more or less cool place so that they do not have time to deteriorate during the time when you will wash and clean the shelves. In general, it will be right to put some products in a container that conducts heat poorly.
    3. Remove all shelves, coasters and containers. They will need to be washed separately and thoroughly dried.
    4. In the next step, you need to wash the fridge inside. This raises the question of how to clean the fridge, how to choose a remedy, so that it is safe for health and removes any leftover food, as well as other dirt. Best solution is a solution of soda in warm water.
    5. When you wash inside, pay attention to every corner, every notch, sealing parts, door, so that there is no food left for the reproduction of bacteria.
    6. Do not forget to wash all surfaces outside, removing fingerprints, random splashes and dust. It will be correct if the back wall, the space under the refrigerator and on top of it you vacuum or brush with a long handle.
    7. At the final stage, it will be necessary to wipe everything with a sponge with clean water and then dry it with a soft cloth. Inspect everything and see if you can clean the dirt well. If there are traces of some foreign smell, you can wipe the shelves with a slice of lemon and ventilate the cooling unit for several additional hours.

    As you can see, these seven points fit the main recommendations on how to wash the refrigerator. On average, the procedure takes about an hour, but it all depends on the size of your refrigerator and how much it was launched.

    It is possible to return the shelves and products to the place only after complete defrosting, but we will not consider the time to wait for defrosting, since there are different models of refrigerators and different defrosting methods.

    What tools can you use

    A little more detail on the tools that help us to clean plastic, glass and metal parts. For example, how to clean a refrigerator, if something strongly stuck to it or an unpleasant smell appeared?

    It is better not to use abrasives. Also inside you should not use washing gels and other liquids that have a strong smell, are stuffed with flavors. If the contamination is strong, it’s best to just soak it and then rub it with a soft sponge.

    Add a little vinegar to the warm water you wash, to keep the device odorless. Vinegar also helps to sanitize and clean everything. In this way it will be quite effective to wash the new device. In general, the question of how to properly clean the refrigerator is largely related to three questions: how to eliminate the unpleasant smell, restore the whiteness of the shelves and kill harmful germs.

    The best tool, as already mentioned, is soda dissolved in water. Pour one large spoon into a liter of warm water and mix well. Powders can not be used because they are poorly washed away and can get on the products. It is also not recommended to use bleach and other caustic substances, since they can adversely affect plastic and rubber parts.

    Video: wash my fridge using soda

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