What is the fan coil: design and installation of the fan coil

Choosing air conditioning and heating for your home is to find out the meaning of what fan coil, which functions performs air conditioning, and in what situations it is expedient use.

In this article we have given detailed answers to certain questions. From the material, you'll learn how it works, what elements includes fan coil, fan coil what are the species and what their characteristics.

We pointed out the rules of placement of HVAC equipment, as well as describe the specific installation technology in the private house and the apartment.

The content of the article:

  • How it works
  • What are fan coils
  • Features installation of such equipment
  • Installing the fan coil unit in the apartment
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How it works

the device name is derived from two English words: "fan" - fan, and "coil" - coil. These basic elements and ensure operation of the device. The system of using such devices is typically used for the organization of multi-zone air-conditioning in large buildings.

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Fan drives air flow through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger coil, depending on the task arrives hot or cold water. The air is heated and distributed around the room.

One advantage of using fan coil units - it is an opportunity not only to heat and cool the air inside the room, but also to dilute it with fresh air masses from the street.

This option is not difficult to realize, if you plan to use compulsory forced ventilation.

The device fan coil

Fancoil is a system which consists of a fan and heat exchanger. Origin blows air through the second, giving the desired temperature downstream (+)

Fan coil unit consists of such items as:

  • coil-heat exchanger;
  • fan;
  • filtration unit.

The system can be switched on only one heat exchanger or just two, to ensure an easy transition to a different mode of operation.

In the latter case, one circuit connected to chiller - refrigeration machine generates cold water flow, and the second - to a heating boiler or another similar heating device. fancoils combination with a heat pump is very popular.

It is worth noting that if you decide to use system chiller-fan coilIt is possible to install several fan coil units in different rooms, and they will work for only one chiller.

The solution looks very comfortable for buildings that need to serve a large area. But it should properly calculate the chiller performance, depending on the number and characteristics of the fan coil units.

Air cond in the pavilion

Systems such as "chiller-fan coil" is used for air conditioning in large buildings, but they are used in private homes, cottages, and even spacious apartments

For the fan should ensure that each power supply unit. To clean the air mass and improvement of microclimate inside the premises requires filter module assembly.

Each fan coil is provided with a control system which, depending on the device type may be built in, or remote distance.

In addition, for the installation of fan coil units will need a set of couplings, insulation materials, etc. AT mandatory for this type of system is installed drainage to ensure diversion of condensed moisture.

The use of fan coils gives considerable freedom in the design of the system. You can always pick up the unit and / or the boiler with a suitable capacity and set the desired number of fan coil units. Installation is relatively inexpensive, since heater using conventional water pipes.

Grille for fan coil

Fan coil units may be invisible, they do not spoil the interior. Ceiling model is hidden behind the suspended structure and wall can be closed with decorative lattice

The system takes up relatively little space, if desired fan coil units and communication leading to them can be completely hidden behind a false ceiling.

If we consider the fan coil units as an alternative to the split-systems, they have a major advantage - make it possible to preserve the appearance of the facade intact.

Device for cooling and / or heating water can be delivered at a considerable distance from the fan coil. If the installation is carried out correctly and the pipeline is provided with reliable insulation system will operate effectively. This can be useful, especially if the building has a complicated layout.

Wall-mounted fan coil

Wall-mounted fan coil is used as a substitute for radiators. They also set the windows to compensate for heat loss in these zones

Using ordinary water instead of expensive special pipes significantly reduces system cost and simplifies installation. Automation systems such as "chiller-fan coil" is performed in much the same way as for a split system: using the remote control.

This allows you to adjust the settings are not for the entire building, and separately for each room, which has a fan coil.

As far as can be removed from the fan coil heat or cold? This distance is determined by the power of the pump that moves the liquid coolant through the pipes of the system. The higher pump power, the greater can be the distance.

This greatly expands the number of variants for the installation of both the fan coil, and the boiler and / or chiller. Marginal figures are believed to 600m, and it is more than respectable figure.

fan coil system can also be used in combination with economical and environmentally friendly method for producing energy as a heat pump. It is possible to arrange not only a single-but two-circuit heating system, ie provide a home hot water.

If the system is designed and implemented correctly, a comfortable temperature returns to the room within five minutes after the launch.

What are fan coils

fan coil type depends on the tasks to be solved with its help. And distinction of four-double-tube device. The former can only work on the heating or cooling, the latter are able to solve both problems.

To a four-pipe fan coil units are connected in parallel and a heater and chiller. System operating mode is selected depending on the season and needs.

Floor fan coil

The easiest way to install the outdoor version of the fan coil unit. The heated air will flow through accurate lattice embedded in a floor covering

However, there is a case when the two-pipe system is used for air conditioning in summer, and then for heating - in winter. In this case, the system is switched on the unit, then to the boiler with a special valve system operating mode change is carried out manually.

This is a fairly popular version, since the installation of only two pipes is much easier to perform than the lead four designs.

Switching the operation modes of four-using system can be performed with the remote control in the automatic mode.

Depending on the installation location distinguish fan coil units:

  • floor;
  • wall;
  • wall, ceiling;
  • ceiling.

The purpose of each kind of device it is clear from the title. Wall-mounted fan coil units often serve as an alternative to conventional radiators the water heating system. They likewise set along the walls under the windows or in other similar places. Floor-to-ceiling models can be installed, and the top and bottom.

ceiling fan coil

Cassette fan coils are easy to install, look good in the interior, they can easily be integrated in a suspended ceiling

Furthermore, there are cassette fancoils and channel structure. Devices can also be Enclosure or unpackaged intended for flush mounting. This is another advantage of the fan coil units: they allow you to make heating / cooling system is almost imperceptible.

Some models have additional functions, such as fresh air intake system outside, capable of electrically heating the air mass via embedded heating elements. Variants of the organization's management system can also be different.

Air cond in the interior

Wall-mounted fan coil units look very stylish, the device can be hung instead of air conditioning and control it with your remote control

As for specific brands that are considered to be the best fan coils production Carrier and York. Demonstrate excellent quality of the company model Trane, as well as McQuayIt is a reliable device, manufactured in Europe.

General Slimate It presents a wide range of fan coils in various configurations. A model of the firm Daikin reviews of the owners, look very stylish. Among economy products allocated fancoils Aerotek - a popular Chinese brand.

Features installation of such equipment

Installation of fan coil unit - not an easy task. If the homeowner does not have much experience in the installation of the heating and / or cooling equipment, it is better to turn to professionals. First mounted fan coil itself. Installation location depends on the type of device: ceiling, floor, wall.

In any case it is necessary to ensure the free movement of the air mass from the fan coil around the room to be effective operation of the device.

After installing the fan coil unit to be collected strapping, tubing set and place a layer of insulation. It is necessary to supply a range of items such as shut-off valves, temperature sensors, Manometers etc.

An excellent choice for this type of mounting systems may be coated with a rubber tube. They are compact and have good insulating properties.

installed, if necessary, air duct. These structures should be fitted with sound insulation. To the water uniformly distributed over the system and its correct hydraulics has been provided, the balancing valve is used.

The presence of these devices greatly facilitates setup of the system, because whatever its configuration can be used everywhere the same water pipes.

The mixing fan coil

Such mixing unit must be installed when connecting the fan coil system to the chiller or the boiler. Inexperienced installers is best to consult with specialists

In drafting system must take into account the length of the duct, which is strictly rationed. This is especially true when installing wall-mounted fan coil units under the windows. Steel ducts are provided with vibration muffler. Necessarily mounted system of collection and removal of condensate.

Trays for collecting moisture must be secured under the respective holes. After that, the fan and the electric heater (if present) is connected to the power supply. Then all the pins, channels and pipes for checking tightness.

After that, the system is started and is pressurized to check the quality of installation. If no flaws, you can continue finishing work.

installation of fan coil

Pipes, which is attached to the fan coil units, should be carefully sealed and covered with a layer of thermal insulation materials. Before starting the installation should be to draft and implement a system of calculations

The easiest way to handle the assembly floor fan coil versions. It does not need to install condensate diversion channel. The apparatus has two connections, which are connected to the corresponding device.

When installing the wall-mounted, ceiling cassette models and electrical connection is made on a more complex scheme than for a floor fan coil.

In any case, set the four-pipe system will be the most difficult. For the installation of any type of system it is important to perform a number of special design and calculations.

Installing the fan coil unit in the apartment

Devices of this type to a certain extent can be called universal. Subject to certain recommendations of the fan coil units can be installed successfully, even in ordinary homes.

For small areas can use only one fan coil, from which a warm (or cold) air is distributed through the flat duct system.

Fancoil usually put in the hall or in the bathroom, the pipe can be hidden under a suspended ceiling. Of course, the ceiling in the place of installation of the main unit have dropped, which is not always convenient in apartments with low height rooms.

However, in other areas of the problem can be resolved if you make a two- or even three-tiered ceiling to hide the less bulky ductwork.

Place the fan coil arrangement is due not only to the size of the device. During operation, the unit produces a significant amount of noise, which is unlikely to be appropriate in a residential area. To service the whole apartment will have to take a sufficiently powerful fan coil, and more productive than the device, the more noise from it.

Of course, a system with only one fan coil cost is relatively inexpensive, and installation is not too difficult. However, in this case the advantage is lost multizone climate, typical for larger systems.

Regulate the operation of the fan coil can be a remote control, but the selected mode will spread to all the rooms. It's not very convenient if room windows facing different directions, and warmed by the sun in different ways.

An alternative option is considered to be the installation of a small fan coil in every room or only in some rooms. In this case, adjust the climate in some areas will be much easier.

Noise from small devices will be smaller, the impact can be significantly reduced by selecting the right place for installing and using the means of noise reduction.

Installing the fan coil

Install system with fan coil units are best during construction or major repairs to carry out finishing work after the installation is complete

Of course, the installation of such a system will cost dearly. Two or three fan coil can be supplied as in the first embodiment - in the hallway, and then dilute the air ducts in the different rooms. In this case, the noise problem can be solved even easier. Subsequently configure each fan coil enough to obtain a suitable temperature in the individual zones.

Such systems may be used in conjunction with forced ventilation supply air. They will not only change the temperature of the air, but also to update its membership. To divert appeared in the process of condensation, use a special pump that pumped moisture into the sewer system.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In this clip described principles of operation and features of fan coil assembly of such devices:

The housing fan coil units are increasingly finding effective application. It is important to design and implement the installation of the fan coil to ensure its flawless performance in the long term.

Got something to complement, or have questions about the selection, operation and installation of the fan coil? Please leave comments and participate in discussions. Contact form located below.

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