Overview of German washing machines

German washing machines are popular, as are other appliances from Germany. Among them are models with various functions, programs and other parameters. It is important to choose high-quality equipment that will work properly.

German-made washers have proven themselves worldwide only on the positive side.

material Contents:

  • 1 Advantages of German machines
  • 2 Determine the place of assembly SMA
    • 2.1 machines from Germany
    • 2.2 How to expose the deception
    • 2.3 Buying German washing machine
  • 3 Overview German washing machines
    • 3.1 Miele WDB 020
    • 3.2 AEG L573260SL
    • 3.3 Kaiser W 34110
    • 3.4 Bosch WLG 20160 BYD
    • 3.5 AEG L58547SL
    • 3.6 Bosch WLT 24440 BY

Advantages of German typeboards

AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAE AEG L58547SDtion. Acquisition of such a washer is a guarantee that the equipment will last at least 15 years. The only downside may be the high cost.

Even the well-known Bosch cars are assembled not only in Germany, but also in other countries. But at the same time you can get a functional and high-quality washing machine, thanks to quality standards that are observed in the manufacture.

Determine the place of assembly CMA

When you purchase a German washer you can get a fake. A washing machine from Germany belongs to the middle category, so the cost of 10-20 thousand is an occasion to think. This technique is worth more than 25 thousand. Original cars are for sale only from authorized dealers or in stores that value their reputation.

Only the original washing machine will help you to wash things with high quality.

Machines from Germany

You will find such well-known German brands in Russian stores:

  • These are expensive cars made in Germany and the Czech Republic. Before buying a model of this brand is to make sure that the assembly is really German. SM is expensive and is sold only in retail stores. These conditions ensure that the washing machine is original.
  • Famous washing machines made not only in Germany, but also in other European countries. Very often the country of assembly is not indicated on the AGR of this brand. You will learn about it only by talking to the seller.
  • Models of an average price category. They are produced in different countries of Europe, not only in Germany. Therefore, you need to carefully inspect the machine before buying.

The machines of these brands have gained popularity because they serve for a long time and effectively clean clothes from stains. Despite the relatively high cost, washers Miele, AEG and Kaiser work for a long time and almost do not break.

How to expose fraud

Any product that is in great demand, fraudsters use in their favor - make a fake. Therefore, very often in the market of household appliances, instead of a German washing machine, you can buy a Chinese fake, apparently no different from the original.

Before you buy a car, you definitely need to know what to look for:

  1. Cost. As already mentioned, if you see that a washing machine is several times cheaper than its usual cost, it is a fake.
  2. Availability of documentation. Original equipment will definitely come with documents, where there will be a Russian translation.
  3. Quality Certificates. All goods shipped across the border must be certified.
  4. Shop. You need to pay attention to the place where the equipment is sold. A washing machine sold in a dubious basement should cause concern.

Important! The original washing machine, transported across the border, is always attached warranty card, instruction and certificate of quality with a company stamp.

Buying a German washing machine

Buy a machine from Germany is a difficult task, given the level of fakes. To purchase an original German model, you must find all the shops selling German equipment. Usually the addresses are listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Review of the German washing machines

We have prepared for you a short review of the German SMA.Perhaps this will help you choose a high-quality washer that will perform all the tasks at 100%.

Miele WDB 020

This is a front-type machine, designed for 7 kg of dry linen. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm. Attractive design, leakage protection and the ability to lock with a pin code are the main advantages of this model.

An expensive model with a variety of washing programs will last a long time.

AEG L573260SL

Washer size 85x60x45 cm. Drum capacity - 6 kg. The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm.

More than a dozen programs, including “Quick Wash” and “Jeans”.Protection against leakage prevents breakage, thereby ensuring efficient and long-lasting service. This model is a medium-price machine.

Kaiser W 34110

Narrow washing machine made in Germany, with a capacity of 5 kg at a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm. Size - 85x60x40 cm.

The manufacturer has provided 19 programs, including prewash and extra rinse. Of the useful options there is overflow protection, foam control, door locking. The washing machine is protected from overheating - this ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment.

Bosch WLG 20160 BY

Front-end machine. Capacity - 5 kg. The maximum spin speed is 1000 revolutions per minute.

15 wash programs. Easy Ironing mode makes it easier to smooth the clothes. Attractive design and LED control panel, dimensions 85x60x40 cm.

The cost of the machine is low compared to other models.

AEG L58547SL

Medium-priced full-size washer( 85x60x45 cm).Having bought such a machine, you can wash 6.5 kg of laundry at one time - the drum is designed for this volume.

A variety of washing modes. There is also a “Fast 20” - a mode for quick washing, especially suitable if you just need to refresh the thing. The maximum spin speed reaches 1400 rpm.

Bosch WLT 24440 BY

Narrow CMA with a capacity of 6.5 kg at a maximum spin speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute.1

9 wash programs. The model has a night wash mode, designed to save water and electricity.

If you are interested in German-made typewriters, be careful when choosing them. After all, it will not be very pleasant to give a lot of money and get a crafts.

Now you know what nuances to pay attention to when choosing the original model. You will not be able to deceive, because who knows, he is armed! We wish you good luck and the right choice.

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