Useful properties of peach oil and its application

Zen Zener A-DPeach kernel oil is no less valuable than the juicy flesh of rosy velvety fruit. Cold-pressed peach oil contains a lot of useful substances, has a delicate effect and is widely used in cosmetology and in the care of young children.

Properties of peach oil

Sun-drenched honey peaches everyone loves. But many gourmets are saddened that a large, furrow-covered hard bone takes up too much space inside the fruit. It is from bitter kernels that valuable oil is obtained that is saturated:

  • with vitamins;
  • micro-and macro-elements, including compounds of iron, calcium and potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, zinc;
  • fatty acids, including stearic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic.

Light yellow peach oil has almost no taste or aroma. When applied to the skin, it penetrates deep into the tissues, is completely absorbed and transfers all the beneficial substances contained in the fluid to the dermis.

Therefore, it has an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, nourishing properties and is highly valued as the foundation of home and ready-made masks, creams, hair and body balms. The value of the natural product is confirmed by the science and experience of many generations of those who are committed to traditional medicine and natural cosmetic products.

Unlike many vegetable oils, peach is hypoallergenic, and is used in skin care products for children from infancy.

Peach oil application areas

People have known about the beneficial effects of peach-seed oil for a long time. Eastern medicine recommends a remedy for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye. And in Avicenna's works, diseases of the nasopharynx and middle ear are included in the scope of application of peach oil.

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Today, physicians, pharmacists and cosmetologists have fully confirmed the ideas of their predecessors, and also recommend including oil in skin care in all parts of the body.

Peach oil for face, skin of hands, eyelids and lips

In creams, masks, facial jelly, peach oil is used as an anti-aging, tonic, actively softening and moisturizing agent. Fatty acids are especially beneficial if there are signs of redness, irritation on the skin or skin is subject to age-related changes:

  1. Obtaining the necessary nutrition and moisture, the face is smoothed.
  2. His tone becomes lighter and smoother.
  3. Peeling marks disappear.
  4. Due to the strengthening of capillaries, the vascular reticulum becomes less visible.
  5. The skin softens, its tone and immunity increases.
  6. The relief of mimic wrinkles is reduced, and with systematic care they disappear altogether.

Peach oil with complex effects has a similar effect on the skin of the hands, particularly sensitive lips and areas near the eyes. In these cases, the tool, perfectly combined with other active ingredients, prevents dryness, promotes healing, softens and improves elasticity. It accelerates the growth of nails, while they become stronger, less break and not exfoliate.

Antibacterial action and the almost complete absence of contraindications allows the use of oil in the treatment of dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Peach oil for a newborn

The skin of young children, in the most sensitive areas prone to diaper rash, redness, irritation and itching, needs special care and attention. Non-allergenic, nutrient-rich composition allows the use of peach oil for newborns and babies up to a year. It:

  • perfectly moisturizes and helps preserve moisture;
  • protects delicate covers from the negative effects of the environment, preventing redness, swelling and other problems;
  • does not create a film that does not allow air, interferes with the metabolism and cellular renewal;
  • does not clog pores, eliminating the formation of sebaceous plugs and foci of inflammation.
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Due to its many beneficial properties, the use of peach oil is recommended not only as a diaper cream or means for treating popliteal cavities, armpits and other clutches.

If the oil is intended to care for your baby, it should be preheated and poured into a sterile glass vial. The skin is treated with a composition of a comfortable temperature.

These rules are followed when using peach oil in the nose. A pleasant texture that does not leave stickiness and gluing helps to gently clean the sinuses and protect the mucosa from draining and irritation. Just a couple of drops is enough to protect yourself and your child from ARVI in the season of a mass cold. Traditional medicine recommends oil as an effective remedy for earaches, congestion, and sulfuric traffic jams.

Peach Hair Oil

There are many uses for the beneficial properties of peach oil. A safe natural remedy works great on hair. Not only does it nourish, heal and soften the scalp, the oil smooths the strands, glues their scales together, creating the basis for an amazing shine, elasticity and volume of curls.

Peach oil can be used on a regular basis for hair care. To him there are no contraindications or addiction. Masks, balms and wraps based on the natural composition will drastically change the appearance of dry, thin, damaged straining or staining strands.

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Fatty acids, minerals and other bioactive components of the oil:

  • provide all the hair needs;
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin under the curls;
  • activate their natural regeneration;
  • restores the structure of the hair shaft;
  • significantly improve the quality of the hair.

Peach oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is just as useful to make them thicker, brighter, more expressive. A lasting effect will help to achieve a mixture with avocado oil and shea.

Peach oil for the body

Quickly and without a trace, the absorbed oil effectively works as a safe, natural massage. It facilitates gliding, softening and toning, quickly saturates the heated tissue with nutrients.

The best result is given in combination with essential oils of juniper, lemon, sandalwood, orange or grapefruit. Depending on the supplement, the massage can produce an invigorating, soothing or relaxing effect.

For problematic skin that is prone to irritation or in the presence of burns, eczema and other diseases, relief of oil will come in combination with sea buckthorn, rosehip oil, wheat or jojoba. Oil compresses that change twice a day will help to get wound healing as soon as possible.

Using oil for health, you need to remember that this is a useful and fairly affordable tool can not be considered a panacea. To achieve a healthy skin, hair and nails is possible only with an integrated approach, approved by a medical specialist or a cosmetologist.

Peach Oil Mask - Video

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